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  • havana...full of old men, even when you book a private function, not worth the money. you actually have to ask the bar staff to get weirdos removed. it's basically a working men's club with an exotic name
  • studio next to heron foods and opposite robbs.
  • Nice comment if i was that bad and that unwanted why did they ring and text asking me to return which i did in July 2008 until november 2009. Never mind your opinion is of no concern to me.
  • Hi This I Mat Taylor Former Dj at Studio Hexham. Just so everybody know I have retired from the dj scene as of November 2007. Thanks for thr support by for now
  • thank god Matt has finally gone. what a knob. i bet studio and hexham are gutted. ha ha. what rubbish. throw a party more like.
  • thank god Matt has finally gone. what a knob. i bet studio and hexham are gutted. ha ha. what rubbish. throw a party more like.
  • Ok here is a fact Matt has not left studio, but he has cut his nights down out of choice he is only working a friday night. I asked him myself on Friday. As we cannot beleive the crap they have working there now. Some lad called Ben what a loser. The DJ upstairs is from town, you gota ask if your not good enough for newcastle why would you employ him in town. On other hand I saw Matt and Static (former dj at donnies) in Bar 38 other week they were both great. Keep up the work lads, but please come back to hexham.
  • If Matt is any good I promote and place DJ's with calibre and experience. Mail me on if you want a real offer to exceed what Paul Macking‚Äôs Studio will ever give you. Not often will you ever hear this option believe me.
  • Thank the Lord the owners of Studio saw sense and got rid of the ex radio DJ. Matt is doing a fine job loving the music, none of that funky crap. Well done matt your our fav by far keep it up. Goodbye to Dave.
  • the manager at studio hexham is a pervert. This is the 3rd week in a row he has bent his head down when me and my mates walk up the stairs. Something should be done about him, he just oggles women all the time. I know for a fact he has been sleeping with 3 girls from hexham at the same time. Me and my friends just want to go out and have a drink yet he keeps staring at us, and up our skirts. He needs reporting.
  • What do you people go on about when on earth has Matt left the club he was djing all weekend where do you get this crap from I wonder. he was there doing a fine job as usual. keep it up your great, and we are pleased your back as that other bloke is utter crap as previously stated
  • hi everybody matt has left studio at hexham, i have seen him djing in sunderland at liquid. we are all gutted as he is def the best dj we have had. we are gutted at losing him the new guy is crap, and miserable he wont play anything we want and also things he does play we havent heard of. plese matt come back. hexham is shite without u.
  • Give me a break, has no one in Hexham been anywhere else in the world ? Lets all praise the small town single nightclub DJ. Why not leave the town for one night, go somewhere decent and then compare notes. Hexham knowhere guide should be relabeled "16 year old's fan club". Thats what it reads like. Pathetic.
  • MAYBE HE WOULD BE IN THE city but why Studio nightclubs is one of the biggest brand of clubs, who employ some well know dj's many of which are signed to mintistry of sound. research studio u will see they own some massive venues including hed kandi warm up bar absolute vodka. we love mat n last night he was fantastic 22nd july
  • Small town club, drinks expensive, entre expensive, DJ??? Whats with you guys? if he was gud he'd be DJ in the clubs in town butt no hes in a small town club says alot really
  • MATT Taylor does not dj in manchester plus he does party and chart with the odd rnb song thrown in. He is one of Studio's best dj's at what he does. Ta Stu
  • The Studio DJ...Matt. You think he's a quality DJ? Have you never been to another club. Manchester la la la.
