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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • Spiders Nightclub - Cheap drinks and somewhere that actually plays decent music
  • Ringside is cool for all the punk stuff nowadays, and the metal! its the main place, welly is good on a thursday for punk, emo and rock
  • Spiders is ace, so is pozition and v-bar. there are loads of cool nighclubs in hull. Pubs are great here too. CAt courts bar u can get really cheap drinks and is quite old fashoined, it has a nice atmosphere.
  • Jazz and Venn are very classy, nice atmosphere!
  • Fuel, very different with an outside dance area.
  • if u are going out start down bev rd and head down to the welly club on a satday night the best club in hull
  • The best club by far in hull is welly so its best to hit all the pubs down beverly road first then hit welly it gets packed and hot though!!!!! There is also eat your words its on in rytham room once a month excellent night. Oh a good laugh of a pub for a hen night etc. is bull and bush its a drag night what a laugh!
  • Hmm to name a few, Retro, Heaven and Hell, SPIDERS! :-D can't remember any others!
  • Jazz Bar?
  • Welly in Hull still best club - has a night for EVERYONE, house, trance, d'n'b, and punk/metal/alternative, the metal night is not what it used to be but its better than the overrated spiders - which uses cheap alcohol as its main selling point - "clientele" at spiders is most definately looking very young for their age and always plays the same music - apparently doesnt play beastie boys anymore due to them encouraging the wrong crowd whatever that may be. Welly always runs promotions entry and a variety of nights, generally bar staff are friendly if you dont dick around with them
  • magma and retro are pretty good music bars that stay open late also saturday night in yates is pretty good! but for a great night get to heaven and hell quite cheap to get in (couple of quid before 11) differnt rooms play different music (mostly dance and rnb)big dance floors and loads of couches for those who just want to chill! reasonably priced drinks
  • Piper does an amazing indie night on fridays, £5 to get in or £3 with a yellow card, cheapish drinks, also discounts with yellow card. Monday night is also good there, dont really know of many more nights at piper. other clubs like spiders, welly, position are good, can probably go out every night of the week to each one if your into indie, metal, rock, punk...
  • welly club, pozition most nights
  • deja vu is now every saturday at the welly beverley rd hull this wicked house night as been running 13 years and features the worlds biggest djs inc joey negro sandy rivera danny rampling graeme park martin solveig stonebridge norman jay eric prydz hardsoul full intention copyright
  • musicans night on mondays at adelphie up coming bands are mainly found giging at polar bear, ringside,welly,sillohettes,adlephie,linnet and lark,and for an aternative night out clubing your main venues would be welly,spiders,pozotion and room
  • Spiders. Quality drinks and lots of underage goths, indie kids and students.
  • Spiders on a saturday, pozition on a wednesday. Good alternative music.
  • probebly been said a million times but the best places in Hull is the Welly Club, Spiders and also Revolution, a newish bar is great and almost makes you think your not in Hull for a while!
  • The Grapevine - Every Tuesday - Dirty Rock'n'roll and Fingerpoppin' soul. DJs Mak and The SoulTrader take you on a musical journey every week from 11pm to 2am. Cheap bar in an excellent club - Rhythm Room on Baker Street.
  • Hull and clubs, hmmm... well positions alright, pretty cheesy. waterfronts alright, that fat bouncer flynns is a tw*t tho :)
  • Biarritz on Wednesday Nights. Pre Bugz night with DJ Magnum. Great rock, and whats more, he only plays what you ask for.
  • Calling all Hull Rockers if your old enough to remember Saturday afternoons in The Trog Bar , this place is for you , Every Saturday afternoon i will be playing Classic Rock & Metal fromm the 70`s /80`s plus all the new Melodic Rock/AOR releases , The Venue is The White Room , Cleveland Street, Hull , a bit further down from Spiders , start time is around 1pm thru til around 6pm if your into Rock Music this is the only place in Hull to hear all the new Releases , we have a happy hour from 4pm to 6pm & pool at 50p a game , now thats cheap!
  • "THE WHITE ROOM" on cleveland street (down the road from spiders) is ace....pretty small but i had a very memorable 18th birthday there last year, great music, great staff, great atmosphere, kebab shop next door, you cant go wrong, apart from that god awfull coco factory next door.....i'm not sure wever the white room is still open....i hope so though!!!! someone let us know.....
