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Computer and Games Shops
  • There is a new Board Games shop opened in Horsham - BattleQuest Games - 33 Queen Street - just before the Queens Head pub! They sell everything from kids trading games, to Games Workshop, to war and strategy games for the serious gamer! Hooray!!!!
  • Game - It's "OK" for a game, but it's not big enough and some of the staff are complete tossers who know nothing about gaming but strut about with thier noses in the air like they are royalty. Relocate to different premises, fire the googly eyed manager and get some decent staff in - oh and stock copies of very popular games when it comes out or people go elsewhere rather than waiting for it to come in - it's not rocket science.
  • 'game' thats it
  • Average - a few independant PC shops. Cartridge plus in southwater is very good for cartidges and toners, the rest are just ok, we also have MVC, Game etc for the standard stuff.
  • I found a local company called 01 computing in the Friday-ad. Top service and they supplied me with a superb system for the same price as a Dell but with more than what Dell offered.
  • Horsham Computers, excellent little independant store - Jason and Nigel are decent blokes, they'll build you a decent system to your own specs, cheap spares and repair, go to game if your a geek.
  • The Gentle Gallery stocks some Warhammer stuff, paints etc. Its Games Workshop in Crawley for the rest of it.
  • i have a ps2 and im not a big gamer but i like a good shop with games. i go to 'game' in horsham. i reccommend the internet as you can shop around for the game and find the cheapest without leaving the house (im not lazy....HONEST!)!
  • the service in horsham comp shop is shit>
  • The staff at Game suck!
  • Game shop, very understaffed.
  • Game, WHSmith, MVC.
  • GAME in West Street. The shop is actually quite small but it's got a good selection of games, consoles and accessories. For the same games a few quid cheaper, try MVC or WH Smith.
  • Game, down west street. There is also a computer shop in Piries Place. Board Games can be found in the toy store by Burger King.
  • There's a toyshop in the Carfax.
  • Game, computer shop, west St
  • There is an MVC which stocks a reasonable selection near Shelley's Fountain in West Street, and a Dixons a Swan Walk which carries a few too. There is an independant shop that stocks all things game console in Piries Place (behind Waitrose).
  • Branch of Games Workshop in Prieries Place

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