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Been coming here regularly for almost two years. by Donald (Member 10084743) on 4-Jul-2009
Generally speaking I like Harold Hill and am impressed with the choice of shops there.
However, I do have to say that I find some of the inhabitants of the Hilldene estate very aggressive and downright nasty. Have heard many an argument whilst walking by this estate and have to to say it seems to be a breeding ground for underclass violent lowlife thugs of both sexes. Twice I have seen people get... more >>
haven't...... by jamie (Member 10234752) on 23-Jan-2009
been there for 10 years> fuck has it changed!?!?!??!

when i was there it was soooo white.
nothing wrong with the multi culture, it can be brilliant, but the change is incrdible. un-recognisable!
agree. Discuss.
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Karaoke in Harold Hill by teichin (Member 10234073) on 21-Dec-2008
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DUTTY CLOTHING by Stephen Luke (Member 10194772) on 28-May-2008
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Harold Hill by Keely Goodley (Member 10218855) on 1-Feb-2008
Why dont any one from the Hill reply to this site ------- !!!   
  • Re: Harold Hill by daniel (Member 10222685) on 21-Nov-2008
    hi ya keeley how are you im dan from harold hill just signed up to this site if your next on line leave me a message or give me a text hun 07792745912 hope to hear from you soon x

Jamie Pearce by Keely Goodley (Member 10218855) on 12-Jan-2008
Jamie I miss you ,

I still cant believe you are gone I know I was not a close freind and was not there for you.
Im sorry.

Keely x
thick bird by Keely Goodley (Member 10218855) on 6-Jan-2008
in if my message is a bit fucked up !!! I am a bit pissed xxx and thick   
Jason King by Keely Goodley (Member 10218855) on 6-Jan-2008
Has anyone ever caught J-King at it !!!

I have just found out that He has been cheating on me through out the whole of our 12 year relationship - with (Georgie Spencer) and Nicola Camden - Yes I am am mug and stupid. But I never new' I still find it hard to believe - ooooohhhh I am such a fucking winger !!! someone make me laugh.

---If you are freind of Nicky or Georgre I dont feel hate jus... more >>
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Need an Escort/Companion? by LondonCompanions.Net (Member 10196488) on 28-Oct-2006
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  • Re: Need an Escort/Companion? by Lee (Member 10213278) on 23-Sep-2007
    hi looking for an escort now in the romford area

YO, BLAIR! by Reader (Member 10122086) on 6-Oct-2006
There's a new satirical novel out: http://www.urbanrim.org.uk/blrlnd   
Purely4Pleasure by P4P (Member 10194735) on 3-Oct-2006
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chudleigh road ! HAROLD HILL by Donna (Member 10192229) on 27-Aug-2006
Does anyone remember a fella called Witney he was a guy with a disability whom was prob in his late 20's back in 1974 ish, He was a lovely man and very friendly to the locals also a guy nicknamed Womble that used to work over the swimming pool and Wally that worked in the van shop that used to drive the streets !!! (these are all little memories of my childhood that I have often wondered what happ... more >>   
  • Re: chudleigh road ! HAROLD HILL by Don Tait (Member 10051523) on 29-Aug-2006
    Hi Donna,

    Can nor really help you over the first two but "wally" owned a shop on the corner of Church Road and Harold Court Road Harold Park/Wood. Wally served the Hill for many ayear driving around on certain days and evenings selling anything from a box of matches to fruit and veg. The last time that I saw wally still driving his van (entrance at the back and only room for one customer at a t... more >>

  • Re: chudleigh road ! HAROLD HILL by Lee (Member 10213278) on 2-Sep-2007
    Hi there Donna i remember wally driving round in that tatty blue van he sold just about anything and everything in the back of that.

  • Re: chudleigh road ! HAROLD HILL by Lee (Member 10213278) on 23-Sep-2007
    hi donna im lee im in kingsbridge road i use to livr in chudleigh road many years ago i use to live in wolverton house

MY LORDS! by rob_bobbins (Member 10021498) on 12-Jul-2006
*bellows and flails*   
PRO - GOLF by Brian Davis (Member 10109007) on 8-Apr-2006
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Gliding Holidays by Malcolm Jackson (Member 10123942) on 21-Mar-2006
Fancy a holiday with a difference this year? Why not learn to fly gliders at Kent Gliding Club, near Challock, Kent? Visit the website at http://www.kent-gliding-club.co.uk/ for more details.   
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