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Hookup Spots
  • The Round Bench.
  • The round bench opposite Boots.
  • used to be the round bench in my day - might look a bit odd as am now 33
  • rothamstead sk8 park it is wiked the verts r a bit small but hey
  • The ups and downs on the common is good there is always someone @ the skate park
  • I stay at home...its safer...The alley is a nice resort if your into Katie
  • I think the car park at the Rothamsted Experimental Station is the best dogging spot for miles. Every third thursday of the month I'll be there in my blue mondeo. Bring it on!
  • The nicky line near Roundwood Park
  • Pah, everywhere's cold and wet. Nowhere.
  • The Salvation Army
  • The footbridge up Thompson's close
  • Rothamsted Park during the summer months, when all the youth of Harpenden have time off.
  • The park in oakley road
  • On top of the water tower, great views!!!
  • circular bench outside argos
  • The bench outside the fancy dress shop,Smartie Arties,in Southdown Somerfields car park at around midnight on a friday night
  • British Legion pretty much every saturday night....oh and if you're looking for a fight around 11.30 on the common outside
  • the old wooden fort in the park
  • Woodend park on Friday and Saturday nights!
  • Used to be the Graveyard - some of you may know the name Enid Slaughter and playing advanced cricked
  • The tree outside woolies.
  • bus stop where you can rip it out of the wannabes on the round bench!
  • The benches infront of Sainsburys - equidistant from all the offies.
  • go to rothamsted park for a good night out, always sum 1 there! or got to highfield oval if u want 2 skate!
  • the minging kebab shop by the station, it's kappa slapper central
  • at the local graveyard from April - September
  • public toilets near sanisbury multi storey great to score!!!!
  • the park in roundwood lane.laundrete in southdown
  • varios bus shelter the tree in gleneagles hotel carpark
  • tennis courts. back of the libary
  • the coffee shop now dry cleaners .the laundrette next to the bovis building
  • grave yard .
  • varios youth clubs is the hoy still going train statin
  • kids playground in southdown
  • The round bench - what can I say - THE place for sad underage kids - but its quite nice for eating your lunch on when the sun is out.
  • Visible in-your-face - the love tree and necking bench outside Boots. Otherwise the Rose Garden (sic!) in Rothamsted Park where town meets frown.

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