  • the now famous studio nite club aka don wans is in full flow. we love the new look love the dj matt we only come in to see n hear him. Plus now the new dance dj he is a excellent dj love everything that is been done. check out website love you matt
  • hI PLEASE KEEP PUTTING OUR COMMENTS ON YOUR SITE. We have sent loads over last few weeks and not one has been submitted. Studio has brand new night Karaoke Sunday and it has our fav dj Matt running the show, he is so sexy, and so much fun it was packed last night about 180 in I think. Matt was excellent. There was a nasty fight, and he even managed to help with that, DJ, good looking at first aid trained. Well done matt you may of just helped that guy. Your fit, please leave a telelphone number
  • All wanted to say that Mat Taylor (dj Studio) has signed a new contract with vimac and Studio hexham tying him to the club for the future he will not be leaving hexham, again re-iterating what Mat has stated earlier he has no intention of leaving hexham. ta Stu x
  • All Just wanted to set the record straight about me at Studio I am still there I have not left, and nor do I plan to leave. If I am to leave I will tell you all at the club first hand. I would not join or play at any other venue in Hexham, I honestly do not feel any other place can do what we do at studio. I am pleased you all like what I do and enjoy our nights. Keep coming and listen out for new promotions/ guests and our other nights. Take care Mat Taylor Studio resident DJ
  • If Matt had left why then would he have been DJ`ing on Saturday 25th for most of the night - Cheers Matt for playing Star Trekking :-) I believe that our friend Matt was away on holiday the previous week (nice tan mate) Sat was an excellent night and judging by the amount of people there it`s getting better every week! Nice one Dave and Matt
  • At Studio Sat night was really good night was well packed if you ask me far to many people upstairs. early on was tgoo busy downstairs. Matt has not left he is back playing again he did the warm up for the guy from coronation street that was good. But Matt room very queit most of night. But glad to have him back
  • Everybody Matt Taylor has left studio hexham he has not been there for weeks now. so its been true all along he quit. we should stop going coz last week was the worst weekend todate without matt. dont know what happened thursday, and friday was even worse
  • The previous statement is not entirely true as on thursday's between seven and ten is buy one get one free on every drink, after ten it is buy one get one free on just bottles and it is free entry all night, this makes thursdays one of the cheapest places in town to drink. on fridays, it is buy one get one free on everything before ten and only two pound on selected drinks after ten (bottles, pints and house spirits), it is free entry before ten and only two pound after ten. saturdays are buy one get one on everything before ten and it is free entry before ten and half price before eleven. sundays are buy one get one free on everything all night and no door charge. ta stu
  • Just got in from a totally Blinding night at Hexham only Club. Matt Taylor (Yeah we finally know his full name) was excellent loved it all the way, he should be on the radio has excellent crack. Dave Armstrong the Fellow from the Radio he totally rocked Loved him too. What a double act Matt & Dave made. Galaxy if you listen or read this get them to on the radio together. Matt has the sexiest voice ever, with the cheakest smile. Dave the irish Charmer. Studio I think tonight you may of cracked it. Double Act Matt Taylor & Dave Armstrong we have the best Dj's in any club for entertainment. Dont ever leave Matt please.
  • Hi all. Just a quick message to let you all know that the two dj's i have (mat & dave) are good or they would not be where they are now, both staying at studio and that mat is not going to any other pub as we are the only night club and no pub can do what we do in respect to music, and if Dave was rude which i'm sure he is not i can only say sorry. Thanks Stu (studio manager)
  • Yes I agree the new studio is rubbish, on top of that the new lincensing law has had an impact, and fact being the owners have not come in line with the rest of the busineses by offering better drink prices, they still charge £3 a bottle on a saturday, when you can go to the phoenix and get them cheaper and have music. Open your eyes Mr Bunn before we all leave
  • Matt hasnt been sacked. The club is just not as good as it used to be.
  • Were you all in the same club as me???!!! I had a really good nite, thought dave from galaxy was good and plenty other people seemed to be having a good nite too. Cheers Dave for a good nite
  • Hey all adding to the mat argument, he is ok dj, but he cant mix dance music for shit. But he admits he hates dance. Now dave is a dance dj, and he cant mix either, and he is rude, and 2 be honest has the worst track choice ever. Please Studio get rid of him. Love Phil, Laura. clare. John
  • Phoneix best place for good laugh, good music and cheap drinks, Galaxy Dj is shockingly bad, and he will onyl play music for the girls sack him sack him
  • Matt Was great Friday, and we loved the 2 hours he did saturday fantastic, enjoyed Galaxy bloke to0 but do much dance from him.
