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Missing relatives or friends by maryg (Member 10120248) on 27-Mar-2004
Experienced missing persons / adoption researcher with excellent success rate. For help in your search for a family member or friend please contact me. Fees are very affordable & are on a ‘no find no fee basis’. Discretion is assured & references are available. For more info please email me: mgresearch@hotmail.com
Anyone remember me? by Alan Cooper (Member 10114395) on 9-Jan-2004
Hello Everyone , My name is Alan Cooper and i lived @ 44 holly rd until 1981 when we left for South Africa.My mum and dad used to drink in the ex -servicemans club ( Eric & Jean ) dad used to do disco's there,i have two brothers Phil & David, I am now back in the U.k. after 20years and would be intrested in hooking up with anyone that can remember us.   
  • Re: Anyone remember me? by Tracey Bates (Member 10023308) on 2-Sep-2004
    Alan did you go to Haydock High and if so what year.

Craft & Gift Fair - stalls available by Adrienne L Hall (Member 10112513) on 10-Dec-2003
SpoilSomeone are holding a Craft & Gift Fair in Penketh,Warrington on Sunday 8th February 2004 - Stslls are available - £10 if booked before 31/12/2003. To book a stall or for more details email adrienne@spoilsomeone.net   
looking for linda by Joyce Hextall nee Grant (Member 10061349) on 19-Sep-2003
i am looking for an old friend of mine-linda spark(s). we went to weatherhead school(wallasey) and left in 1977. linda used to live at 15 newlands drive, liscard and had a sister called joanne and a brother called david. linda worked at beuforts in birkenhead for a while after leaving school. the last time i saw linda she was working at the bingo hall in borough road, seacombe about 20 years ago. ... more >>   
  • Re: looking for linda by Rob (Member 10118871) on 3-Mar-2004
    she is a friend of my mums, or so i think, she has a daughter or two, debbie and somethin, and peter a son, they lived in whiteside in haydock, unsure whether they still do, can find out if its them

GRANGE VALLEY by LOUISE BLACKLEDGE (Member 10088530) on 28-Jan-2003
CLASS 6. MISS... more >>
music dancin boogie by neil vernon (Member 10060564) on 26-Feb-2002
i lived in haydock from 1973 to 1984 and loved it i am now 31 .i am a d.j.and a good one .oh yes i am.if you want to liven up haydocks pubs wether its 70s 80s 90s dance wotever tell me and others.coz its the only way out.you need sommat to look forward to on a saturday or whenever .and not a cheezy dj.we'll all get together and get a decent nite goin.tell the landlord.wot ja think?   
  • Re: music dancin boogie by neil vernon (Member 10060564) on 26-Feb-2002
    yeh good idea if i may say so myself.cmon yickers lets party

Yikker in exile by barry cardwell (Member 10057007) on 26-Jan-2002
I was born and lived in Vista Road and went to English Martyrs .Left Yik in 1971 and as soon as I left they started to change everything..I would love to hear from anyone..I am keen to get hold of photos and info on Haydock of old..   
  • Re: Yikker in exile by Tony Baron (Member 10269841) on 21-Jan-2012
    Still same, Club closed, Clock removed, Einstein's theory still relative. Hopefully grammatically correct. Damn West Park!

Haydock Folks? by Marie Lympany (Member 10041814) on 21-Aug-2001
Looking to catch up with old school mates.

Did any of you attend any of the following school... more >>
  • Re: Haydock Folks? by bob buckley (Member 10192504) on 31-Aug-2006
    Yes, I went to Richard Evans' school and also Haydock Secondry Modern, as it was known then. Mr.Fitton was head master and I left in 1944

Archive Photography by Carol (Member 10040863) on 13-Aug-2001
100's of original Merseyside photos, taken mainly between 1945 and 1965. Something for everyone: street scenes, factories, shops, shipping on the Mersey, and much more.
Take a look at http://www.20thcenturyimages.co.uk and let me know if there are any areas you'd like to see.
  • Re: Archive Photography by Cathy Paul (Member 10058358) on 8-Feb-2002
    I'm looking for pictures of Haydock around 1964. Does anyone have any other suggestions of websites, books, etc.

Cool Web site check it out by Tracey Bates (Member 10023308) on 24-Jul-2001
  • Re: Cool Web site check it out by jef (Member 10054670) on 2-Feb-2002
    I have visited this website a few times and it is VERY professionally put together. The question is how often is it updated. I would be interested in linking to the site but only if it is "live".


