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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • Zeros has now closed down - it's license has been revoked
  • Adding to the comments about zeros: the only thing that is really wrong with zeros is the crowd. the dj's are capable, with a good selection of music, though unfortunately forced to play to a room-full of drunken morons. the middle-bar hosts a variety of alternative nights. Comments made about doormen etc below are complete fantasy. In conclusion, help save zeros from the dickheads!
  • zeros hertford as a doorman of zeros,please note that if you want a good well behaved night you can have it,if you cross the line of acceptable behavior you will be ejected not beaten up as some posts suggest, we are all licensed doorman and respond with the same amount of force that is shown to us have a good night
  • Zero's is a dive. Losers paradise. Wanabee's head for Elbert Wurlings, a sad collection of Hertford's try hards. The DJ is past it a rab C Nesbit trying to be funky. Go to London for a good time
  • i spent the night in zeros recently & thought it was fantastic. Despite what everyone says, it still seems to be constantly busy every weekend. People slag it off all the time but keep going back every week so they must be doing something right.
  • Most people go to the blackbirds, and its usually packed with queues, but theres millions of other pubs in Hertford. zeros is over the road from the blackbirds
  • Elberts is still the best place for really good music and good looking women (& men). I also recommend you try a cosmopolitan cocktail.
  • Starting at the flea pit end: zeros. the sweat drips off the ceiling but noone pretend to be cool so its always good. If you want somewhere a bit more stylish then elbert wurlings is just out of town - although upstairs is really just a bar and to get downstairs you have to be a member, know someone, or arrive at 7.00. if you want a proper club, go to stevenage.
  • Zero's is possibly the worst club in the country, until recently it was the only place in Hertford with a 2am licence. Which meant it was full of the town's more dedicated piss-heads, gladly paying London club prices for watered down, poorly kept lager from pumps that have never been cleaned. Since the advent of late licences in some of the pubs the drinkers have gone elsewhere leaving just the kids and the bouncers. The security are a law unto themselves ,they carry out full body searches at the door and beat up anyone they take a dislike to (the club owner then pays the victims to keep quiet). Music policy: pop house, cheezy trance, infantile garage and 70's crap disco. We used to have the Music Exchange but they were closed down by plod for not selling food. Local opinion has it that Zeros' boss pulled strings with the Masons to put them out of business.
  • zero
  • zeros - is wicked - get beered up in the Firkin before and you will have a superb evening
  • Elbert Wurlings - only for the classy
  • Contrary to the reports on this page, there is another club - ELBERT WURLINGS. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything, as it's probably the classiest club in Hertfordshire..
  • zeros is all there is but its a crap hole
  • Corn Exchange - any night for Salsa
  • Zero's but it's not cool, so don't go there
  • Elbert Wurlings for the funkiest dj's and cocktails...
  • try doing liquid a @ zeros.hohohoho
  • zero's - awful place, but worth hanging around outside around 2 am to watch the local rituals of tribes of button-down shirts cavorting and scrapping, although best watched from a distance. if you ask the local police, who are always in attendance, they will be able to point out a good viewing place.
  • Why can't we have a cool 13-17 club like Paradise or the Coconuyt Club in Hertford? Whenever I wanna go out I have 2 go in my Mum's car coz they're so long away.
  • Hertford boasts the smallest, crappest 'clubs' in the whole of the UK. If you wanna dance around in a shoe box with sweat running down the walls and the DJ playing music on a system that resembles the sound quality of a walkman in a sock then don't go anywhere near.
  • Hertford only has one night club by the name of Zero's but it's very small and you're advised to get really drunk before going.

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