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Skateboard Shops in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire*

Where to buy skateboard decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape, curb wax, tees, caps, set ups, bolts, kingpins etc

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Skateboard Shops
  • Billabong in the new eden center are suposidly getting some set-ups in there and there clothes are really good. there is always bbc but they are far too overpriced and the people in there get a bit rude.
  • Buck Boarding Centre on Castlestreet. Near where Marks and Spencers is.
  • BBC
  • BBC. Wouldn't sell me one truck when I broke one - only a pair. Rubbish. The woman in there is scary too. She looks like she spends all her spare time stuffing herself with mountains of food bought with the huge profit from her overpriced skate boutique.. oh yeah and doing extreme sports. Funny look in her eye too, sort of off at a shifty angle. Go there. See for yourself. You have been warned!
  • Bucks Boarding centre on castle st, but then you knew that anyway.
  • BBC - by Marks & Spencer. It's expensive, but aren't they all these days.
  • BBC which is next to the church or internet shopping for me personaly
  • Bucks Board Centre, obviously!
  • BBC..near M&S. Its got a fair bit of stuff but it aint cheap.
  • Bucks Boarding Town centre...,Sports Crest
  • One is in High wycombe- a wicked one, but don't remember what its called!
  • Go BBC bucks boarding centre is wickid even though its a lil bit SMALL, Camden in london is the best place to go its ma 2nd home!!! Go for nething as long as ur a goth, bmxer or sk8er! No wannabes though, oh yea n its a great place to get all ya drugs, wooops did i jus say that o well lol!!!
  • duno...dat bbc one
  • BBC. Have to admit, their shoes are not bad.
  • Soul Carve is open,its in Aylesbury (only 25 mins from high wycombe) cool shop, wall of decks & all the bits you expect, loads of shoes 35 models to choose from. Skater owned. Also Snowboards, Burton , Flow, Northwave, etc Funky Lowriders, Choppers & Cruisers. Plus mountain boards & loads of clothing. Check it out, worth the trip. 01296 486 889 2 railway street, off the high street,Hp20 1QX AND they sell cold cans for 50p + chocolate PLUS new skatepark has opened half pipe, 5 x Quarters, 2x flat bank, fun box etc
  • bbc, i think there's one at the ski slope as well
  • Well according to everyboby else there's a skate shop, but this must be for the population of the posh surrouding villages which hvae more skater/grunger people, as Wycombe town its self caters more for the rudeboiz and chavs (thungs) with their flat peaked baseball caps at a strange angle on thier heads and parka jackets!
  • BBC pretty cool, it's got some cool stuff, dam pricey though
  • BBC Bucks boarding centre better to go kingston to Route one or legends
  • Booker Farm stores rocked!
  • well its has to be bucks boarding near marks and sparks and next to halfords without a doubt or hard edge in maidenhead.
  • There is one skateboard shop, BBC (Bucks boarding centre) and thats near the church in centre of town.
  • BBC (Bucks Boarding Centre)
  • Bucks Board Co
  • Longboards from the new BMX shop called Tricky Bikes on the A40. Cool guys that know their stuff.
  • bbc - bucks boarding centre
  • theres a new skate shop on castle street. but you could buy an armarni suit for the same price as an osiris hoody.
  • 123 freeride which is now bucks boarding centre, near all sants church. Never been there but it all looks the same and its very expensive.
  • BBC, opposite the church. it's new and expensive but sells some cute girls stuff as well as all the regular blokes stuff.
  • BBC is pretty cool. Really expensive tho
  • There is not that many skateboard shops but there are alot of skateboarders. There are about 2 or 3 skateboard shops in total.
  • BBC is the local skateshop, sux a bit though and is overpriced
  • why should skateboard shops not be important?? theyre way better than other shops. wycombe only has one skateboarding shop dammit... BBCs. its not that good but better than the rest of wycombes shit.
  • BBC. Rad man.
  • BBC. I don't care. Way too expensive. Staff are nice though.
  • Dunno - the snowboard place on the Cressex estate shut down after about 2 months.
  • 12 freeride once again is the coolest
  • 1-2 Freeride. A pretty good sk8 and snowboard shop up in Cressex Industial Estate (unit 1)
  • 1-2-Freeride on Desbrough Road and at Wycombe Summit. Both are decent shops + they have their own skate team, SWAT, which is cool.

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