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Cringing Cult of Celebrity in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire*

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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • James Bragg
  • Jane Cox who plays Lis Dingle in Emmerdale.
  • Famous Canadian lesbian singer-songwriter kd lang has just bought a farm somewhere on the tops above Hebden Bridge - this is true, cos my sister works in the estate agent's that dealt with it. Not sure about a member of the Prisoner cast working in the wine bar though!
  • One of the cast of cult 1980s Aussie soap "Prisoner Cell Block H" works in the wine bar on Crown Street.
  • Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen (new romantic style Changing Rooms guru) was spotted visiting once or twice. The excellent film 'Fanny and Elvis' with Ray Winstone and Jennifer Saunders was filmed here. The weird Xmas edition of the League of Gentlemen was filmed in nearby Heptonstall while I was living there and Sylvia Plath (American poet ex-wife of Ted Hughes, who spawned a recent depressing film, is buried outside the church in Heptonstall). Oh and the Dingle family mother lives somewhere round here and is often seen.
  • In Ye Olde Days (-pre 1984) 'King'David Hartley, leader of the Cragg Coiners, was a 'local person'.
  • "Sir" Bernard Ingham former press secreatary to Margaret Thatcher and supporter of Nuclear Power is ex-resident or would not be alive!
  • Former residents include Nico (born Christa Paffgen, former Velvet Underground singer) and P.J. Proby (or Jim Smith to his mates; trouser-splitting popstar of the '60's who taught Elvis to sing).The assertion that Roger Moore lived in Hebden Bridge is bullshit - least, not the famous actor of that name.
  • Hebden Bridge formerly home to Nico (V>U> need i say more?)PJ Proby (pants-splitting rock god) Jeff Nuttall (radical theatre guru, author of "Bomb Culture") several members of "the Ukrainians" (cult folk band) & Bernard Ingham (Maggie Thatcher's lackey & press secretary)
  • Roger Moore used to live in Hebden Bridge as does Lisa Dingle of Emmerdale fame. Other Emmerdale and Coronation Street Stalwarts can be seen around from time to time.
  • ted hughes, poet laureate noone else really
  • Sir Bernard Ingham, Ted Hughes (the ex Poet Laureate)
  • Bernard Ingham (former Press Secretary to Maggie Thatcher)

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Last updated: 2009-04-27

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