  • Matt from Donnies is going to be Dj, ing at Phoneix from March its true
  • friday 20th jan 06 got back in after a blinding night at hexham only night spot. matt rocked tonight best I have heard him utter class. Love him from Paul n the lads
  • hexham studio dead as a door nail recently nobody has anymoney and they cant affords to go to studio coz its so expensive. mat was good on friday night and good sat until room closed early when the irish one arrived
  • Studio Hexham too much to get in, drinks still pricey. Matt has gone what is the point in going. The radio dj is worse live than he is on air. He aint got a clue about party only knows dance, dance, dance and the morons in hexham only cheer coz he is on radio bring back matt with rnb, pop, party Dave from galaxy is crap and he is irish
  • hi there i think that the dj is gay he sounds very feminene and no way is he as good as the fellow from galaxy, upstairs was alot busier than downstairs at studio, He flirts all night but i think its all a front because he is still in the closet,(bring the ugly one back he was much beta ) Anyway we love the new club its alot modener than it used to be and you dont loose your shoes when you stuck to the carpet, i still think its to dear to get in as alot of people i talk to wont go as six pound is far to much i must admit the price of a drink has came dowm but the door entrance must come down to, so please get rid of the gay dj or atleast get him out his closet and reduce that door fee or the club will go down the pan love sam xxx
  • As far as I know I have not been sacked from Studio Hexham yet, I think if i play baywatch any more then it is a possibility just kidding no i am still there every thurs fri sat 7pm - 2am. Cheap drinks at the bar 7pm till 10 pm and good promotion other nites love Mat
  • Went to Donies (Studio) last night - recommended by a friend for that bloke from Galaxy FM. Had a fab night, the DJ from Galaxy was ok but Mat is much better. Stayed downstairs most of the night as upstairs was full of charva knobheads of their heads on mind bending drugs!! (either that or they had been sniffing to much manure!!). I don't know why everybody slags the doormen of, I thought think they are ace, I saw a couple of incidences where they had to speak to a few arseholes, but it was the arseholes who were causing the trouble not the doormen. I agree with the person who says they deserve a medal, I think they put up with a lot of shit and get unnecessary remarks made about them, keep up the good work lads - Hexham could do a lot worse than you guys, Juli xx
  • 26-12-05 WHAT A DAM FUCKING GOOD NIGHT. To the owners of Studio Hexham. Can I say you may of pulled off one of the best clubbing nights I have ever been too. You have on your books the greatest resident entertainer I have heard in the tall dj that played downstairs, and supplemented by the boy from the radio. We came from Carlisle because we heard that Hexham had one of the best natural entertainers for a dj. We can happily say every single rumour was right he was fab from the moment we went in 9pm till when we left 2am. We thought the room would be empy coz of the famous radio dj no way packed all night long infact we think he out shone the radio dj. Hexham is so lucky we want him playing at clubs where we live. He is great. He should be on the radio please please please buy a club in Carlise and send him up there we love him. Tall Dj who looking at previous comments must be Mat your a god dam star my frie3nd. We hope the owners read this site, probably dont but please if you do put a comments on here coz the people want to here from your. Why isnt there a hexham own website with pics of the very fit dj. Looking forward to our next visit
  • Is it True that Matt Taylor has been sacked from Dontinoes/Studio hexham. If so why he is the best thing that happened to the club. Please does anybody know the clubs email address of the owners we want Matt back. Can you confirm if this rumour is true please somebody
  • just want to get the storey straight on stusio nightclub (dontinos) the only people that slag the place off are the verman that live there and around there they are all either bared or need dipping in an acid tank they complain about the door staff but the place would be fucked without them one thing i can say is they may well be able to change the deco and the name but they will never change the arseholes that drink there not all of them mind but a good percentage of them it has opened my eyes in the 2 year ive been going there they would never get away with the antics in the town cos they would get a bloody good hiding but the trouble makers never leave hexham as they no this fucking cowards big respect to the doorstaff cos without big al and jeff the place would be a battle ground keep it up lads you deserve a medal working up there come on studio...........
