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The Best Things
  • Spanking anchovies by the pier. Always a good time!
  • The wonderful clientele of Stagecoach busses.
  • Shops
  • fuck the question is good because it's shit!
  • castle,the beach(though its stones)some of the pubs.
  • I don't liver in Hastings anymore yay!
  • Yates,Witherspoons.
  • No gay bars
  • The Sea
  • My baby was born here
  • The sea, the community spirit and the creativity.
  • The beach. The Crypt. The old town.
  • the Beach, Old town, West hill, Alexandra Park
  • Fresh Fish.
  • The Pier but its closed again and doesn't look like it will open ever 01/07.
  • Bor Thong
  • Coming second in "Private Eye" magazine's "Rotten Boroughs". Most residents think that the Council earnesd first place!
  • All the new stuff happening in the town - new university, new train station - lots of plans for new buildings on the waste land next to the station and in the town centre ...
  • The seafront, sit and watch local life go by, the cycle lane, ride like the devil with the wind in your hair people in general in hastings are so laid back they except anyone in fact if they back anymore they will proberly fall over!!!
  • The people are so friendly! And of course there's the odd couple who wander around with no tops on
  • Shop Substance
  • the pedestianised town center, like 1 big street course!
  • Beer and the women and the beach of course
  • The beach bonfires! The foxy foreign exchange students that invade the town in the Summer! Warrior square is a great place to get mashed on cheap cider then participate in a no holds barred immigrants vs english footie match!
  • The people, the sea, beautiful architecture, surrounding countryside, buying fresh fish from the fishermen, my wife
  • If your holidaying in Hastings then Spindlewood country holiday park is essential nice quite place with easy access to the town centre. Disco's and Karaoke's are held on there onsite club house with excellent music all provided by Paula of Sounds Good Disco's, a London based lady with superb knowledge of any gener of music from all your latest chart hits to all the old stuff and even soul motown and reggae, the karaoke nights are excellent! if you dont sing, she'll come and get you....
  • The A 21 out
  • I've been here for a while now and toured many of the pubs, clubs etc... but not found a single person i can buy 'stuff' from, does anyone know where i can buy some 'herbal medicine'in hastings?????
  • erm u got me there lol
  • Inliner roller Hockey: (like ice-hockey) SESHA Inline-skate Hockey games Sundays at Hastings Sports Center!! Teams from all over the South come to Hastings & play this fast game.
  • It's near Rye where you can visit Rock-a-Hula Rope Walk Shopping Centre
  • female students in the summer
  • parks, sea, pier, beach, music, art, cheap property
  • When its not wet,Hastings is a great BMX/skatebord spot
  • being next to bexhill
  • Jack in the Green and Bonfire
  • The Pier is now OPEN
  • The sea The old town The views from the two hills, East and West
  • If you get drunk enough hastings looks good
  • people r cool....
  • the community in the old town- friendly and up 4 a laugh
  • The place is full of nutters. . It has lots of pagan festivals to which weirdos come from miles to see and anyone can blend in
  • Best things about Hastings are the beach, the live music, the cheap beer, the gorgeous views, the range of humanity (or those approaching humanity!) and the fact that whatever you look like, there's always someone weirder than you.
  • Things are close proximity to each other.
  • Affordability. Seemed like Hastings is the last affordable place to live (at least buy a house) in the SE. Were I to return to the UK, that's where I'd go!
  • The "Lord Nelson"(with Tony + TracY). Tony not with us sadly. The Incedibly huge number of "artists", yeah, real ones. A great town for your kids. If you stick with the place, as much + more than splitting for "elsewhere2 D evon. I`m leaving. Nice place, but not my home.
  • slags
  • There are plenty of trains leaving Hastings.
  • The only town in the country where you can get an officially accredited certiciate for belly dancing by attending college evening classes (it's true!)
  • you can't get Channel 5 anywhere!
  • Some great views can be seen from various points in and around the town. eg;The north seet near Fairlight,Galley hill Bexhill,gives a great view of Hastings and The Fairlight Country Park, WONDERFULL!!!
  • really friendly,helpfull people!
  • You can't get channel 5 - What more could you want?
  • Country Park

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