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Computer and Games Shops
  • Game in harrow is good, games exchange is ok bit didgy i always thought.
  • Games Exchange in Station Road opposite Debenhams.
  • Game in harrow and hmv in st anns are decent for games
  • Dixons sells games for computers.
  • Game in harrow
  • There's a Game opposite St. Ann's in the pedestrian area, Computer Exchange for complete computer geeks near Debenhams, and last time I noticed, the tiny store on your right as you leave St. Ann's was some sort of computer game shop, though it seems to change hands every few months and is probably now another Primark.
  • GAME in harrow
  • GAME outside St. Annes, or the one in Debhanams- go to the one in Debs. cos they are the nicer staff and generally lonely! Watch out for the tall curly haired staff man in the St. Annes' branch- he'll catch you!! If you really have to, then Computer Exchange next to Subway. They have all the retro stuff but can be WELL expensive- and the music they play in there is laughably SHIT and the staff are GEEKS! Rude and crappy service! Specially the loud mouthed black guy. thinks he knows everything! Tho the goth chick is the probably the most freindliest staff person your'e ever likely to meet.
  • Computer exchange is ok. Avoid the rim tho, as well as having a really stupid name they are total rip offs.
  • There's a magical game store in Harrow I like to go to at night, where Zelda and Pikachu are waiting to greet me and guide me around the store on a magic CGI flying carpet, and I can test out all the new games and consoles for as long as I want, and everybody is my friend and no-one laughs at me..
  • workshop sells lil miniture plastic for, like, 15 quid, so avioid it people
  • GAMES WORKSHOP if u eva have the urge to commit social suicide, don't no bout computer games can't afford em!
  • Computer Exchange has loud music and stocks games that date back to the SNES days, but beware of the crappy 48-hour return policy. The people there are a bit rude too. Computer Paradise in St Ann's is similar to Game, which is just outside the centre. They both stock mainstream PS2 gear as well as GameCube and XBox.
  • a lotta peepz go 2 game in harrow
  • game,virgin and wollworths
  • Dixons
  • board games dungeons and dragons type shop nr debenhams
  • Oama, the ancient Overlord, stood atop his latest victim and wielded his giant staff to the warrior's throat. All the warrior's comrades were dead and he had no mental stamina to carry out any spells of his own. Slowly, Oama's eyes squinted as he realised the hapless state his wounded victim was in....whoops, I've been too long at that Games Workshop again!
  • Games exchange
  • Games Worksop in Station Road, various Computer game shops on St Anns Road and a second hand one on Station Road
  • The Games Shop.
  • CEX, next to Subway. If u need something hard or soft to do with pc's or consoles... that's the place to visit first. If they ain't got it, it ain't worth your time of day...
  • Computer exchange in harrow (opposite debenhams) the only place worth oging and they have DVDs from a fiver.
  • Nerds, geeks, duouchebags, dufuses, losers, boneheads,etc. all assemble at the Games Workshop for their daily dosage of figurine.
  • GAME is good VIDEO HITS does a good swap deal
  • Computer Games Exchange, cheap 2nd hand computer and video games, good for old systems SNES, Mega Drive and such like.
  • Central Harrow has a Games Workshop store (spit), and the Model Shop also boasts, or used to, a selection of RPGs and wargames.
  • the new one in st anns which i think is pretty basic but i am not sure

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