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Skateboard Shops in Hinckley, Leicestershire*

Where to buy skateboard decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape, curb wax, tees, caps, set ups, bolts, kingpins etc

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Skateboard Shops
  • Vapour is the only full skate shop (and they have a signed Tony Hawk board) but for other extreme sports, Born Extreme is pretty cool.
  • vapour is the best they have all skateboarding needs but if ure a cheapskate get a board form argos even though they are shit
  • There's a single shop called Vapour, in what someone would call a backstreet.
  • vapour
  • skunkboards closed vapour is about the only place in hinckley
  • Vapour its not that good but the dude who runs it is cool
  • vapour but irish is dope in leic
  • were na hav 2 cope wit vapour but face it its poo go 2 casino n r.s GO 2 LESTA!
  • yer theres vapour, its amzin now its bin taken ova. so much better and the person who runs it can attually grip a deck!! i know i have 2 sk8 it everyday
  • vapour is ok but if u want proper stuff den casino, rs n all tha others in lesta are the place to go
  • Vapour is the only full skate shop in hinckley but all sports does a few bits but vapours the best and there nice to you
  • The only place in Hinckley to purchase wood with wheels would be vapour owned and run by Mr mark Fryer who previously owned Skunk boards in burbage.. he has actually recently opened an over eighteen shop (I know it sounds strange) in the town.... mainly clothing when I left.. may possibly have a few skate bits and bobs in there by now..... also if, like me, you
  • VAPOUR ALL DAY LONG but it is coming under new managment soon it is THE skaeboarding shop of Hinckley
  • Not Vapour, its gay, don't say it isnt because you would be lying 2 yourself. Go 2 Casino
  • vapour the only one in town unless u drop ur skateboard standards to allsports
  • the only shop that caters for the young active sort is leaving town WHY??? im not allowed to say wot i heard but it will leave another empty shop Who would come to hinckley to shop??
  • There's a place across the road from the Union Inn on George Street.
  • theres 1
  • Vapour round the corner from Mcdonalds
  • skandalous is amain place 4 this, for the main area of skatin theres the boys club on stoke rd
  • Skunkboards has closed and everything in there has moved into VAPOUR on King St (Round the corner from McDonalds).
  • skunkboards in burbage on sketchley road, excellent, full of everything, clothes, boards, bikes and funky staff
  • There is a place in Burbage, i forgot what it is called though

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Last updated: 2009-05-24

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