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The Wingham Family History by jimwingham (Member 10129972) on 4-Sep-2004
I attempting to trace and record all the Winghams in the country.. Winghams were living in Havant in the 19th century. Can any one give me information of what happened to them and if there are still winghams in the area.Cheers   
Uwist psychology reunion by brian (Member 10125747) on 13-Aug-2004
seeking Richard BENDELOW, BLAIR McClure,Gaynor Pierce UWIST Reunion contact@psyreunion.com late 70s/early 80s disco bar buffet 0 1482 219510 bestinterest seeking BEVERLEY Lee, SABINE Meigh/ McVeigh Cardiff Reunion late 70s/early 80s disco 0 1482 219510 bestinterest seeking BLAIR McClure www.psyreunion.comCardiff Reunion seeking GEUNOR Pierce 0 1482 219510 bestinterest UWIST reunion BEVERLEY Lee s... more >>   
DOES ANYONE KNOW CHRISTOPHER PATRICK STEVENS ABOUT 65 to 70 years young by irene patricia kahre (Member 10128366) on 19-Jul-2004
I am urgently trying to contact christopher patrick stevens if anyone knows him please please contact me irene patricia kahre nee stevens   
Does anyone know Michael Brian Guy of Park House, Farm Way, Leigh Park? by James ong (Member 10101472) on 21-Jul-2003
Please ask him to email me at bozo1@tm.net.my. He is an aircraft engineer by profession and scuba diving is his hobby.He has another house at ferndale, Waterlooville.   
Does anyone know Michael Brian Guy of ParK house, Farm Way? by James ong (Member 10101472) on 21-Jul-2003
I have lost contact with this good friend of mine for more than ten years. If anyone here knows him, please ask him to email me. Thank you   
!!!!!Bass and Drummer NEEDED!!!!! by carl (Member 10091860) on 11-Mar-2003
hi ya guys.....

me and some friends are starting a new band and we need a drummer and bass player to complete our lineup.....if you are interested you need

to live within the portsmouth/havant area
have your own i... more >>
  • Re: !!!!!Bass and Drummer NEEDED!!!!! by James ong (Member 10101472) on 21-Jul-2003

yasmin langley//matt langley by sugarbaybe (Member 10090994) on 28-Feb-2003
Brother and sister...met them on holiday a couple of years ago in salou. He's about 14/13 she's younger. Anyone know them??   
  • Re: yasmin langley//matt langley by yas (Member 10112076) on 4-Dec-2003
    hi its me yas! i was just looking to c if what came up when i typed my name and i came acros this!! is this susanne by any chance? email bk my email is iluvshoes4@hotmail.com

  • Re: yasmin langley//matt langley by abby (Member 10112695) on 12-Dec-2003
    i know yasmin shes in my form at skool

FRANK TULLEY (TULLY) by Jim Lane (Member 10089746) on 12-Feb-2003
I'm looking for Frank, he was my best man 10 years ago in Croydon and I lost contact with him.
He worked on the doors and was a Karate man.
Jim Lane
lost step son and his mother by michael hall (Member 10017031) on 3-Jan-2003
im looking foe grame james hall and his mother .
when i was married to her she was called lucy hall
her maiden name was lucille warner if anyone know her whereabouts or his i would be gratefull to know her other son is trying to find them both
contact me on 07775514685
Vegan Families Group by Lesley Dove (Member 10083619) on 1-Dec-2002
Seeking other vegan families in the London and South-East area (all areas), we have a friendly group of us meeting up about 4 times a year. Email me Lesley@vegan4life.org.uk if you are a vegan raising children and want to meet like-minded friends!

Lesley Dove
Your Assistance Required by Marcus Suitor (Member 10041953) on 13-Oct-2002
The Legion of Frontiersmen is currently recruiting men and women to form a group within your local area to assist in the event of any emergency incidents. If you have skills that could help your community in case of an emergency or if you would like to learn new skills like First-Aid, Map Reading, Traffic Control, Radio Communications and more, then please contact us for further information at:
... more >>
all gone quiet on here? by trevor swan (Member 10023045) on 12-Jul-2002
nobody with anything to talk about??? shirley, you still about???   
Earn good money from home. by derek cummings (Member 10036758) on 6-May-2002
If you are broke and need to earn some money I found a great way to earn from home. Some work part time and others full time. Whatever your needs if you visit http://www.derrylynnewales.co.uk you can apply for a free no obligation information pack. This is not a get rich scheme or scam, it really works.   
Artex and coving by James Sullivan (Member 10037066) on 1-May-2002
Mike sullivan artex and coving specialist

