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  • The Regal Cinema shut down c1984 after a race inspired murder- it had been used for dances and discos, a white lad from Royston was stabbed by someone from amongst a group of thugs.
  • go stevenage
  • No cinema in Hitchin - nearest is Letchworth, and then Stevenage.
  • Wha? Cinema? we talkin Hitchin here...the day Hitchin gets a cinema is the day that lil bad boys stop thinkin that drivin Novas is cool
  • Nearest decent one is the Broadway in Letchworth. Don't bother with the cineworld cos that means going the Stevenage. Bleagh.
  • Us people of Hitchin are enough entertainment for each other.
  • broadway in letchworth has biggest screen out of all the local cinemas. guess that makes it the best
  • The Regal on Bancroft - haven't been there for a few years, though
  • Bowling at Stevenage, but there is a small one at Henlow Camp (bookings only)
  • HELLO??!!! Doesnt anybody ever venture into Letchworth?!!!! There happens to be a quite kitch cinema there-- The Broadway Cinema! Its only got 3 screens, but its cheaper than St.Evenage and the staff are nice! (Not slating the staff in Cineworld- in mates with a few!) Check it out!
  • Well you've pretty much named ALL the entertainment in the district! Stevenage: Bowling. Midnight bowling - see your friends teeth glow! Yay! Quasar is pants. Its been there since time began and never been upgraded. Carters Indoor Adventure Playground type thingy made of all things bouncy & rubbery is next door: You can hire this place, stick 50 of your mates in it, bring your own booze & music and runaround like 3yr olds in the ball pools. DON'T try this when theres real 3yr olds in it. You will squish them.
  • regal......hermitage
  • 12 screen in stevenage, nothing closer - sorry, but hey it's better than bangor, we've got THE PLAZA, which reminds me of something out of the 40's, and THEATRE GYWNEDD, which shows about one film a week.... so basically you're better of with Stevenage.
  • The Regal .... oops its a doctor's surgery now
  • St Evenage, although it pains me to say it.
  • There are not any cinamas in hitchin but theres one in Stevenage

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