  • The waterfront!(old town) Its an amazing place, you can either dance or if thats not your thing slob on a sofa with a beer and just talk, all in all ive not had a bad night there yet! Pozition is also good on thursdays, cheesy 80s music, fab atmosphere and only £2 entry!
  • Welly
  • masons?
  • Asylum and the Welly I'm quite fond of. Always do good music. well... on rock night anyway.
  • vauxhall tavern
  • Welly, Adelphi an Spiders. nearly everything else is towniefied.
  • Spiders is still open and going strong. Great cheap alchohol. The clientel are very interesting. Open Friday and Saturday eveinings 9.30pm to 2.00am. Members only so blag it and say that you lost your card. Once in fill in an application form.
  • Spiders, hmm, yes,a very old club in Hull, with full black interior and heavy music
  • Spiders is the place for the alternative people to drinks, cool music, in fact you dont have to be into metal to appreciate it as upstaris plays everything for soul to ska Room used to be cool but thats closed down, Pozition seems to have jumped on the bandwagon of alternative clubs Silohette Club on saturday nights plays the finest in indie with a live band on at 12...expensive though Welly seems to have a variation of different club nights for everyone
  • from a students point of view there is plently of places to go out! theres waterfront on a mon, pozition on a tues (but bring a towel to mop the sweat), wedn is the union club 'the tower', thurs used to be LAs but now its heaven n'hell (also known as fez) or pozition again, fri is anywhere you fancy and sat is asylum at the uni (but we dont go there too often as the bar shuts at 1pm and its full of freshers who really think they are it!!!
  • loads of clubs in the town centre, try em all but not all in one night !!
  • Future methods was a spot on d n b do wen it was at room,Loved the lil dingy dark place,!!Deja vu still rox at the welly.Avoid la's,Institute and other minger magnets
  • Silhouette on Friday nights, but a lot are going to Fuel, but then it's new; some say Fuel's good, some say it's not, that's opinions for you. The Silhouette's friendly, great atmosphere - what more do you want?
  • Spiders has not changed since 1983 ,and still the same sound system and cocktails ripped off hitchhikers guide to the galaxy .It's the best club in Hull as it's the only one that has it own style and does'nt change depending on the market
  • Spiders is a good bet for rock/metal on a saturday night.The drinks are very cheap (even though they come in plastic cups now).It's ideal for a hardcore moshing session.It is a very friendly place. It has a very young crowd but is very safe. Fez(closing?) and Pozition both have 80s nights on Thursdays. Pozition is the biggest poser's club but just ignore them and you'll have a great night out although the drinks can be quite expensive. It's brand new and pretty impressive. I've only been to Fez a few times but i have nothing bad to say about it.
  • Welly is good but has gone well down hill since they got rid of Funky Wormhole. Worst mistake in club management ever?
  • Silhouette Club. Park Street Hull.
  • WORSHIP @Hull a new up lifting trance night has come to hull I cant believe it what a night it was and it is on a thursday what away to start the weekend and you will not believe that it is held in LA's and the women were spot on. Hope to see you club land people there next week. !!!!NUTTY !!!!!!
  • LA's, Tower for an Hour, Waterfront, Fez Club
  • LA's and Tower (for an Hour)
  • New club Pozition is amazing. Very classy - you wouldn't believe you were in Hull. Quite expensive but worth it. Very smart.
  • The two main dance nights are Fully Charged(fridays, hard house/trance) and Faith (saturdays, funky house/US house garage etc.) which have recently moved to thewelly club on bev road. Fully charged features DJ's such as Judge Jules, Lisa Lashes etc and is the best dance night in the area. For students there is a huge selection of cheesy nights out for every night of the week.
  • las
  • The Room, Silhouettes, LA's, Eclipse (which unfortunately closed down), Spiders (best when it was a Goth rather than a student club), and anywhere that the fetish nights decided to hold their nights ;)
  • The clubs in Hull are awful. Mainly aimed at loutish retards who wear stripey shirts with white cuffs and collars. You get the idaa!
  • spiders, for cheep booze metal,and heavy stuff down stairs, soul motown and funk up.
  • LA's dirty, greasy, and a completly easy place to pull a slapper. Waterfront for the more mature. Spiders for the freaky (think the Titty Twister in Dusk Till Dawn and you're close!), and Silhouettes for the swinger in you.
  • Spiders is still open and still the cheapest and friendliest club in Hull.
  • Spiders is still open, for details
  • Sharky's people get to sharkys!!
