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  • A NOTE FROM THE NEW FOX AND GRAPES: The pub is now under new ownership and management! Three new chefs prepare quality food daily which is served by competent and professional staff. Prices are reasonable for beer and food, both of which are of an excellent quality. Please do come and give us a try: you will enjoy yourself!
  • The Fox and Grapes and the Bluebell are now the best places to go in Hawarden and surrounding areas. Since been taken over a year ago by the new owners, the fox has become the in place to be, whether going out for a meal including the great sunday dinner, a great friday and saturday night, with good music, or just an early doors drink after work. All of the people that go there are just hard working people,not snobs, whether they work for themselfs or for other people. The Bluebell is a great improvement, it now has 3 plasma screens showing all the sky matches, and other sporting events, with free chilli,on a saturday (really hot)mmmm, a poker night and a great atmosphere.The new owners and managers, are now strict on the fresh faced crowd and any of the dead wood has been turfed out. THE BLUEBELL AND THE FOX IS NOW THE PLACE TO BE, ALL THE FAMOUS PEOPLE NOW FREQUENT IN THESE PLACES.
  • Just wanted to say i popped down the fox once my local and what has happened the brass new owners surely look like they have appeared from chav central why oh why my once favourite boozer has now become chav city beware she is bold brassy and very scary!!!!
  • I would just like to mention that the Glynne Arms has been under new management since Jan 2005 and the new Wine Bar & Eatery has had excellent reviews. You won't be dissapointed.
  • The back bar of The Glynne is like a retards' day centre, please avoid if you are not related to the Penarlag locals. You could try going in disguise: wear some chav clothes, speak like a foulmouthed Scouser and have a pregnant 15 year old in a mini-skirt on your arm, but they'll still suss you as it's impossible to perfect that vacant look. The Fox attracts the moustache-wearing jumper-over-the-shoulder twats who belong to the Golf Club or Deeside Round Table. The Bell is OK. The Crown in Ewloe is full of locals who pretend to be English because Michael Owen's dad goes there.
  • I publish the local community magazine in Hawarden & Mancot. I have been to the Glynne Arms today and shown around the restaurant that has been refurbished as a new wine bar/eaterie by the new landlord. It is fab, very modern, but in keeping with the traditional features and I think everyone in Hawarden & Mancot should try it. It opens in June & prebooking will be required, trust me! Another decent eating place locally is just what we need.
  • The bell attracts a fresh face crowd
  • Hawarden has more Pubs than locals. 3 Reside in the village itself and the crown and Liver, and the Boars Head Just outside in Ewloe. The Fox and Grapes is situated next door to, the Bell, and across the road from that the Glynne Arms possibly the best pub in Hawarden.
  • Pls ignore previous comments made about Ian Cropper and Gaz Fuins - both are honourable(if slightly camp)men.
  • Cant fault the fox on a friday night music is pumping and shown on state of the art TV screen cant say i have been to a busier pub outside of Chester
  • i would like to make comment (to obvious above) the fox and grapes has been my drinking and eatery for the past four years. i used to live in london with my wife and three children, we decided to relocate to get out of the hectic life style and found hawarden and the fox !. i've never never had a bad pint or meal, i even tell my brother in canada about the sunday dinners, they've topped success in my eyes, just go there on a friday night oh and try the continental pork mmm .
  • Fox and Grapes : Expensive. No atmosphere due to lack of decent (any) music. . Mainly used as an eatery, although meals have become expensive of late, and portions have reduced in size. Glynne Arms : Has the potential to be the best pub/hotel/restaurant/music venue/wine bar and all round entertainment centre in the village. Could do better. Blue Bell: Please don't piss in the window. Use the Fox The Crown and Liver: is in Ewloe, an adjoining village.
  • The licence of the fox and grapes in HAWARDEN has recently be awarded licence of the YEAR which surely makes the good looking guy famous after all he did appear in the daily post????
  • Glynne Arms Back room is a must for any highly tourist who wants to be stared at until they leave. Bring your girlfriend and help her self cofidence as regulars leer over her pert breasts. Fox and Grapes is always full but no one seems to know why. it has no TV, no birds, no seats cos they have all been taken up by people you've never seen before and its just shit man. The blue Bell is a place where i haven't been for some years and as the dust has now covered the windows and we can only assume the staff and customers i unfortunately cannot give you a very detailed description. Crown and Liver is ok, but takes ages to get served and you may get stuck talking to ian cropper or worse: 'Gutsy@ Gaz Fuins.
  • Fox: Nice drink and a chat, top bacon bombers. Glynn: Nice drink, game of pool, fall over go home. Bell: Nice drink, top quiz machine, fall over, get up and drink some more. Crown: Nice drink, chat, fall over go to party.
  • The Crown & Liver, Yuppie hot spot. Full of wannabees in twelve year old B.M's & Merc's. You can always go into town for a pint in the Fox & Grapes and take a piss in the Blue Bell via side window.

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