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  • New Bar opened in October last year called "The Garden Ladder". Opposite Iceland. Try this place, staff are great, food is excellent, nice clean chilled out bar. PS its got a smoking area at the back for all you addicts!!
  • the Old Ale has been taken over and sell no food but does sell good beers
  • The Salisbury has been done up by "Remarkable Restaurants: and is much better than it used to be. They have entertainment at the weekend, an excellent juke box, interesting Czech beers and serve food which I've not tried. It's the only decent pub for miles around. Sadly the Old Ale Emporium has gone seriously down hill and I beleive is up for rent. Hopefully it can be improved, there is a real lack of good pubs in this area.
  • The Oakdale Arms on Hermitage Road has been taken over by a real ale crowd, the beers on tap are excellent, these guys know their stuff, I mean REALLY know their stuff. Its always quiet so good place to meet friends, good juke box and new pool table. They also do a range of contenental fruit beers in bottles, worth a visit if your in the area.
  • The Salisbury has been renovated retaining all its original Victorian features. Good range of beer including Czech lager on tap. Food is good too, if a little pricey.
  • From South to north, The Finsbury, The Beaconsfield, The Old ale emporium, The Old Suffolk punch (now defunct), The Salisbury and the Queen's Head.
  • For architectural elegance and cerebral interaction the Salisbury wins hands down (on the corner of Green Lanes and St. Anns Road). For villagey feel, The Old Ale Emporium (on the corner of Green Lanes and Burgoyne Road.
  • The area is crying out for a gastro pub. The Salisbury and Beaconsfield on Green Lanes are marvelous examples of Victorian pub architecture but are sadly run down. The Old Ale Emporium also on Green Lanes is a small pub that attracts a younger crowd.
  • Old Ale House - Small pub with decent beers and "interesting" collection of hovers, bicycles and other stuff on the ceiling. Sky etc on little TV screens. good proper beer and not too expensive. Beaconsfield (Opposite Sainsbury's) Tatty, but lots of character, two pool tables, big screen, OK beer. Old Suffolk Punch (Weatherspoon's) Cheap. full of old people drinking the day away. Good for a cheap feed - Pint and meal for under 4 Squid. Makes a break from endless kebabs anyway. The Queens Head (Up green lanes near Turnpike Lane) Ultimate Sports Bar - 2 big screens, 30 little ones, 1,000 satellite channels which show everything from Football to Tennis to Finnish Wife-Carrying. Lots of pool tables and a garden. Beer's nothing special, bit more pricey. The Finsbury (Opposite Manor House tube). Bland. Dodgy clientele (Ben Shermans and Trackie-bottoms) Two pool tables, awful music (whatever MTV Hits is playing) and nasty beer.
  • The Salisbury. A Dickensian dive, populated by the many desperadoes who've washed up on the tides of careless society. Open till 2am on fridays and saturdays for discos attended by surly looking geezers and your mum.
  • The Manor House, expenisve and dingy but open late. The Finsbury, cheap with pool tables and jukebox but with some dodgy locals. The Beaconsfield, large and chilled out with good music but on the pricey side. The Old Ale Emporium, cheaper than the Beaconsfield but a lot smaller. The Old Suffolk Punch, cheaper than the Finsbury but with even dodgier locals. Officially one of the worst Wetherspoons in the country. The Salisbury, relatively cheap, open late and massive. Has been the scene of a couple of knifings, though. There's also a good, fairly cheap Irish pub just off Seven Sister's road (West of Manor House tube).
  • salisbury
  • Salisbury Arms - great building with huge granite columns, mosaic floors and a stone trough around the bottom of the bar. It's seen far better days and generally looks pretty seedy but is still popular with all types. Sometimes the TV is off and you mind find a quiet booth to relax in. Old Ale Emporium - tiny and crowded; has good selection of beers and old vacuum cleaners nailed to the ceiling.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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