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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • - Kate Moss on the Grove, in the Flask and in Cote. Her neighbours George Michael and Jude Law (the latter also in the Flask). Victoria Wood in a coffee shop. Chris Moyles in the Woodman and Wrestlers. Sylvester McCoy in the Prince of Wales. BTW - Les Dennis moved away from Northwood Road last year
  • The Grove in Highgate is attracting even more A-list celebrities. As well as Sting's house and George Michael's two doors down bought from Annie Lennox, Jude Law has just bought number 9 and is currently involved in talks with Highgate historical society over his plans to carve out a giant basement.
  • Sarah Blackwood from Dubstar lives near the village. Chatty and smiley. Chris Moyles might do too seen him in Cote and the Boogaloo...
  • Andy Bell - the lead singer from Erasure must live somewhere in Highgate since I saw him today at my Highgate NHS Practice.
  • Gordon Sumner, aka Sting owns a house across the road from The Flask. I was once owned by famous violinist Yehudi Menuin. When he is not there he reants it out to other famous stars like Pierce Brosnan. It was also her that Madonna met husband to be Guy Ritchie at a dinner party hosted by Sting's wife Trudie Styler. two doors down lives George Michael in a house he bought from Annie Lennox. Judge Jules and Phil McCaddon both live within 400 yards from each other, both in the N6 post code, but really it is East Finchley.
  • David Baddiel and his broher Ivor spotted in Highgate Woods - also Reece Shearsmith from League of Gentlemen. Stanley Baxter looking miderable in the 7-11 in East Finchley. Jonathan Pryce at the Bounds Green Steam Fair. Annie Lennox dropping her kids off at the North Finchley Warner Village Cinema
  • Apparently Steve McFadden AKA Phil Mitchell spent thousands on his fireworks display last year.
  • RE Steve McFadden (aka Phil Mitchell): apparently he spent thousands on his fireworks display last year.
  • Karl Marx is not surrounded by capitalists, but by obscure south american emigre devotees. Marx is th eone with the biggest head and largest memorial. very egalitarian, I'm sure. Why has no-one mentioned that John betjeman grew up in Highgate? Or that Francis Bacon died here?
  • Mike Barson, the keyboard player in Madness, used to live in Highgate.
  • Judi Bowker looking haunted and thin in The Cafe Rouge. Oh, and I nearly run over Jonathan Price.
  • shane mcgowan, alex zane, emma griffiths, eastenders cast, the bands mew, holloways, the rotters, lilymine
  • Steve McFadden does technically live in Highgate, but only because of an old post-coding system. It's more East Finchley/Muswell Hill. He lives on the road where the entrance for Cherry Tree woods is. Charles Dickens (when not at Bleak House), Jonathan Ross (close by), Richard and bloody Judy, Judge Jules used to live here but I think he moved down the road to Hampstead. Gianni Di Marco (from eastenders) used to live next to KFC in Muswell Hill. Phil Tuffnell, Murray Walker, Barry Norman and Charles Clarke all boarded at Highgate School.
  • Boringly pedantic note--neither George Eliot nor Radclyffe Hall are "famous dead dudes." They are in fact famous dead dudettes.
  • Victoria Wood, Babs of Pans people and hubby Robert Powell, George Michael, Jonathan Pryce, Ray Davies, Terry Gillingham, Les Denis must live near by as he's always around (and very friendly too!)and just for today Sharon Stone (filming Basic instinct 2)
  • Pierce Brosnon, lives next door to Victoria wood opposite the Flask, Fame accademy is filmed opposite the flask.
  • Steve Mcfadden AKA Phil Mitchell live in East Finchley, not highgate
  • Judge Jules used to live about 5 mins from the village. Then he moved.
  • Madonna owns a house in front of the Heath.
  • Hi, couple of corrections. Tony Hadley doesn't live in Highgate. He lives in Muswell Hill. Ditto Les Dennis who I saw coming out of M&S the other day.
  • Jonathan Pryce (him with the funny shaped head from Evita and a few other things), Hugh Dennis spotted a few times coming out of Highgate tube, Ardal O'Hanlon (the divvy priest out of Father Ted) lives off Southwood Lane somewhere.
  • Seen George Michael and Victoria Wood about. Not quite so good but Les Dennis used to live round there as well.
  • Phil Mitchell off East Enders must live here because he's always in the Flask. Have seen various celebs in Waterlow Park in the summer, including that bloke out of Fine Young Cannibals and her from Four Weddings. Apparently Sting lives here, but have never seen him, thank god. Have also heard that TS Eliot and Dickens lived here, cannot confirm. Coleridge, Karl Marx, Radclyffe Hall, Michael Faraday, George Eliot and various other famous dead dudes are buried here.
  • Peter Sellers lived in a cottage just down from the Woodman pub on Muswell Hill Road - there's a comedy society plaque on the wall.
  • JOHN HARLE, the groundbreaking classical saxophonist and collaborator with Elvis Costello
  • Rod Stewart hails from Highgate. His parents are buried in Highgate Cemetery.
  • Victoria Wood,Paul Nicolas,JSainsbury,Sting,Jonathan Price,DJ Judge Jules,George Michael,Francis Bacon,Baroness Edith Summerskill,Tony Hadley,Steve McFadden,Martin Kemp,Charles Dickens,Warren Mitchel,William Hogarth,JB Priestley...
  • My house-mate, Nicholas, believes he is famous - although I'm not sure if that counts. Otherwise, I think Terry Gilliam, of Monty Python fame, lives in the village.
  • Stanley Baxter
  • Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet fame lives in Highgate (and Gary Kemp spotted a few times, probably visiting Tone), and Beppe and Gianni from EastEnders have been spotted frequently enough to assume they live here, Linda Bellingham from the Oxo ads, Jason Orange of Take That seen quite a bit.
  • Yehudi is now sadly gone, (deceased). George Michael,...... great guy, but be careful if you want to 'Go outside'just kidding.......... Pleased to say Sinhead O'Connor has her house up for sale...bye bye. Kinks lived in Muswell Hill, not Highgate. Paul Nicholas, Hi Paul. Oh and do you know that our entry into Euro Vision song contest,some 3 years ago, forgotten her name, who hasn't, also hides in Highgate See Gossip Section,(I'm in the Know) for newcomers to the area
  • Sanjay from Eastenders
  • Hello. Love your site. If I'm not mistaken I do beleive the great original Brit- ish rock'n'rollers Ray and Dave Davies of The Kinks are from Highgate.
  • Victoria Wood....Sting....Annie Lennox....George Michael....Yehudi Menuhin Karl Marx (buried in Highgate Cemetary)....
  • Karl Marx (surrounded by capitalists) in Highgate Cemetry Stanley Baxter seen looking miserable in the High Street
  • Robert Powell, Julian Barnes, Annie Lennox, Sting, George Michael, Warren Mitchell, KGB (Russian Trade Delegation), etc etc Dickens (as everywhere else in London), Coleridge (Hampstead had Keats).
  • George Michael (sort of)

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