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Buskers, Street Entertainers
  • New busker in town....old beardy bloke who had a stroke 4 yrs ago and picked up a guitar as therapy for his fingers just at the end of last year......bluesy and jazzy stuff but amazing story of his music giving him a new life really....good on yer fellah!
  • Emma Rugg - Gorgeous girl who busks in the city centre and is well known for being seen around town with her guitar.
  • They have a bunch of clowns perform every other week at the local KfC. They used to sing this silly song about getting mauled by a tiger, but now they seem to have started a Mime group.
  • The buskers down whitefriargate; the man with the puppets, the tribal man, and the irish guy with the banjo .
  • There's an old bloke who's always hangs around Prospect St with a strange old hand puppet, waving it at people. He's lovely he is but that puppet's well creepy..
  • Lee Langer- the local glue-sniffer is a character. Asks everybody for 10 pence. We used to play Lee- spotting during the lunchtime at G F Smith. Also, Dave the Rave, a guy who walks about swinging his satchel and swearing at everybody, bless him. Students always wind him up.
  • Michelle the trannie is famous or so the guide says!
  • Beggars! :-D
  • I second the old geez in a suit that shouts at people. Tries to act relatively normal to engage you in a conversation and then starts being crazy! Regularly spotted around the Debenhams area / Prospect centre
  • Always down whitefriagate
  • Hymers College is not a school filled with poshos that you think are invading the city. They attend this school not to be posh but to receive the best possible education from Hull. You should get your facts right before publishing such sh*t!
  • the munks that rome the streets guranga
  • Spock and Chom are often to be found on the streets of Hull performing for scraps of food and or beer, Chom is however a notorious boy toucher...
  • Hull doest not have street entertainers, it has Bums, generally using the town centre as a meeting point to hook up with other asorted losers and drink super strength brew.
  • John - He's changed you know !
  • the 'bee-lady' in her costume, buzzing from punter to punter to raise money for charity. she is commonly seen around hull.
  • The dancing hobo! Or the crazy boatman as he is also called, for more info please go to
  • A guy who plays jazz in town on his saxaphone
  • the lovely young man with tourettes who questions whether he is Christ
  • Theirs a schitzophrenic guy who you might see, but he slaps himself so be careful.
  • Emma Rugg is the best thing about Hull, I think anyway, she is an amazing singer/songwriter who busked in the city to record an album, she's great and we love her !
  • Keith Daddy...the local tour out for this man... a couple of fire jugglers which are entertainin a weirdo who argues with himself, and always slappin himself always amuses as is this other loonie who tells you to close the fact hulls full of out for the mexican bandits...the wedgita banditos...who will go about with giant plastic axes or cap guns in middle of turf wars
  • i have recently noticed a strange man who walks around the uni gym. he is very pleasant and says hello and tries to strike up a convo. some people just dont have the time unfortunately for a harmless man!
  • The best street entertainers are the night revellers leaving the pubs some however maybe X-rated so beware !!!
  • You might see Emma Rugg playing the streets, saving up for a second album
  • The bad language - don't Hull people have any pride in themselves? I am fed-up of hearing men, women and especially children using the 'F' word all the time - remove this from the English language and they would be struck dumb - hopefully.
  • Blind Keyboard Guy (he's not really blind)
  • That Blind Geezer who plays carols and dresses up as Santa at christmas on whitefriargate
  • i wish theyd all clear off
  • The old bloke who tap dances while playing the mouth organ down the side of House Of Fraser. Been there as long as I can remember but still hasn't mastered any actual tunes. Also, the Ken Dodd-esque bloke with the dog that barks on cue, sometimes also seen in York.
  • one man and his dog has to make a living somehow
  • #### Fatima Whitbread,,, Your a Bloke,,,#### remember him outside of Binns on a Saturday afternoon
  • The newly employed city navigators - YTS no nothings! though good for entertainment when someone speaks no english!
  • There are quite a few good ones in the city centre during the day, and some lesser ones whilst you are queuing outside night clubs in the evening.
  • Dave the Rave - that smartly dressed mad bloke who swears at you in town. Ask him to do his horse impression.
  • The blind accordion player occasionally plays down Whitefriargate.

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