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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Didn't Mr Roy of the Basil Brush Show come from Hull, he was always supporting the Tigers
  • Anyone remember RICH RAGS - glampunk rock n roll band from the early '90s. They played a million gigs a year and released an album called "Psycho Deadheads from Outta Space" and were regulars in KERRANG magazine. They all moved to London in the mid '90s after the band split.
  • The infamous Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott. he has a house on saltshouse road or in sutton village somewhere im not sure.
  • Lene 'Lucky Number' Lovich lived on Greatfield Estate for a bit. Peter Martin, who plays Joe the next door neighbour of few words in The Royale Family, is from Hull. In fact he's been in many things over the years including Brassed Off, Emmerdale, many ads and he even had a BBC 'Play For Today' all to himself.
  • Roxanne from the X Factor lives in West Hull. Nice enough girl, shame she didnt quite make it. Frankie from the Corrie (forgot her name) is also from round here. Doesn't live in Hull anymore though.
  • Norman Cook used to live there.
  • Beautiful south lead singer paul heaton lived at number 87 grafton street and used to drink in the grafton pub
  • The beautiful south Paul etan the laed singer is from hull everyone knows someone who knows paul!!!! Jo longthorne an older singer hes from hull.
  • The median from Most Haunted! Oh and John Prescott!
  • John Prescott, yep the shame! didn't he work on a ferry?
  • Norman Collier, John Allterton from Please Sir, Old Mother Riley, Mick Ronson, who played in David Bowies Band, Jeoffrey out of Rainbow, which I always see him wandering about, Roland Gift from The Fine Young Cannibals, The Beautiful South and lots, lots more I can't remember.
  • Actually, Paul Heaton isn't actually from Hull. He just lived in Hull for bit, while the Beautiful South were at their height. He lives in Manchester now, AFAIK.
  • Reece Shearsmith of the League of Gentlemen.
  • Hymers College is not a school filled with poshos that you think are invading the city. They attend this school not to be posh but to receive the best possible education from Hull. You should get your facts right before publishing such sh*t!
  • dan from big brother roxanne from pop idol and kitten from big brother ,the paddingtons, freaks union, amy johnson, william wilberforce, the house martins, guy from beautifull south,john godber and plenty more
  • Lena Lovich of screeching "Lucky Number" fame (No1 briefly in '78 I think) lived on Victoria Ave. Also 'Fatboy Slim' although a member of the Housemartins is from Brighton.
  • Anyone remember the single "Lucky Number" from the 80's? Lene Lovich, from the album "Stateless". Quite appropriate really, given the debacle that was Humberside. Apparently she went to Greatfield School.
  • Mr Prescott doesn't. Err I won't say anymore I don't want a righthander.
  • Ian Carmichael - film actor - lived in the Avenues!
  • roxanne off of pop idol
  • Paul Heaton John Prescott
  • beautiful south....didnt they live down grafton street at some point?
  • Ronnie Hilton (who)!! The best chicken impressionist Norman Collier (what !!)The Housemartins to name but a few......
  • Norman cook aka Fatboy slim Was from hull
  • Peter Levy of BBC Look North has a flat in the city
  • Joe (Ugh) Longthorne, John (aaaah) Prescott. Maureen Lipman (that's a bit better). The Beautiful South.
  • Paul Heaton..... Beautiful South
  • Peter And Gerald Rogers (the brothers behind the making of the 'Carry On films', apparently grew up in the Avenues.
  • Hull university invented the LCD (liquid crystal display)
  • Beautiful South and Everything But The Girl.
  • Genesis P-Orridge and Cosey Fanni Tutti of controversial electronic/noise outfit Throbbing Gristle lived in Hull before moving to London in the early 1970s. When in Hull, they formed the ground-breaking Performance Art collective Coum Transmissions, If you ever want to read about radical people who changed culture via the underground, then read "Wreckers of Civilisation" by Simon Ford- Also, Throbbing Gristle were the first people to utilise on-stage 'sampling' via their own crude inventions.
  • Everything But The Girl named the band after a shop on Beverley Road
  • Roland he used to entertain outside the Big Top at Hull Fair (now a thing of the past).
  • Joe Longthorne
  • Didn't the rest of The Spiders From Mars, Trevor Bolder, Woody Woodmansey come from Hull? They were in a band called The Rats (I think) before Bowie lured them.
  • The Housemartins/Beautiful South and does anyone remember 'Scarlet'??
  • Erm, The Housemartins/Beautiful South, and a couple of other people too i believe!!!
  • the beautiful south hail from this wonderful city...
  • Paul Heaton lives here, and still frequents many of the pubs in the Newland area.
  • Ref Mick Ronson of Spiders from Mars fame - he didn't just work here, his Mum lived 6 doors up from me on the Cottingham Road. The memorial Gardens are in the old Queens Dock and well worth a visit.
  • Joe Longthorne
  • Dean Windass and Nick Barmby, local boys doing well in the Premiership. One of the League of Gentlemen is from Longhill.
  • You can frequently see the guy out of the Beautiful South in the chippie at the bottom of Newland avenue. Norman Cook, alias Fat Boy Slim used to live down Lambert Street for a couple of years
  • William Wilberforce, local lad and MP for Yorkshire around 200 years ago. Abolished slavery in the British Empire (with the help of a few mates). You can still visit his house, Larkin refered to it as the 'slave museum' in his poem about Hull, 'Here'. Oh yes, and what about dear old Philip Larkin - ex-Hull University librarian, jazz fan and famous dead poet.
  • Fine Young Cannibals
  • Roland Gift, lived on Princes Ave for years John Alderton Norman Collier
  • Maureen Lipman
  • Joe Longthorne
  • Andrew Marvell (famous dead writer)
  • Amy Johnson (famous dead airplane woman)
  • One of the best bands came from Hull: The Beautiful South.
  • Housemartins
  • Beautiful South
  • Everything But The Girl went to Uni here.
  • John Prescott, (at the time of writing) Deputy Leader of the Labour Party now the Deputy Prime Minister has lived in Hull for years and years and he got into trouble last year for declaring he was "middle class" when his party supposedly stands for working class citizens. He also looks like Buzz Lightyear out of Toy Story!
  • Clive Sullivan (Rugby League). Hull FC and Hull KR. First black to captain a national sports team.
  • The late Mick Ronson, ex Spider from Mars and solo artist. Are there gardens somewhere in Hull with some sort of dedication to Mick as he worked there before joining Bowie's band?

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