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Skateboarding Spots
  • greenhead park
  • The Ripped Skateboard Facility (ex Aggroverts) Unit 54 Calder Wharfe Mills Huddersfield Road Ravenstorpe. Directly behind Johnsons Drive In Drycleaners. Completely Rebuilt and Sick.....
  • New spots pop up less than old ones disappear unfortnately. Get DIY and make your own spots. What was Aggroverts Indoor Skatepark in closeby Ravensthorpe is being rebuilt and looks sick. Also will be skater owned.
  • there are some pretty good steep banks next to the road across from the Galpharm stadium
  • L.P for some badly planned metal pish pash and birkby for all your narcotic needs
  • Theres a sik underground car park. There are entrances to it across the road from the lawrence batley theatre and underneath queens gate market. Theres sum nice gaps but it's got cctv and your lucky if you can get 15 mins. Also theres a nice hip round the back of TK Maxx which is good until you get kicked off. Across the road from the bus station at st Patricks place has an alright 3 set.
  • Town Centre Not That Good For Skating, Too many People Full Of Their Own Importance Always Telling You To Clear Off Etc, The Only REal Good PLaces Are The Parks Where You Can Do Your Own Thing... Wisdom Rules!
  • out side the train station green head sk8 park outside the libary
  • On the faces & arses of teenage skateboarders - where else? OK Shorehead roundabout.
  • There's a great rail near the computer labs of the Uni, but if you bail ya screwed!
  • the bsc 4 eva, bunnin skating chillin r.i.p thaw skate or die this website has all huddersfield skate info. local scene, pics etc
  • round the back of the new sainsburys there is a ledge and curbs to skate.this is the only place to go that the sercurity guy wont kick u off!
  • Back of the new shopping complex, around the back of the parish pump, the monument in greenhead park, the monument outside macdonalds, around the back of sainsbury which has a loading bay and curbs theres always cones and such, slasher banks, which are steepish banks where stalls and flips can be done on them located near the bus station and outside llyods chemist oppsite the civic centre, the court house longish 5 set with hand rails located along from the civic centre which Paul silvester nose slide down.
  • green head concrete park You need to get rid of the thing about "norman park in Birkby"- there's no such thing
  • greenhead skatepark is class-half pipe,funbox,quaters,flatbanks etc tesco carpark is good when wet but make sure u piss of fat dave when he chucks u out! i dont know weather this should go here but huddersfield council have banned all skaters from skating the sucks and they fine u!!!-do your bit and make sure your town dosent end up like this
  • There is a new skate park opened in greenhead park, its ok - quite good I am told. The bummer is that there is now a 500 quid fine if you are found skateboarding in the town center - Kirklees council are twats!
  • The skatepark on the edge of greenhead park. greenhead park itself - the memorial n stuff. All around town, have a look for yerself youre bound to find summut good :)
  • A new big SkatePark at the top of greenhead park near the tennis courts just follow the people with sk8boards
  • Greenhead Park has just opened a skate park, but it's obviously way too daggy for hardcore skaters and is full of kids on roller blades and those stupid fucking scooters. And don't forget to be out by 9.00 or the eejit security guards will shit themselves and call the police.
  • New CONCRETE skatepark under construction in Greenhead park tennis courts! will be complete in late June 2001!!!
  • Well I hang out with a few skaters, and we normally start in greenhead park, going on to outside the library, the university and sometimes sainsburys, Theres a pretty cool underground car park at the back of the sports centre and if it rains, tescos is always good (providing you dont get kicked out)
  • Outside the library, railway station
  • MFI n the outskirts of town: normal sized curbs and and loads of fat blocks. Ideal for noseslide etc. New Sainsburys on bottom side of the ring road: small transitioned hip by entrance (best 8pm onwards = no cars). Long waxed up curbs. University: fat stairs around the front by the security guards office!!! (Sometimes.) In the car park round the back there's some big curbs, a platform (for manual rolls etc) and this weird curb cut tha just stops so it's more like a fly-off. There's some other places, but these are the best.
  • University- 1 ft. curb, hip, gnarly steps that Paul Sylvester boomed
  • Ravensknowle park might be getting a small skate park. we need all the support to get it. keep your eyes open!
  • when it rains, go to tesco underground carpark Greenhead park memorial is pretty dope

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