    Webmaster www.haydockboys.co.uk

  • Re: Cool Web site check it out by Tracey Bates (Member 10023308) on 7-Jun-2002
    Yeh I do update it regularly. Any idea or experiences gladly accepted

  • Re: Cool Web site check it out by Johnny (Member 10174852) on 19-Jan-2006

Malc Trigg by karen confrey (Member 10037032) on 18-Jul-2001
Does anyone there know Malc Trigg?lived next door to Labour club number2,i think,if so ask him to e-mail his cousin,she's not seen him for yonks and misses him,he'll know who it is.Thanks a lot Karen.   
  • Re: Malc Trigg by karen confrey (Member 10037032) on 18-Jul-2001
    Sorry, I thought this displayed e-mail addresses,mine is kazconfrey@hotmail.com

  • Re: Malc Trigg by ian hawkins (Member 10007621) on 19-Jul-2001
    hey i know malc from years ago see is dad regular
    e mail me

  • Re: Malc Trigg by ian hawkins (Member 10007621) on 19-Jul-2001
    sorry heres e mail valleytaxis@aol.com

haydock webring by ian hawkins (Member 10007621) on 2-Jul-2001
anybody want to join new haydock webring look at
valleytaxis.co.uk and join up
thanks ian hawkins
  • Re: haydock webring by Marie Lympany (Member 10041814) on 10-Mar-2002
    Wish to learn about your site

  • Re: haydock webring by ian hawkins (Member 10063513) on 25-Mar-2002
    hi marie just go to www.valleytaxis.co.uk and click join webring thanks

im a yikker by mike (Member 10036629) on 29-Jun-2001
hey guys, just wondered if any of yer went to english martyers in the years of mr newy as head master and miss darwin as head mistress. i went the school but then moved to warrington. just wondered if anyone knows michael collins, gary turton, sean tracey, alec warburton or greg dale as they were top lads. my name is mike wharton and i was hardest in the school yeah   
  • Re: im a yikker by Luke Bryan (Member 10036774) on 1-Jul-2001
    Who are you?

  • Re: im a yikker by Claire (Member 10061027) on 2-Mar-2002
    I know where you can find Sean Tracy

  • Re: im a yikker by lisa (Member 10207361) on 28-Apr-2007
    A long shot as you posted 7 years ago, Mike. I've been looking for your sister Cathryn, i was her best mate at English Martyrs, would love to catch up with her.

Do You Know BRIAN CAIN by Djinn (Member 10033090) on 16-May-2001
The reason I'm asking this is because everywhere I go people say where do you come from , so I say "Haydock", "Oh do you know Brian Cain", is usually the next thing they say. So do you know him, if so let me know your stories or if, like me people ask you the same bloody question. One chap said "You must know him, He's a Big Bastard, with a bald head and a beard, he looks a bit like a cave man". S... more >>   
  • Re: Do You Know BRIAN CAIN by smick (Member 10300212) on 3-May-2015
    don't know who,s asking question but yes I grew up with brian see him quite often even have his mobile no,,when we meet we laugh about the old days him an his olg dog gyp,,happy days.

The Sefton Arms by steph (Member 10026041) on 15-Apr-2001
Does anyone know the girl who works in the Sefton pub i think her name is Lyndsey and i think she is about 19   
  • Re: The Sefton Arms by Tracey Bates (Member 10023308) on 17-Apr-2001
    Yeh I do email me for contact I use to work with her and her mum

hi all by Bill Harrison (Member 10029002) on 11-Apr-2001
Just a quikie Lived in Clinkham Wood for 24 years then Ashton in Makerfield for 13 years before coming to Canada
Isn't Haydock somewhere in between !!!!!!
Only kidding . The wife is from Haydock I use to frequent the Wagon & Horses with the father in law many years ago.
I think Dickie Critchley was the landlord then.

Anybody out the... more >>
  • Re: hi all by bev (Member 10025474) on 14-Apr-2001
    better going on the st.helens board Bill no one seems to come on this one

  • Re: hi all by Graham Charnock (Member 10028330) on 24-May-2001
    Hello Bill.
    I used to live in Haydock and still have family there yet.
    I lived with my sister and family for a bit in Coronation Drive, does the name Brennan ring any bells.
    I moved to Canada also in 1974, been here ever since, go back once in a while and Sis comes over here every couple of years.
    I will check back in a bit to see if there are any... more >>

  • Re: hi all by Marie (Member 10032762) on 24-May-2001
    Hi I came from Haydock and lived around the corner from Wagon and Horses.
    Did you go to Haydock High?

