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Arts, crafts and such
  • Emrys Art are now at 22 Market St (next door to The Georges) and keep lots of art stuff and also now the Games Workshop range.And do good offers and a loyalty card.
  • emrys is a con...its such a shame considerin the reputation of the art scene in pembrokeshire that there is nowhere which accomadates to the needs of artists...every1's out for every1 and searching for the next buck!!!
  • see bars,nightclubs
  • Emry's Art Supplies - awesome place to go for all ya art stuff! :D
  • I think Emrys art supplies, handily placed halfway down a hill on a highstreet, is a really good art shop. its got most things, MIGHT be a bit pokey, might be, but its got nice people behind the desk, willing to help and wrap up purchases without haste or boredom, and cardboard and paint and books on paint and canvases and material and rubbers and things. quite handy, bar the hill bit.
  • lots of nice little craft shops,i take "welsh gifts" back 2uni mates,im sure they appreciate them lol.
  • At the top of town, opposite the library, forget the name, a bright orange ethnic shop full of hippy clothes, candle making kits, arty and funky
  • The Rainbow Room in Dew Street (top of town) is full of interesting bits and pieces - well worth the walk!
  • I got ripped off in moon and sixpence ( should be ten pence!)
  • the emlry art supplies is an amazing arty shop but v. expensive
  • The paintpot is a wicked craft shop, lots of fun stuff. Also try cheap stationary shop, Sett. Emrys art supplies has a very small gallery above it, with rather hinky pics in it.
  • "The Moon and Sixpence" is the best shop in the whole world. Make sure you visit it!!!!!
  • County Clothes. Creation. Moon and Sixpence, can be expensive but a good range.
  • This and That, 85 Portfield - Second hand furniture, bric a brac, antiques, arts and crafts 01437 763390
  • Burgess gift shop sometimes holds excellant local artists exhibitions
  • plenty of rolling, hotknifing & bonging
  • The Moon and Sixpence, a very well stocked shop full of birthday pressie type stock.
  • The town is built a round a castle, which has a history museum. The castle gives character to the town.
  • The Riverside market is quite good for that sort of stuff!!

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