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Cheap Food
  • La Vina beside Harringay BR serves the best Spanish food in London IMO. Friendly and attractive waitresses too!
  • There is a good tapas bar by Haringey Station, the local Kurdish restaurants have very good value food, well cooked, substantial, very fresh, all for 5 for a main course with salad. Unbelievable value. Yassar Halim must be the most famous ethnic bakers in North London, stocking a hundred different types of savoury pastries and much more sweet savouries, full of pistachio nuts, or just plain fillo pastry dripping with syrup.
  • OH so many!! With special mentions for Bianca, Harran, Yayla, and all their amazing 24 hour openness.
  • A thousand and one greek, turkish and kurdish food emporiums line the streets of Green Lanes, Harringay, offering a selection of simple but mouth-wateringly good speciality foods.Among my favourites are Gokyuzu (near the turning for Kimberley Road) Harran (near the turning for Burgoyne Road) and Tike (near the turning for Roseberry Gardens)
  • Two words for food = Kebab Shops. Green Lanes must be the Kebab capital of Britain. The place up at Manor House by the deserted "Manor House" PH/Nightclub does a good kebab, but it can be a bit greasy.
  • Harringay certainly doesn't lack kebab restaurants and it would be great if there was a bit of diversity. Pizza Bianca on Green Lanes is welcome alternative as is the tapas restaurant on Wightman Road by Harringay overland station.
  • Kebab, Kebab, Kebab. Yummm. Some better than others. Serhat, by The Old Ale Emporium does huge build-it-your-self kebabs for 4 (not so good if you want a quick snack on the way down to the pub as my mate found out) and apparently good Lamachun (Turkish Pizza)
  • Harringay boasts probably the largest number of kebab houses this side of Istanbul. Most have their own speciality kebabs (quail or lamb kidneys, anyone?), licensed eat-in section and bread preference (flat tortilla style or leavened, seaseme seed coated, no pita garbage here) and are open 24 hours. Best of the bunch is probably Haran, near the railway bridge, for their excellent shish, deadly chillis and complementary Turkish tea. If you don't like kebabs you've moved into the wrong area but Zam's, opposite The Salisbury, do decent fried chicken.
  • gokyuzu is good for kebabs sini good for rat poisining sofra has the best meals of the day but i got banned fro, there
  • Mariella's (end Nov 2000) has closed down so no more ace veggie food and entertainment - Mariella we wish you well - it's been replaced (not by another kebab shop shock horror) but by a so called 'wine bar'
  • Mariella's in the middle of Green Lanes is ace. Reasonable variety of good food and wine including vegetarian; large amounts for not much cash; very friendly and chilled atmosphere/music/decor. Loads of Turkish/Greek kebab/burger/junk food.

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