  • hi all new refurb done, its nice, but the club is shit, nobody goes in anymore, who in right mind plays rnb n dance together. it is ruined. nearly half hexham is barred. the other half find the pubs more entertaining. stay away unless you wanna get bored to death
  • Hi all Dontinoes refurb will be fully complete by end of next week due to open 9th december, static will be back as we will have the return of dance music, mat is there too the old faces are staying
  • please carry on putting dontinoes comments its our own voice we all love the new club love Kate
  • Hexham is shit, dontinoes looks shit DJ never heard of him im too young to get in but when im older if he like that fit then maybe
  • Hi all Just thought I would add my 50 pence worth to the discussion about the only club in hexham Dontinoes/Studio. I keep reading about Mr DJ matt you all go on about how good he is and he does this and does that its annoying I am the first to admit he is the best DJ Hexham has had for Party and cheese. Yes in the days of dance when Static (think thats his name) and Andy used to dj the rotated but really they didnt have a clue about the chart and pop, Matt is excellent at that and is quite good with the Rnb tunes and has made an excellent try with House/Dance. But if you bother to pay attention to other things not only is he a really good at what he does. He is the most friendly DJ Hexham has had, he will try to play what ever song you want when he can or even sometimes as soon as you ask. He has just about everysong you could ask for and if he has not got it he gets it. Final thing and im sure the majority of girls or boys (if your that way inclined) who attend this club will agree he is very good looking and really sexy. I have'nt spoke to him much but he is just good to look and and fun to listen to. Well done the management of this club for keeping Matt we all like him and dj that we can not only talk to and have a laugh with is just as important as his music the full package. Finally the update is 1000 times an improvement. The door staff are great to realy funny,and always make you feel safe, I do not understand why people call them animals etc... its always the ones that cause the trouble that slag people off. See you all Joanne xxx
  • Had the pleasure of attending Studio Hexham opening night last night excellent night Dj was great had a fantastic time. How good is the new club about time it was dun out spectacular. Thanks all
  • Greattttttt donshites has had an update. Tomorrow night is the opening night yipee. I hope they are keeping Matt he is excellent. I know the others have gone but please do not get rid of Matt we really like him please keep him. See you all soon
  • Upstairs of Donwans opening Friday th November. Now known as Studio Irs supposedley going to look mint
  • The doormen at hexham are a bunch of tools. They either abuse you verbally or physically. Stay away if you do not want a sly smack in the chops, or growled at by the Phil Mitchell wanna be. Come back in 3 months thats all he knows. Yeah I do agree that Matt is pretty good, and does play some excellent RnB and we love the funky house he has played of recent. But please get rid of the bullies. I will come into the new club when Im not barred for accidently standing on a doormans toe. I hope it hurt as much as the backhander I got did.
  • Went to Donwans Saturday night gone think 22nd October. DJ was excellent again he has improved 100% in last 6 months. Rnb, Cheese, and now funky house what more could we want. Must add though who was the guy making a piss poor attempt at Trance ohh he sucked. Other guy excellent and just gets better. When does the upstairs open what is it called ?
  • Dontinoes Manager please dont lose the dance. Do not change things. Its the one thing that makes it worth visting refurb or no refurb leave the dj's as they are please. You could make them play Galaxy Dance but do not change things.
  • All who read this, and all who come to Hexham if the Management changes the music around why don't we all boycott this nightclub. I will soon post a link to a petition that I will start off. Love you all Estelle.
  • Just to say what a great time we have been having at Dontinoes Hexham since they but the Bus on. It makes a big change from Prudoe we love Matt. We cannot wait for the refurbishment to be completed. Please please to the Manager of this club don't change the Music Policy We love the option of spending the night dancing to Matt's cheese and RnB and the having the choice to go and have a groove with the Dance DJ. Please keep it as it is. We would like to keep dance music on its own, and RnB and Cheese togethere. Love Sam, Claire, Leigh and Lauren. See you all last Saturday in October love it
  • Hi all. Just wanted to add another comment about this highly strange club. Came up to north eats to see some uni friends couldnt get accomodation in Carlisle so stayed in Hexham. what a night we had went to the Niteclub just off front street. Like previous comments is in bad need of a dust up but we had the best night ever I have to agree this DJ upstairs who does the cheese is brilliant he entertains us all and we loved it. He played some of the greatest rnb including some wicked classics. We asked for loads of songs and got everyone we wanted he is so friendly and even has a laugh with us all. Loved Dontinoes and Loved Mat Dance was good down stairs but bit like a charva club. We cannot wait to come back its great to have the old classic clubs still out there love you MR DJ matt wish you played near us too. Hexham you are lucky. Best thing too is that he does what he says he well plays some cheese, some excellent rnb and avoids the dance. Love ya Leigh and Sarah. p.s matt where do we get Baywatch.
  • Hello Everybody Ermm thank you for all the cool comments about myself at Dontinoes. As some of you will know the club although still open is undergoing a major refurb. Im still theirt playing some excellent rnb and cheese. f anybody really wants to know where to get baywatch from just drop me a mail @ Look forward to seeing you all back at the club. Hope the students have great year see you all at xmas when you come back. P.S anybody at Durham Uni please check out Studio and DH-1 durham fantastic clubs.
