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  • The Marina Fountain, Caves Road, St Leonards on Sea.01424 424095. Rock music Fridays and Saturday nights. Covers bands and Tribute bands.
  • The town centre!
  • Heroes, the Fluid, carlisle, tubman, the crypt
  • The Rooms cafe Bar has a live music stage with entertainment most nights of the week. It's fab...just down from St. Leonard's Warrior square Station.
  • Reference Harpers Acoustic Guitar Bar: Mike Prochak (Dracula meets Truman Capote) has gone bankrupt and Harpers is now in new hands. The drunken fishwife, Kate, has also gone, as has Harvey (aka John Harvey Duncan) the thief of Baghdad - the thief of practically everywhere, come to think of it. Prochak continues to suffer from paranoid schizophrenia, manic depression, and a whole catalogue of other mental illnesses exacerbated by snorting entire acres of Columbia up his nose. As for Sky, now that Prochak is skint she has disappeared. So all's well that ends well, and happy days to John Harper.
  • I wrote a glowing testamonial for Harpers about two years ago when the place really had a buzz about it...exceptional live music like John Renbourne, Fourtet, etc. However, thanks to what I understand was an exercise in small-minded greed and the efforts of the current owner's wannabe gangster tendencies, the place has changed beyond all recognition. Apart from the decor, which looks like a bad Harvester without the salad bar, the music has definitely died. No more names...hell, not even anymore decent local bands. Anyone with any real talent wouldn't be caught dead in the place these days. John Harper, or 'Little Johnny' as he refers to himself on the Harpers web site, seems to go through managers at a surprising rate and after all these years and his supposed experience in the business, he still doesn't seem to know how to treat staff or musicians. Shame really...for a few brief years it looked like Hastings was going to have a decent venue doing something innovative and exciting with music. But these days, even if you're just into late-night drinking, there are plenty of better options then Harpers. The place has become a rancid, moribund sink...much like 'Little Johnny's' ego...and these days, the 'crack' has nothing to do with Irish music. It's a shame to have to say it, but if you're looking for good music, you'll probably find a better programme at the Smugglers.
  • Unsceen at the Crypt for local bands. You have to travel quite a way to see bigger bands tho'. Normally up to London, occassionally Brighton.
  • The Smugglers.
  • Either the East Hastings Angling club, or the Hastings and St Leonards angling club.
  • Most of the pubs regularly have bands playing, anything from Country to Punk
  • the pier used to have tons of bands, only a few now. Heroes, the crypt and the tubman all have bands, all are near/in the centre
  • Apart from being nearly two years out of date and wildly inaccurate, your comments about Harpers appear to have been generated by some twisted moron with a rather dull axe to grind. As probably the best live music venue in Hastings...promoting new and original music plus the best local musicians plus offering the chance to see a range of internationally known artists ranging from John Renbourne to Fourtet in a comfortable intimate setting, my advice would simply be check out their monthly programme and make up your own mind. There's a whole range of other stuff going on as well ranging from poetry to RSA-sponsored discussion groups, African drum workshops to film happenings...basically, a hell of a lot more creative and innovative stuff then any other venue in town. And contrary to your current mis-informed missive, there is no fishwife that I've ever seen...the two managers are both quite friendly and approachable...and they've got some really fit bar staff as well. Maybe the owner does smoke too much...but what's that got to do with the music programme...or anything else for that matter? Since we're apparently dealing in opinions here, mine happens to be that if you want a friendly, interesting venue, with the best selection of live music 3 or 4 nights a week, where you can actually have a conversation and drink some better and more exotic spirits til 2am six nights a week...I think you'd be pretty hard pressed to find a better club then Harpers anywhere in Hastings. But hey...what do I know? I just like going there...and do a lot of others.
  • smugglers, seafront
  • Crypt ,ledgends(above heroes)and the best rock around is at the carlise hastings and the fountain inn on west stleonards sea front!
  • Hastings United Football Club
  • Cave Moon sometimes has little live music, on the sea front. When I say live music, I genrally mean a person singing to a backing track, but its all good. That seemingly posh place nr Bruno's fishie has a really wicked Jazz/rock band, really cool atmosphere.
  • Crypt.
  • I have to agree with your other contributor's comments about Harpers Acoustic Guitar Bar. This is probably one of the worst venues in Europe, never mind Hastings, and desperately needs a change of management and music policy. I visited the establishment last Friday, when some fishwife was hanging around the staircase shouting at people and swigging from a bottle of Breezer. I asked one of the doorman who this virago was, and he informed me with a wry smile that she was the manager! God help us all. The food was inedible, the music equally indigestible, and there seems to be no sense of proprietorship at all. The owner was pointed out to me, a small man chainsmoking at the bar: Dracula meets Truman Capote. He glared malevolently at every custormer (perhaps he doesn't approve of drinking?) and spoke to no one. AVOID this place at all costs and go somewhere worthwhile like Brass Monkey or Pissarro's. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
  • The Carlisle, Harpers, Havelock and Heros if your into Grunge.
  • Brass Monkey, The Crypt
  • crypt!!! bit dark so sum werdos do get a lil touchy feely but hey all in the spirit of fun i suppose
  • Marina Pavillion, Crypt, St Marys
  • Pissarros, Hastings Arms, FILO
  • St. Clements Caves was a weird venue. I used to be in a local band called "The Town Council" Late sixties pop-covers and stuff. The Caves had appalling accoustics and our drummer "Bear" Brian Williams, complained that it was like playing with two drummers, only one was a second behind the beat! We also played in Falais Hall which was a "nice respectable venue" and dead boring, and on the Pier of course. Anyone remember those days?
  • the crypt.
  • White Rock Pavilion, Shackin Stevens has played here
  • Pissarios for those who like live jazz. Good chill out bar with nice food. Not for the young, just the young at heart, mainly inhabited by thirty somethings like ME!
  • goerge street hall occasionaly has sum good things but the FILO is really good wen it gets some acts
  • Hastings is surprisingly blessed with some fantastic live music venues. The Old Town at the weekend has nearly every pub with live bands - some covers but also lots of original stuff. There's a free beach concert every year with local bands and the beer festival in the park offers delights such as Britney Spears sound-a-likes (OK, so that's not so good!). Basic rule to find decent music is just to wander around lots of pubs!!
  • The Crypt and st Marys castle every so often.
  • NEVER!!! apart from the Beer Festival once a year but that is a s**t hole! All it has is tribute bands such as "The Brian Adams Experiance" hmmmm
  • The crapt, Street, pig, under the bridge outside mcdonalds

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