  • LAs is always a favourite, especially during the week. Too many of the moustaches and perms brigade on a weekend
  • Spiders and Room, alternative and different! Everywhere else is mainstream and quite frankly, towny. However, there is also Silhouettes which is home to our only gay night.
  • spiders used to be great a few years back now its being over run by students and nu metal kiddies...but theres still the old goths hiding in the background and room does a decent metal night on a wednesday, their indie night on tuesdays isnt bad either
  • For week night drinking into the early hours, The Rhythym Room and Planet Vodka are best. Best alternative nights are Room (tues) and Spiders (Fri/Sat). LA's is a meat market. Wednesday at the Tower is full (literally) of competetive "rugby type" students who fancy themselves.
  • Get yourself down to the Fez Club on a sat, bcos it's absolutely banging house..
  • Spides on Cleveland Street (is it still open?)
  • They don't let you in the Tower if you're over 18.
  • Deja Vu has now moved from the room on Friday nights to Rhytham room on Friday nights and still has all the good DJ's-Judge Jules, Lisa Lashes etc....occasionaly.
  • New Horizons moved from the Room, to the Hull University Union on Cottingham Road.In the summmer of '99 the name was changed to Future Methods.It's once monthly, usually on the first thursday of the month. Andy C is the guest on February the 10th.
  • Deja Vu @ The Room, George Street every Friday night. Hull's answer to a proper house night is suprisingly good despite the small venue. Recent top DJ's include Judge Jules, DJ Heaven, Scott Bond and DJ Sonique to name but a few. Regular listing in Mixmag so get there early to avoid queues.
  • Alexandra Palace Club Hotel - Hessle Road. Saturday night is gay night. £3 for a brilliant night. It's like a pub at the front and a small friendly disco at the back. All new large extention opening soon. Waterfront is open again! All new inside and better than ever.
  • Hulls never been the same since the closure of Romeos & Juliettes in the early 90's. The place was the mecca for dance music int the city just as it was starting underground. Who could ever forget the cage where drunken lasses would subject themselves to being foamed and soaked and generaly gawped at.
  • The Tower, Analby Road. Hulls' most bawdy night club. No dress code. On Monday nights between 1 and 2 am they hold a stripping contest on stage. 10 - 20 girls from the audience strip to varying degrees and the one who gets the loudest hand wins £50! The Room, A good night clug with a relaxed dress code. On seversl levels in 2 large converted adjacent terrace houses. Two dance floors.
  • ROOM... Two or three years ago, myself and a friend would go to a nightclub called Room', to a D'n'B night called New Horizons. I have been to many other clubs around the UK but have never experienced a more consistently chilled+well toned atmosphere than here. It may never be the same again as it was taken over by new management since renovation.
  • Spiders (East Hull) - students and alternative fans - cheap drinks 40p V & O
  • Pan Galactic Garganblaster - Cider, OJ, Vodka, Pernod, lager and ice plus many other interesting cocktails Fridays and Saturdays
  • Lexington Avenue (LA's) - dance, meat market, all night except Sunday
  • The Tower (Anlaby Road) students (Wednesday), women, gays, concerts
  • The Waterfront (town centre) - very small 3 floors, students (Mon) - other days also.
    [But] Just thought that you'd like to know that it would be difficult to go clubbing in the Waterfront club in Hull burnt down quite a while ago!!!!!!!!!
  • Silhouette (Park Street) - Newish club, normal attractions i.e. student night, Wednesday = 80s, Thursday = 70s, Friday/Saturday = 90s mixed music.
    The Silhouette Club. Friday is gay night with a once monthly Pride Disco with free discount tickets available at the Polar Bear pub. All other nights are gay friendly anyway.
  • The nightclubs are a great laugh, especially LA's, Spiders and (the recently burned down Waterfront).
  • Eclipse. Middle of town. Standard cheesy nightclub. Wednesday nights is Hull's only rock night. DJ Muttley plays all sorts of stuff.
  • Spiders is still cheap and cheerful
  • The beloved Waterfront re-opened in March 1998- Student nights are on Mon and Tue- Monday is usually more busy. The music is mainly indie and dance on the bottom 2 floors, and either hip-hop or 70's 80's upstairs. Very cheap- 50p bottles b4 11:30 p.m.
  • Waterfront has re-opened after a major rebuild after the fire that gutted it a while ago. Not visited it yet, since I moved to York (nice town, poor night life).

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