  • donis is shite
  • This has been my first weekend to Dontinoes Hexham having read some of the reports I have to say I do not know where they have come from me and my girlfriend and 3 mates travelled down from carlisle. What a 2 nites we had, I beleive this weekend they changed the rooms around we spent all night upstairs with the Dj I assume was called Matt. fantastic night he plays some wicked rnb, and the cheese was out of this world, Matt if you read this gotta say love the Baywatch tune amazing. didnt leave the club until 2am on saturday, i have a bf but me n my friends have to say the dj is lush he is so fun and we had a ball. dont slag the club its really good needs a bit of a update thought as its rubbish to look at. made som great friends fantastic night. dance music aint bad either. Matt thanks for playing our tune, and where do we get baywatch from excellent. Shame we do not have such a natural entertainer in carlisle Hexham is lucky. We will be back
  • Dontinoes Hexham, well what a place, everyweek saturday being the best night will fill the place drink its drinks and basically have a real good laugh. the doormen are not bad they are fun and often make the night. all these people complaining dont have a clue coz they still keep coming back, and especially with the new resident, well not that new as he has been off and on for about 3 years Matt who does the downstairs giving us and excellent blend of rnb and cheese he just seems to get better each saturday and plus he is gorgeous. upstairs we have another DJ think he is called Andrew he is really good too dont see him as much as they often have different dj's on but at least we have matt funny and excellent at entertaining us. dont mock the club at end day there is no where else.
  • Dontinoes - Donnies what ever you want to call it. Is and will be the only niteclub in hexham for all the people who complain you still turn up everyweek and have a laugh. Downstairs with its new and quite cute DJ Matt has changed slightly with more of a RnB feel and even less cheese. Even upstairs with Static is better more of a commercial feel going on now Often having the odd blast of old school dance thrown in. The DH-1 Cow has officialy left, replaced with Hexhams own stuart bunn.
  • "spoons and donnies" al the way. u really cant knock until uv tried it!
  • Hexham is quite a cool place if ur looking to just doss about. I have to admit donnies is a bit out their in that the music is shit and prices are bad but if u go on a friday then it only costs £2 to get in, but if your just lookin for a laugh then that is the place do go. seriously u people have to lighten up in your comments on hexham, we only live once and it aint all bad!
  • Dontino's Night Spot. Simple as that. Many a time as an inebreated young teenager I would gaze at the darkened windows above the mysterious 'winners' and imagine the kind of exotic behaviour going on inside. When I actually broke my duck to Donnie's - I was unfortunately old enough to grasp the beautiful horror of such a neon crazed red neck geordie slag joint. It truly is a mecca for wrongness.
  • Slappas, what slappas, move across to acomb to the sun inn.
  • there are no slappers in hexham
  • the north easts greatest club DONTINOS, stuffs baja for great music. no wait it used to untill a year ago. still over priced by a couple of dabs per drink. you can go in and pull or just observe the burberry brigade falling down the stairs(always enjable)
  • Dontino's - cheesy but good for a laugh!
  • donles, yeah great for when you missed your locals late taste. tad expensive yet full! good mix off grannies and bits of loose young girls, we all know what to do if you fail with the 17yr olds yup turn it around to71. wipe your feet as you leave as the charv blood stains too fast for our liking
  • Ha Ha the one and only Dontinos night club, tacky and pretty shite, mostly charves of any age go, everyone else goes when they're too bladdered to get to newcastle.
  • The oh-so infamous Don-wons. Go there for a round with your mates and get refused entry coz the DH1 Durham Cow reckons you're too young, despite having a valid ID card. Get perved on, or belly bounced by the doormen, ageing Phil Mitchell spits who wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire. On entering, beware chewing gum on the floor and just don't use the toilets. Here mysterious girl 50 million times before leaving, sozzled, only to be confronted by a bunch of charves outside pizza pizza. And the taxi que is always at least 35 mins! steer clear at all costs :S
  • DONNIES its a gr8 place n every1 luvs it jus tht no 1 wants to admit it so what if u stick to the flor n have 2 spend 100 bar to get sloshed
  • pure donnys (dontinoes)
  • Doni's. This place is one of a kind. Many of my best nights and worst nights have been in here. Lets put it this way. Go to Spoons with all the other alcoholics, get obliterated, stagger to doni's get ripped off by paying about £6 to get in, drink more, lose track of where you are, and who the people you are with are. Pull a couple of slappers, they wont mind you doing the rounds, because they are doing the same, and everyone is so trashed they can't remember 5 minutes ago. Then when the lights come on stagger outside, go to pizza pizza for a kebab, abuse the shopkeeper so that he drown your kebab in chilli sauce to get you back. Have a fight or 7, or if you're not the violent type, just sit back and enjoy the show. Think a cross between fight club and gangs of new york. Then stumble home, or go back to the bird you pulled in the pizz shops house. Then wake up, remember nothing and look forward to next weekend. Brilliant.