We are based in waterlooville and if you would like to see the different type of coving and artex patterns we do then log on to

www.geocities.com/shelteruk/Mikes_artex_patte... more >>
Paul Joseph BLOOMFIELD by david stanley (Member 10033436) on 18-Apr-2002

reliable airport cars by PETER SMITH (Member 10040700) on 18-Dec-2001
all airports covered. we are a small safe reliable company.

log on to www.pjcars.co.uk
Havant Grammar by Laurie Swift (Member 10052319) on 5-Dec-2001
I am looking for any1 that would have known Sue Brown; she left in 1978. In particular some1 named Jonathan, who was in the year above her, dated her for a while, wanted to be an accountant, and had really big feet. Thats all folks! Merry Part   
  • Re: Havant Grammar by Ian (Member 10054472) on 3-Jan-2002
    My fiancee thinks she may know her - did she have a stutter when she talked?

  • Re: Havant Grammar by Martin Cox (Member 10055327) on 11-Jan-2002
    Try here:


    Already 30 members, pics and and message board where you can try your ... more >>

does anyone know Vivian Beckett by chrisbrown (Member 10050784) on 20-Nov-2001
please, can anyone help me I am looking for a long lost family friend, The lady was called Vivian Beckett in 1970 but she may have changed her name now through marriage, if you know her please ask her to get in touch or even get in touch with me yourself, I would also be very interested in speaking to any family members of hers. I believe she was, until recently, living in Prospect Lane...Heres to... more >>   
  • Re: does anyone know Vivian Beckett by Ian (Member 10054472) on 3-Jan-2002
    Hi there

    My neighbour says that she is her auntie and has said that she still lives in Prospect Lane in Gosport House.

  • Re: does anyone know Vivian Beckett by chrisbrown (Member 10050784) on 1-Feb-2002
    As far as I am aware she moved out of that address some time in the last year, can you, Ian either E-mail me with further contact details if you can get them or ask Vivian to Email me please......(Chrisbrown@carrotmail.com)

A GREAT PLACE FOR BOOKS FOR SALE by Z. Ill (Member 10010377) on 21-Sep-2001
A choice of used books on the internet at:

http://www.booksforsale.fsworld.co.uk We are specifically trying to help STUDENTS, but there is something for everybody here!! So cut and paste the following address into your browser. http://www.booksforsale.fsworld.co.uk We are constantly adding additional books to this site, so don't forget to bookmark and visit us regularly! Thanks.
Wakefords??? by John (Member 10043528) on 6-Sep-2001
Ok.. I am trying to re-establish contact with anyone who went to Staunton Park (WAKEFORDS) during the early 1970's or even those who went to Sharps Copse school late 60's

I would love to hear from anyone e-mail me!!!
  • Re: Wakefords??? by brian davis (Member 10054840) on 7-Jan-2002
    hi i went to wakefords school between 1972 to 1976 my head of year was miss woods and my tutor was miss miller...i did attend sharps copse but only for the last year..

  • Re: Wakefords??? by Trevor (Member 10056591) on 22-Jan-2002

    My name is Trevor Hare and I attended Wakefords school from 1971 to 1976. My Head of year was Miss Wood (Mrs Snow) and I was in K tutor group with Miss Pope as tutor then Mr Franklin when Miss Pope left.

    I came from Riders Lane Junior School originally. My wife is Elaine Elmore who also went to Wakefords from 1971 -1976 (and also the 6th form.) and she was at Sharps Copse before going to Wakefords.

