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  • Trinity: I visited for the first time in a long while recently on a night called 'nightlife' on a Saturday. Tbh I didn't expect much but the music was amazing and I totally loved all of the different performances by the bands. They had DJ's on too playing stuff that had us all dancing. House, techno and trance. It was a real surprise and I ended up staying until the end!
  • Trinity is great on Sundays. Night is called FVVK MONDAY. it's mainly a student night but every decent person is allowed in. No tolerance for people causing trouble - just good vibes. At the moment its 8am-2am on a Sunday!! but its the best night about, as Harrow night life has gone down hill as of recent years :(( you can google fvvk monday for more info, plays loads of current and classic club bangers of all credible music (no cheese, thank god)
  • Pinner Folk And Blues club - small but friendly group meeting to share acoustic music, come and sing, play or just listen: folk, blues, jazz, pop, film/show music. check out http:/ for details.
  • I have just taken over a bar in Harrow called Dooey's which has facilities for live music, jamming/open mic sessions. I am keen to help local talent so if anyone is interested in using this free space, please get in touch with me: Simon 0208 8613030
  • I used to go to the Fornax + Firkin years ago + the best thing about that place was when 100% played there, a great laugh, got to know them pretty well. Marco was always good for a laugh. Tuesdays was good when they held the jam night, put your name down + play. Does anyone remember that? I hear they've hit pretty much the big time, playing for decent cash + fully booked up most of the time. (They deserve it!) Does anyone know where they are these days? I lost touch with Marco.
  • Pinner Acoustic Folk and Blues club. Setting up is slow but next meeting is 29th May at the Pinner Village Hall lounge. Music starts at 8pm, doors open 7.45p and entry is 4. No bands though and not electric.
  • Trinity occasionaly has live music for big bands hop on the train to central london
  • Trinity bar has bands from time to time upstairs in a space for 50 people.
  • The rayners
  • Wembley Rugby Club is a shamebles but you HAVE to love it
  • local bands play most Friday nights at the rugby club in Harrow weald, about a fiver to get in.
  • Trinity bar, or VIP before it closed down
  • WEMBLEY RUGBY CLUB! so crap but o so fun
  • The Wembley Rugby Club in Harrow Weald hosts a couple of college rock Iron Maiden/Green Day wannabe bands every other Friday night (more commonly known as The Gig), but let's face it - no-one goes for the music. The punters are made up completely of Harrow and Hillingdon high school alternative kids, so unless you know someone you might find it pretty intimidating your first time.
  • Can I just say, the Star (formally the Fornax and Firkin) is a good venue for live bands. And stop putting 100% down. They're extremely talented guys,(who just happen to be great friends of mine). Also they introduced The Frantix to the venue. They're two of the best bands in the area at the moment!
  • In harrow? You jest! Although Cotton casino from Acid mothers temple did play a solo set at the wretched trinity bar.
  • wembley rugby club
  • Trinity- lots of stuff Wrc Uni campus- that place rocks.
  • Trinity, Middlesex uni campus WRC (wembly rugby club, shut down now thoug or sut)
  • I think Trinity occasionally showcases new talent.
  • Trinity for drum and bass and hardcore. they need to bring it back, always had a good night!
  • Wembley Rugby Club....aparently the last gig was Hell Nite on Halloween. I went, and it was a laugh. (If you were there I was the little hyper nut head, sitting on the floor outside laughing myself stupid with my pissed/lean mates!)
  • wembley Rugby Club
  • wembly rugby club in harrow weald, but i aint bin there in yonks, trinty sumtimes have a few, and of course bull and gate.
  • The trinity is the only thing vaguely resembling a venue, and ive never caught the clap there.
  • trinity,
  • Its Time the Fornax and Firkin got credit where its due! Live music is surviving in Harrow Thanks to them, if you dont beleive me, head down there on Saturday August 9th, when 'FREED' - Then Tribute to Free, will be appearing, it will save you going to The Swindon Show, to see them open it on 1st August with another Top Tribute to Pink Floyd. It Costs Nothing to get in!!! best in Blues Rock for NADA, Nothing, ZIP Dont miss it!
  • Wembley Arena
  • Trinity Bar, pretty good, music upstairs, live bands play , you can hire the 130 limit room wiith bar and sound system and lightss for 50. The atmos is better than any other bar in Harrow. the people who run it are sound as well.
  • The Rayners at Rayners Lane tries hard.
  • SHELF STUDIOS....brilliant.I love the green room. O'Flaherty's north harrow. has some of the finest and dreariest of pub entertainers,depends what you're on.
  • O'Neill's have bands every Thursday and Friday. Pretty good but some can be very bad.
  • No LIVE music of any note. people recommending the firkin, trinity or anywhere else in harrow are too easily pleased. note Karaoke is not real music. neither is one man with a guitar,backing tapes and a tasty bird with a saxophone.
  • harrow arts centre sometimes has a lot on
  • Trinity Bar is the only music venue and they mostly have cack indie bands or people that play heavy metal. No talent has ever been discovered there. Saying that, management are nice. Other than the idiot pervie bouncers that feel they have the right to touch up every young female on entry. Not only do you have to pay to get in after 11 but you also have to be subjected to wandering bouncer hands.. . yuk!
  • Trinity Bar is good but very cramped.
  • If you havn't checked out showplans karaoke then you really are missing out! It makes a change to have a great sound system to sing through rather than the sad boxy rigs everybody thinks are the norm.showplan will be somewhere in the Harrow area.give them a call 0208 423 9411 or e
  • Got to be Trinity, or South Harrow Firkin.
  • Fornax and Firkin could do with a real shake-up and get some new bands to play- -IE;GET RID OF 100% AND ALL THE SAME BANDS WHO SEEM TO HAVE HAD A MONOPOLY ON THE PLACE FOR SO LONG-PLEASE NO MORE JAM "TRIBUTE"BANDS!!!
  • wherever 100% are playing is bound to be wicked. The most talented and sexiest band. oh yes.
  • Wembley Arena is the closest place from where Harrow residence can see well known Acts play.
  • The best music venue in Harrow is definitely The Fornax and Firkin, it's next door to South Harrow tube. There's live music every Thursday and Saturday with a jam night on Tuesday (newbies welcome). The music tends to be rock(ish) cover style and there is no charge to get in. Music covered includes Radiohead, The Manic's, The Doors, Ocean Colour Scene, Blur and even Abba. You know the kind of thing. There are some original bands too, playing some pretty good stuff. The atmosphere can be really great at times.
  • None, apart from a few pubs.
  • The Royal Legion Club occasionaly has a crap band in it
  • there is always the litten tree in kenton where kenny thomas and alison limerick play

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