  • donnis on the street as the bus stop
  • Donnys - say no more
  • The one and only Dontinos (get it?). Sort of fun in a way, if you fancy the traditional 'Spoons and Donnies' night out. There's the choice of cheesy pop on the 1st floor, and hard house on the 2nd. Full of charves desperately trying to get their end away with tarted up slappers and succeeding, thus sustaining Hexham's population. Crushingly depressing after a while.
  • Donnies. Thursday night is GRAB A GROT NIGHT!
  • Every one who has slagged donnies off i only have one thing to say to you GET A FUCKING LIFE!!!! Ya either slagging it off coz ya barred for being drunk dick heads, or ya under age!!! Or ya so far up ya own arse that nothing is good enough for you!! (plenty of them round in hexham!!) As for the music yeah down stairs is cheesey but its meant to be (i bet if it wasn't ya would complain!) (i bet it ya go to baja or blue bam boo ya wouldn't complain about the cheesey mmusic!)And if ya don't like the music down stairs go up stairs where the music is canny good! If donnies wasn't there you would all miss!
  • Donnies is always good if you are drunk!
  • DONNIES- get shitfaced in spoons and then the experince can be tolerated
  • Donnies is good for cheese
  • Donnies - the only club, cheesey but ok!
  • Donnies (Dontinos) the only place between Hexham and Newcastle, alright if you enjoy your cheesy chart music (1st Floor) and house music (2nd Floor) and desperate for a drink! Watch out for the bouncers....not too obliging, any excuse to throw you out preferably by the back entrance!
  • Dontino's nightclub!! ok for a late drink and a dance - but plz remember to wipe your feet before you leave!!
  • You really should avoid Dontino's. Dodgy, fat, middle-aged blokes with mullets. Charvers. And those wankers who occupy a strange kind of middle-ground between charvers and middle-class-types.
  • donnies!
  • Donnies...the best place in the world. Go there when your'e pissed, pay a fortune to get in, stick to the carpet once inside, pay a fortune for a drink, get tapped up with a local slapper, puke up all over the toilet floor, get your heed kicked in and then get chucked down the stairs by the bouncers....GREAT!!
  • Donnies - even though everyone on this page has slated it, they all know they love it as the same people come back week after week and relieve the same events. They will also read about it in the next weeks Hexham Courant if they have been involved in a fight. With the new resident DJ's including part time local DJ Sarge, the music upstairs is actually not that bad. Although the drinks aren't cheap, all local's know that it beats a night in watching the box.
  • The infamous DonTino's. Also known as Donny's, Big D's and Don Juan's/Won's. It is a magnet. Unjustifiable prices and full of wankers.
  • newly revamped doni's now incorporating its bar downstairs (Jay Dee's) into the club, you have the choice of the same cheezey songs played over and over again all night, or bangin hardcore 'raving' with alot of ben sherman shirts and rockport boots. if you are really lucky you get a free punch outsie the pizza shop
  • Dontinoes 'Night Spot', the only reason this place is still open is because there is knowhere else to pickle your brain after lasties. Beware of the bouncers they do not have a sense of humour and they want nothing more than to hurt you. They are looking for an excuse. Be prepared to dance to the worst of pop music; my advice; drink until you can't see it's the only way to enjoy it. Everybody spends the next day complaining what a shite night they had but come next thursday/friday/saturday they're back again. Chances of a fight: 8/10
  • DONNIE'S (Actually Dontinos)There is no chance that, under the age of 40 or still in possesion of all your faculties, you will have a good time here. It's just not worth the hassle........
  • you gotta be kidding try newcastle
  • Donnies

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