  • Re: Wakefords??? by Keith Jury (Member 10082096) on 8-Nov-2002
    Hi There, I was at sharps copse school at the end of 1968 to 1970 when I went to Wakefords. My head of year when i joined was Mr. Bull and Miss Woods was our form tutor. I was in form R. Names i remember are: Neil Samphier, Geffory Cat, Jackie Mcutcheon, Andrew Swindle,Stephen Aspin , Grahame Rowe,Malcolm Ponsford, Teresa Cherret& Iionel Tricker.
    Sadly though my memories of Wakefords and my time ... more >>

  • Re: Wakefords??? by john cochrane (Member 10086715) on 6-Jan-2003
    Hello from Windsor, Canada.. I am glad that someone else is using this system to try to connect with old friends.. I was in 1st year at WAKEFORDS back in 1970-71 when we emigrated to Canada.. I have not forgotten, but would love to - at least digitally - connect with long lost friends and classmates... more if you contact me jbcotrac@ol.com for starters... bye for now..

  • Re: Wakefords??? by lisa cochrane (Member 10157847) on 1-Jul-2005
    Hey does anyone remember Alan Clark, tall blond hair? Used to live in winchfeild ave, leigh park. I dont think clark was always his surname.
    Email me if you do. He went to wakefords in the 70s lisa.cochrane1@ntlworld.com

  • Re: Wakefords??? by Dave Grief (Member 10177013) on 11-Feb-2006
    Hi there, does anyone remember me i went to Wakefords from 1975 till 1980,most people used to call me "grebo"i was in tutor group c with Miss Makin,it would be interesting to see if any i knew way back then still remembers me,you can mail me at pompeyite_dave@yahoo.com if u do

  • Re: Wakefords??? by Debbie Sexton (Member 10186067) on 29-May-2006
    Hi my name is Debra Edwards i was at wakefords years 1980-1985 miss owen was my teacher i now live in australia and i was hoping to catch up with anyone that knew me contact me at debbiesexton44@hotmail.com

  • Re: Wakefords??? by matt (Member 10226658) on 25-May-2008
    hi to dave grief , i'm sure you knew my brother Mark Roberts.
    Just for fun , anyone who was at Wakeford's Comprehensive in the 70's
    i was there from 73 to 79.
    and prior to that i was in Sharp's Copse infants and juniors from 1967-72. just to jog a few memories , hello to martin blanford,andrew smees,tony wilkins,paul bessant,jackie harris,julie lindup .... :)
    then if you have facebook ...
    see... more >>

  • Re: Wakefords??? by Steven Lewington (Member 10250027) on 24-Jul-2010
    Hello from Japan.
    I went to Sharps Copse School in the '70s and I graduated from Wakefords School in 1984. I went on to Southdowns College, then Cardiff University and Camarthen College. I worked in care homes before coming to Japan to work as a teacher in 1986. Married two years later, now I have two children, Valerie and Arthur, aged 10 and six. I sometimes wonder where the people I went to sc... more >>

  • Re: Wakefords??? by Philip wilbourn (Member 10263101) on 6-Jul-2011
    I went to Sharpes Copse between 1963-1968 then went into Wakeford School in that year. We were the first year in the school. Miss Gregory was the Head Teacher my form was 1E and I left to go to Havant Grammar school in 1973. I left for Sheffield Polytechnic and live in Doncaster. Does anyone remember Dane Oliver the PE teacher?

  • Re: Wakefords??? by Tina Stangroom(Perry) (Member 10287488) on 28-Jul-2013
    Hi i attended Wakefords from 72-76 i was in class C

  • Re: Wakefords??? by Tina Stangroom(Perry) (Member 10287488) on 28-Jul-2013
    Is there anyone out there who has any class photos for 72-76 for class group c please i am so desperate to get hold of any if u can help many thanx

  • Re: Wakefords??? by peter gould (Member 10294548) on 25-Jul-2014
    I was at wakefords from the 3rd year on. My class teacher was Mr Allen I think, in 3E. He was an art teacher. I remember Joan Gregory, Mr Forsted? and Dane Oliver and Paul Roberts I also remember (who could forget? ) Jill Sheepshanks CARNABY . My name is Peter Gould. My mates were John Rice, Jeff (forgot your last name sorry) Peter Murphy, Derek Hambling, \Carole de St Croix, Lauren Potter, Kim St... more >>

  • Re: Wakefords??? by Jonathan Skeet (Member 10319835) on 14-Mar-2018
    Hi Y'all - I didn't go to Wakefords but my Dad, Mr. Skeet, was teacher there in the early to mid seventies, teaching Humanities. My brother, Andrew Skeet, attended Wakefords also in the early 70s.

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