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Computer and Games Shops
  • GAME gamestation
  • GAME - which is in the Octogon near the (old) bus station end. High prices, good selection, bad staff, good location. Vision Games - which is on castle street (near the train station). Good for old school games, SNES, NES, Dreamcasts, aswell as keeping up to date with the bigger more popular releases. Staff can sometimes be mistaken for pond life. Normally quite competitive prices for trade and exchange. 1st hand game prices are good too. One good thing about Vision Games is that if it's not too busy, they seem to be quite partial to a game of pro evo. Gamestation - which is relatively new. i've only been in a couple of times. Prices are average, staff were average, selection was okay, they had several playable console booths dotted around the store, as for the release of the 360.
  • build a bear workshop
  • game station
  • gamestation, game, dont go to discount games, used to work there, the owner sells traded in games which look new at the brand new full price and slaggs off every customer wich comes in, i know coz im an ex employee
  • loads of shops but am not sure what they are called. There are ones such as GAME and loads more.
  • You want cheap games in wycombe then try VISION GAMES in castle st off amersham hill,i've been going there for years and they always have time to help and they got loads of old skool games as well as the latest new ones,the other shops in town just take your money and forget customer service
  • VG on castle street IS v. v. v. good for prices BUT...there has been a high turnover of staff in the last couple of years and the service has suffered! It used to be that the staff knew everything about everything gaming (and where to get you what you need for your SNES!! now its like there needs to be three peopl behind the till just to up the odds of someone actually knowing something!!! I liked the feel it used to have, like when you could look through the trade magazines with release dates, even have a nice chat with the sunday staff when it wasn't so busy (oh happy days)etc... but seriously i think its really gone south. If you have a query the male staff are more like 'are you trying to mess me about' than 'how can i help?' The woman that works there is all eyes at pretty much any bloke who goes in, but is really reluctant to go to any effort for female customers as my girlfriend found out. It was like the service was through gritted teeth and she just could not be bothered! Maybe i'll put VG in places to hook up if you want to hook up with the woman behind the till!! (not recommended hahahaha) The new management should ask around about how it was in the old days and take some BIG notes. This is where the internet wins, MOST computers dont have attitudes! Jan '05
  • Vision Games for price. Game for distance to walk, howe'er there are ridiculous queues.
  • Game, Computer Paradise, and I think there's another one or two somewhere
  • vision games they buy games 2
  • check out vision games! Well cheap!
  • Vision Games is Cool
  • Games workshop (Octagon centre 1st floor) for Warhammer etc Computer Paradise Octagon centre for pc and console games.
  • Fidget
  • Not just stamps, games workshop (octagon)
  • Does anybody else think Computer Paradise prices are too much?
  • Vision games, computer paradise, game etc.
  • Vision Games on castle street - independant, and great for all your retro needs
  • eb, and explorersis a good cyber cafe.
  • There's Game in the Octagon, which is cool cos my mate work's there, plus I've got loads of cheap 2nd hand games there in the past.
  • gamestation, but 'vision games' is clearly the best, friendly staff, second hand games, top choice, geysers
  • NOT JUST STAMPS - on amersham hill sells old skool board games.
  • GAME is a game shop. It sells games.
  • Games Workshop's staff are very unfriendly. Went there once with my young cousin and he was sworn at by one of the staff because he asked for a type of paintbrush that they didn't stock! When I asked him to apologise he threatened to call security!
  • boo me robbed dis shop in town plentee of times me man and den dey dont notice.shibby
  • GAMES WOrKSHOP on the top floor of the octagon centre next to percy priors. great if you like war hammer ..... (heaven help you)
  • Electronic boutic
  • umm.... dont no i think there is a electronics boutique i have never been in it i have walked past to get to and from the bus station though
  • There are loads of game shops because loads of people have play stations(if you get the picture)So there needs to be loads of game shops.The most famous(well most used) shop is Games Master. At christmas you do not want to go in there because you can't move to save your life.
  • games workshop! how cool! all it takes is a few drugs, a diet of water and toast, and, to say the least, poor personal hygeine and you could join the elite sad-case clan who stand around all day rolling dice.
  • you'd do better shopping online, unless dense shop assistants and high prices are your thing
  • Yeah - in the Octogan. Not Just Stamps is pretty much the same as ever, although the staff have got more patronising.
  • Electronics Boutique other than that i dont care.
  • Ok. but the Octagon is a hangout centre for the teenage scroats before they graduate to robbing pensioners and smashing up churches.
  • Some role playing and computer game shops in the Octagon
  • Games Workshop. None of them have any friends though!!!! Orc anyone?
  • Games workshop. Wheres my Skaven Plague Monk gone? Orks or Orcs? Always a particular type of clientel. Do they have friends? Or only painted ones?
  • Not Just Stamps at the bottom of Amersham Hill is very good for puzzles/weird/ annoying little games you can't suss.....they also sell Stamps!

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