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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • Clyde Bar - bands - Rock/Indie - more diverse. Most other pubs do Karaoke - they sometimes do tournaments/contests throughtout several pubs.
  • The Garth plays cheesy sing along music. The Clyde is ok. BJ'S is NED/SAILOR HEAVEN (NOTE TO ALL: STEER WELL CLEAR). Rogarts is full of scantily dressed, stupid little girls and very, very old men. The IMPS, The Royal, Clockworx are all for horny sailors and prostitutes. Everywhere else (for there are a LOT of pubs in helensburgh) is full of slow-moving, whinging, past their sell-by-date pensioners that would like nothing better than to eliminate everyone under the age of seventy and pass a decree banning any excitement/enjoyment/youthful activity for ever.
  • Rogarts/rugrats.... had to chuck its website cos parents were identyfying awol's
  • BJ's nightclub. Oh the fun I had there; slipping on the sawdust covered puke, shielding my eyes from the blinding glare of the shellsuits as the UV lights flashed relentlessly on the pill-popping Neds on the dancefloor. It was just the BEST fun having a sailor/Ned/pervy old man creeping up behind you pinching your arse, while some fucked up dribbling fourteen year old slurs into your ear: "Wull ye go wi ma mate?".
  • im the manager of bj's and would love to have live music in my club has any one got any suggestions as to who i shoul sign?
  • The Clyde Bar ( Travis filmed a video in there )
  • oooooooooooooooooh yesssssssss! Budda,Bj's,clockworx.....em......rogarts (if u get a knockback anywhere else)
  • b.j's is for the gathering of the neds & local desparate women in need of a shag.
  • BJs can get a bit crowded though
  • The 1 and only club is BJ'S (on clyde street), its open thur (11 till 2am), fri (11till 3am), sat (11 till 3am)& sun (11 till am). Fri is rubbish but the rest are good plus there's special offers on drink on thur & sun. its a rip-off 2 get in, between £4 & £5 depends wot nite u go on. Full of slappers, the bouncers are idiots, but supposedly the bar staff are quite good lookin ( or maybe thats coz every1 is steamin when they go)
  • Bar budda, rogarts, Bj's, the garth, the clyde, the ardencaple.
  • Ok, Bj's cant even be considered as a club - near £5 entry, and thats on opening! Its a tiny crap hole - i swear, rubbish man!
  • The Colgrain Booling Club.Nae underage drinking here.More zimmer frames per square inch than yer average old folks home.The sight of these auld yins trying tae pick up their false teeth after they've trundled a bowl up the green is hilarious.Get yersel down there as it's one of Helensburgh's best kept comedy secrets.Friday night is "Grab a Granny" night!
  • Why has the Garth Inn not been mentioned yet. It is situated a bit away from the centre of town and so has it's own regular crowd. Try a Saturday night, very busy and some cool tunes.
  • Drumfork Club especially when the Navy blokes were at sea!!
  • Clockworx, BJ's
  • The only club in town is BJ's, which is part of the Pinewood Inn. Not too bad a place if you don't want to travel 10 miles to Dumbarton or 6 miles to Garelochhead. The club is open Friday/Saturday/Sunday, with a 2am close (12.30am curfew). Entry is £3 on the door, unless you're a member.
  • talking of clubs a certain italian tyre specialist is thinking of joining the sea scouts !!!!!
  • Helensburgh is full of 'Clubs', they're the ideal place to be if you want your name to be known around the town, as the place is full of gossips especially within money circles.
  • BJS
  • Rogarts--underagers paradise; Ro-coco--Fat %$£%£$% paradise Granary--ugly fat sweaty sailor hunting so-called female paradise
  • Can I point out that Clockworxs was previously known as the Granary and ask anyone if there is truth in the rumour that a certain Macfast food franchise has offered to take over the foresaid "hole".
  • Club roccoco is terrible. Full of Sailor's wifes looking for shag, local teenage girls looking for a husband, and local blokes who'll go for the teenagers first but settle for a sailor's wife by around midnight. There's always one wasted guy who thinks he can dance like John Travolta! Or you could try Rogarts, if you look around 15. Warning: never look anyone in the eye. The bouncer's hit back first! and the Scottish Power window gets smashed every weekend.

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