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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • well all i know is cheryl cole is a fit bird
  • Mr traumtik played here once or twice his tunes are fuckin banging and i did ket to his gig in venue
  • well all i know is cheryl cole is a fit bird
  • That geez from only fools and hoarses
  • That geez from only fools and hoarses
  • troy wilcox 10 he is an absolute legend sick skater who got blunt feebles on lock!!!!!!!!!!
  • troy wilcox 10 he is an absolute legend sick skater who got blunt feebles on lock!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ellie Goulding. Blates.
  • No one famous lives in Hereford.
  • Thomas Hirons Adam Hewlett
  • Dawnwind? Ithink u mean Hawkwind
  • james gardner doesnt live in hereford anymore and was never pro whereever you got that from but he is sponsored by boarderco skateboards, og distribution and juicematic clothing- why the hell doesnt anyone like him?? hes actually really cool!! rodney.
  • James "Honeyman" Scott, guitarist in the Pretenders went to school in Hereford in the seventies, I was in the class above him. Jimmy Scott , as he was then, used to spend his lunchtimes in the record shop just up from the Boys High School (which we attended). Unfortunately Jimmy couldn't cope with all that sex and drugs and R&R and died of an overdose at the height of their fame. The record "Kid" which has been brought out this year for "Children in need" was a Pretenders original and was said to have been written as his epitaph.
  • rob price or rob hate whatever you no him as lives in this small town, he owns hate clothing!
  • Im a tenny tiny bit famous - but only in Austria! Not from Hereford but lived there most of my teens and pop back to see family and friends.
  • The final Anglo-Saxon king of England Harold Godwin was the duke of Hereford. For the world of writing, the county is represented by the medieval poet William Langland, the 19th century poetess Elizabeth Barrett Browing, Poet Laureate John Masefield and by the dramatist/actor David Garrick. In the world of sport, there is the bare-knuckle champion Tom Spring. Thomas Traherne 1636-1674 Poet.
  • monty whatshisface, who does gardening programmes on channel 4, lives in hereford. oh yes.
  • well its the latest news that james gardner has been sponsered by spine in worcester, so he may be getting his us sponsership any day now!!! also i think fred, this kid who skates at the bus station mite be getting sponsership, in the way of a deal from termite! good luck to fred with that. i hope he gets those speedy 20 mph nosestalls on lock in the near future the guy in flipped looks a lot like Jamie Thomas and all they say really is “ite meh”, now theres friendly service for you.
  • Run a spell check on your site
  • Unfortunately James Gardner was paralysed in a bmx related accident, so he's no longer a pro, condolences.
  • The now ledgendary Dawnwind started their career in Hereford. It was centuries ago (OK,back in the Seventies) They had a Folk Club in Widemarsh Street. Hard to believe but back then it was the in place to go. How times change...
  • james gardner may as well be a pro skater.
  • Simon Hughes, Home Affais Spokesman for The Liberal Democrat Party lives in Hereford, wow!!!
  • JK lives ion a small village in Herefordshire! Wooo!
  • guy from only fools and horses (boycey)
  • I recently discovered that Frank Oz (voice of Yoda, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Cookie Monster and many other Muppets) was born in Hereford in 1944. That alone is reason to be proud of being a Herefordian.
  • The french singer Serge Gainsbourg was born in Hereford and now lives in Aylestone Hill area.
  • Denise Van Outen has a place here, as does Jim Davidson....tho you never see em! The Beckhams were contemplating buying a retreat here but saw sense!
  • Roger Whittaker lived in Fownhope but now he's near Ross. Tracey of Respond records/Paul Weller fame ran the Bowling Green pub a few yrs ago. Den was in the Revillos once, check out Bongo Brain - ace single (??**!!")
  • Jo Brand lives towards Ludlow
  • Jim Davidson has a house in Hereford and regularly drinks at the bar at Castle House.
  • not many people knoiw that black sabbath left aston to live cradley village, herefordshire. my mum and dad used to see them in the pub ah aha hah
  • According to the Internet Movie Database, Richard Frank Oznowicz aka Frank Oz, Hollywood Film Director, and was in The Blues Brothers, was born in Hereford in 1944!!
  • Jay from the band. Jamiquau'eeee?
  • Supposedly Robbie William's Dad has been known to do a spot of cabaret at the Warner Hotel in Holme Lacy. Read somewhere once that Jo Brand was either buying or had bought a house in Herefordshire. Not forgetting of course that Paul Stoddart has his Formula 1 team European Minardi based in Ledbury.
  • Denise Van Outen has a place, Posh and Becks were thinking of a place....think they saw the light!
  • Denise van Outen recently purchased a house here, Mott the Hoople reign from Hereford as do the Pretenders apart from Chrissy Hyne also we have the hardest army corp in the world but I dint tell you that right.
  • a town with a cow named after it cant be that bad
  • there is me nick brooks, i been skating for two months and i can pull off kick flips and heal flips, so watch
  • Obviously, Chrissie Hynde wasn't born in Hereford, but she may have live there. I understood that the drummer in The Pretenders used to own a pub - possibly The Bowling Green next to Tesco - a few years ago. Beryl Reid (remember her?) was born in Hereford. Now very much an ex-resident.
  • Surely Chrissie Hynde was never from Hereford.
  • Nell Gwynne was born in Hereford ! Dennis Potter (singing Detective etc) ussed to live in Ross.
  • Chrissie Hynde - sang Love Can Build A Bridge with Cher, etc... The Pretenders are also from Hereford.

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