  • Re: hi all by Graham Charnock (Member 10028330) on 30-May-2001
    Me again, where abouts are you in Canada?
    I live in London Ontario, been here since 1974.
    Everyone should put in a bit about where they are now, just to see how far the 'Yickers' have spread out.
    Just an idea, what do you think?

  • Re: hi all by Bill Harrison (Member 10029002) on 5-Jul-2001
    Graham,I live in Georgetown Ont
    I was in London over the weekend at my buddies,he lives on Hastings Drive in the North end close to the masonville mall,
    were are you located ???

    Bill Harrison

  • Re: hi all by Colin Ford (Member 10039437) on 31-Jul-2001
    G'day from Australia. I was born and bred a Yicker and have lived near Sydney for the past 9 years. I have fond memories of attending the Colliery School that is now described as a "shed" elsewhere on this site!

  • Re: hi all by barry cardwell (Member 10089706) on 2-Aug-2003
    I lived in Vista Road for twenty odd years .I have lost track of the times I used to pop my head out of the door to get the time from the clock on the Labour Club .It was twenty past one for fifteen years at least .In those days Haydock was a real place with pits and miners and lots of scruffy kids .It just isn't the same anymore .

  • Re: hi all by Graham (Member 10204399) on 11-Mar-2007
    Cor! Bin a long time since I looked in hear anit?
    Well Bill, if you are still around then I'll answer your question, I live in Pond Mills, south end.
    Lochern Rd. the only Charnock in the book, call if you want.
    Cheers, Graham

Yickers by Stezzeau (Member 10013802) on 28-Mar-2001
Whoa - All you yickers with a penchant for a Haydock based Pub crawl - Check out the following Site.......It's Tops www.Yicker.co.uk
A Superb New Site by mesreyviews (Member 10029111) on 23-Mar-2001
To see Merseyside and Haydock both past and present, chat room and message board , then why not visit a new and constantly improved and expanded site. http://www.merseyviews.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/default.html For all you want to know about merseyside just ask in our guestbook, we try our best to reply to all. As this is a new site we welcome any comments or tips (good or bad) to help us improve .

  • Re: A Superb New Site by Marie (Member 10032762) on 24-May-2001
    Looking to catch up with ex pupils of Haydock High

is haydock a ghost town by steph (Member 10026041) on 6-Mar-2001
there must be a lot of boring people in haydock nobody ever writes anything on here   
  • Re: is haydock a ghost town by glenn adams (Member 10033094) on 29-May-2001
    ur reet their all a bunch o borin yikkers

  • Re: is haydock a ghost town by barry cardwell (Member 10089706) on 2-Aug-2003
    This message has been unanswered for so long that it must mean that the answer is a big yes .Now when I was a lad.......or have you heard more than enough about zinc baths on the back door,three kids to one shirt and so .Those were the days when you couldn't look in any direction without seeing factory chimneys .I can remember coming home to a lovely detached house .Mind you,it was terraced when I... more >>

  • Re: is haydock a ghost town by dave sanderson (Member 10123579) on 26-Mar-2005
    Bazza,you spend so long on FR it's become a fookin one horse town,now get a shovel and scoop that hoss manure over that half wit Claud Teal and his troll pseudo intellectual sidekick who thinks he's danish.
    pair of social rejects.sorry about the shite grammar,off to old trafford for the england game and to get bladdered.

Poems by Ron (Member 10013938) on 14-Feb-2001
Hello all!
Can you help? I am trying to arrange a poem on as many Cities, Towns and Villages, in the U K as I can.
Could anyone supply me with any local information, which hopefully, everyone in your City, Town or Village could immediately relate to? “As being home”
Perhaps a local dance hall or cinema no longer there, a famous street where all the boys and girls would meet.
A famous person p... more >>
  • Re: Poems by Marie Lympany (Member 10041814) on 24-Oct-2001
    cities/towns/villages in uk ie suggested names;
    Llanfairpwllgwyngyllantysiliogogogoch, Isle of Anglesey.
    Niwbrwch, Isle of Anglesey.
    Dwyran, Anglesey.
    Llanbabo, Anglesey.
    Caemes,... more >>

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