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Cheap Food
  • Desaru Malaysian restaurant is good value in city centre less than five pounds for 3 course meal.
  • best food to buy on a budjet is pizza from the pizza shop in the indoor market. its gorgeous, great to eat when its cold aswell.
  • Food: Chaplins no longer exists. China Red in Dunswell=restaurant quality with big portions at take away prices. Take away available but you have to pick it up (no deliveries). La Unica on Chanterlands Avenue=best pizza take away
  • check out the Haworth on Beverley Road
  • New World on Holderness Road is the best Chinese around, good prices and lovely food. Especially, the buffet. YUM! The Bayhorse under the old management used to do the best Yorkshire Pudding with gravy, but avoid the place now.
  • Pubs down Princes Ave and Newland Ave
  • La Perla on Newland Avenue is a great Italian Restaurant. Chilled out cosy feel to the place, the staff have a chat and a laugh with you and the food is excellent, not too expensive too.
  • mcdonalds!! admiral pub is good for a few cheap drinks and a cheap meal! yates's has a meal offer on monday to thursday a differnt meal depending what night you go (i like curry nights on thursdays!) its about 4 quid for a decent sized curry and a drink! they also have a new 2 for 1 menu! wildfowler down willerby road does nice bar meals wich are all (exclduin starters n desserts) 2 for 1!
  • Good chinese eat as much as you like in city centre, and good pub food also big portions and reasonable prices is new clarence in city centre near new bus station
  • Hymers College is not a school filled with poshos that you think are invading the city. They attend this school not to be posh but to receive the best possible education from Hull. You should get your facts right before publishing such sh*t!
  • ray's place princess avenue but theres loads of cheap food places and also loads of expensive posh food places
  • Pattie and chips from any local chip shop.
  • As a vegan I don't touch McAnything but we do have Hitchcocks which is 100% vegetarian and very good value. I like Bean There in Bridlington best.
  • wot food places u have got
  • Greggs!
  • Prima Pizza and San Remo's are the best Pizza houses. San Remo's actually uses mozarella. such a novelty nowadays... :P
  • netto
  • Burger Bites near Paragon Square is cheap and quite nice but it's small so look out 4 it!
  • ASK is one of my favs. also like the garden palace (chinese) nxt to gardeners arms-just make sure you take plently of cash. chiqutos is a must amongst students....someones bday no better place, the staff are great!! takeaway wise try peking duck....fairly cheap but sooooo nice. a tip is to ignore flyers thru ur door as theyre all crap!
  • great value and good fun especially if its a special occasion DOMINICS on Anlaby Common (go at tea time for the special offer) China Red at Dunswell for summat extra special.
  • Chiquitos is good for a feed and a cpl ov tequila slammers!
  • Lots of good, cheap take aways, always starting, changing hands. Worth a try.
  • Hessle High Fisheries - what can I say? Superb! This must be mentioned on your web page - the best Fish & Chips I've tasted in the whole of Hull!
  • cross keys on bev road serves up a fantastic mixed grill or steak meal which they call "the works" and boy do you get "the works"
  • Hull is the home of Europes largest chinese restaurant.
  • Asian Kitchen..oh yeah
  • Newland Carvery does the best hangover food in the world!
  • Sullivans fish and chips in hornsea. Hull has no good fish and chip shops.
  • Herby's!!!
  • venesian takeaway on wold road
  • I don't know if this place still exists, as it's been a while since last i was in Hull, but Bun in the Oven, right next to the bus depot. Perfect burgers for the "after clubbing" come down.
  • Plenty of dodgy takeaway places. Stick to Burger King in Princes Quay, much better
  • skellies sausage rolls best in england
  • Chiquito's near the ice arena-excellent food,good atmosphere.Have been known to spend all a sunday afternoon chillin' here with a bottle of wine.
  • Cerutti's is the best restaurant in Hull, and Harry's is great, although a night out at either of these restaurants will leave you with little change from £50! Worth it for a special treat.
  • Sorentos is no more - it got brought out and is now "haworth"
  • The chippy by the bridge on Newland Ave is cheap and tasty
  • the golden star do the best chinese takeaway in the world
  • There seem to be hundreds of pizza takeaways. The best ones are Prima and San Remos on Cottingham Road.
  • Yankeeland's chips are ace - loads of that spicy stuff on.
  • Maharajah down Holderness Road and Asian Kitchen on Princes Ave are Hull's best curry houses, in my opinion.
  • Wei-hay Chinese on Cott road is still the best-dont get delivery though, pick it up otherwise it comes from the in town store which is not the best.
  • Pier Luigi Restorante is a wonderful place to eat, whatever your budget is. Friendly and humorous staff. Real Italian food. Open Tues to Sunday, 6.30-11.00(11.30 Sat&Sun). 84 Princes Ave.Hull tel:01482 342357.Ciao
  • Cave Street Fisheries. Great fish - cooked in dripping.
  • Tropicana-Beverley Rd. Malaysian and Indonesian food. Can get full which slows down service somewhat.
  • Rays Place (excellent, cheapish Balti House) - Princes Avenue.
  • From recent experience Ray's Place has been resting on its laurels for a while, the food aint what it used to be. There is a very good Greek restaurant opposite Ray's Place and that is well worth a try.
  • The bakers at the end of Beverley Road, near Vermont Street. See the "best things about Hull" section for full details.
  • My favourite takeaway is Sorrento on Cottingham Road. Pizzas, burgers, kebabs, Chinese and a really great continental menu at reasonable prices. (+ the staff are nice!)
  • The best place for doughnuts has to be Leanardos lower level of Princess Quay and Upper deck of Princess Quay. Also they are hoping the Waterfront, will be re-opened in time for Christmas this year (1997).
  • Witham Fisheries. The best Fish & Chips in the north.
  • Asian Kitchen restaurant on Princess Avenue.
  • Peppinos for delivered pizza. Perno's is more expensive, but the chicken pizzas are gorgeous.
  • Hitchcock's : Veggie restaurant where the first to order for the night gets to pick the contents of the buffet. All you can eat for a tenner.
  • Chaplains : Mexican on Princes Avenue. £4.50 for all you can eat on buffet nights.
  • Newland Fisheries. On one of the backstreets off Newland Avenue. Beautiful haddock and chips.
  • Sorrentos on Cottingham road have the best ever pizzas stay away from food stop on Beverly road
  • You've missed out the famous Jackson's food stores. There's one on nearly every cornor and many are open 24hrs. Friendly staff and you're always sure to bump into someone you know. It a tradional institution in Hull!

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