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The Worst Things
  • ppl like to shag up the walls in starbucks
  • it is a shit hole
  • People saying'East Yorkshire' when what they REALLY mean is H U M B E R S I D E.
  • People who talk crap about our town !
  • its not as bad as lincolnshire!!
  • STOP TALKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • why on earth just why would you go to Hull...why
  • The M62 into Hull/The Humber Bridge into Hull. The level of inbreeding in Hull is clear, even more than Dewsbury.
  • Going there in the first place. The people you see there.
  • Chavs (THERE I SAID IT), The youths (only a minority), the strong labour party backing, the fact that everone is related, and the excess of talentless drama students
  • It smells funny sometimes.
  • Bad Press. Polls and stats don't tell the whole story or give an accurate picture.
  • A massive number of townies/chavs.
  • The violence, can't have a good night out without battering someone. People who feel they are entitled to mug/burgle you because they think they're addicted to a load of baby laxative containing 1 percent smack.
  • Ba smells
  • It's so poor. People are usualy uneducated. Women wear more make than I thought possible. Still quite backward compared to the south. Chav city.
  • The weather, it's fuckin freezin!
  • The dingy boarded up shops, The fact the kappa slappa and their butch hang around outside chippies and skeltons. Most of all, the opinions of those who visit Hull with closed minds, or even worse, with their mind made up that it's not a nice place. Open your eyes and your minds, Hull isn't crap, it's your attitudes that stink. Don't call locals closed minded when you approach the area in this manner.
  • People appearing on Ian Hislops recent progamme in Hull who dont even know what a war memorial is for what it is etc.
  • How it's resisdents disrespect it by littering and letting their dogs poop all over the pavements! The image of Hull around the UK.
  • Sometimes smells a bit funny
  • Drunks and Drug addicts wandering around.
  • chavs! tramps! crime!
  • un educated people especially bad attitude teenagers homeless situation council properties
  • crime,drugs,
  • Growing underclass.
  • People still love there fish and chips!
  • are all here
  • Where do i start? As Hull is flat there a loads of cyclists who seem to believe the pavement belongs to them. having cyclists flash within a mm past you can be quite scary. Due to the number of unemployed there are plenty of people with nothing to do, so how do they fill there time? drinking, drugs, and generally breaking into your car/house to help fund that nice little habbit they have picked up. This is a genralisation but a percentage of people here seem very narrow minded and are overly critical of asylum seekers, who compared to them are great. At least they want to work! When the docks closed down Hull's main form of employment, alot were left without jobs. Nothing came in to replace the docks and over the years a new generation was born who have never worked a day in their lives and have no job when companies look to possibly moving to Hull, they decide not to as there is a huge skill shortage here and Tony Blair and his cronies seem happy enough to keep on provided benefits. Last thing, Hull council came bottom of a recent league table. Surly not a coincidence then that the incompetent Hull council presides over the nominated 2003 Crap Town award.
  • Realising that many of the people who run our hull college and the uni' do not come from hull and realising that the majority of students are not from the inner-areas of hull - but the outskirts and villges outside of hull. Is this too difficult a place to find?
  • The 'stubborn divide' between the forward thinking people who embrace all the recent changes occurring in hull and the ideal of 'self improvement' and the people who are still entrenched in the past and it's 'good-ole-bad-ole-days' when most invested in the pub-culture and encouaged their children to avoid 'nasty education'. The latter are the hard-core, with insular habits as deep as their tattoos and piercings. Why do the majority of people, who go to hull college come from other areas and the outer edges of hull?
  • Is there a bad thing about hull? well yea obviously but it only has pretty much the same problems as any other city, too many scallys, too many scabby estates etc. But jus general city stuff Hull can smell sometimes, usually the cocoa factories, or drains in the summer, but no more than any other city again!
  • Hull
  • er... the accent, the smell (yes it does smell of fish!), the lack of vegetarian food around here,
  • the accent
  • Crime, and junkies out in the streets late at night
  • all the wankers who want to beat people up cos theyve nothin better do with their lives or cos their not wearing the same clothes as them...
  • im afraid to say it but there are some people in every town or city who have to ruin it for everyone else and hull definitely has its fair share. there are terrible parts of hull where the standard of living is below standard. it has the highest teen preg rate in engalnd therfore deeming acceptable to bring up a child on the very minimun.
  • Anlaby Road shops near the new K.C.stadium, most of them need demolishing. The Drug addicts in the town centre - why isn't anybody watching on the CCTV!!
  • The pigeons from hell!!!
  • The dirt, but then Hull is a city. Attitudes - very provincial. Plenty of bigots here.
  • A huge range of local music that just stays local
  • It smells. Like living in the League of Gentleman
  • The smelly drains at the top of Whitefriargate (pronounced White-frigate if you live here). The twat bus drivers who pull off just as you run up to get on (a small minority anyway). The amount of available jobs. The crappy local train operator (I believe it's Italian for 'Arrive', yeah right, if it turns up!).
  • No disrespect to the minority of people living on the estate's in Hull but most are horrible, seedy and full of scum. The streets, at night are lined with kids who should have been in bed hours before' or drug dealers or people looking for drugs. The houses are nice enough but the council need to pump some money into the estates, especially Orchard Park and improve the living for future kids living on there.
  • The Accent. Hull people all sound thick and stupid. I am a Bus Driver in Hull So I can say with good experience that the majority of people in Hull are thick
  • East Yorkshire buses, dodgy fish/sea related smells, Kingston Communications, and those annoying people who stand in the streets with clipboards tying to get you to give to charity or sue the council for something...
  • The insularity - Hull is literally at the end of the line and I believe some people never leave (or only go as far as Leeds maybe)!
  • the slutty loud,foul mouthed population that live here
  • The locals' attitude towards students, and vice versa. Why all the fighting and hatred? I never knew then, and i still don't know now.
  • The Local's. Hull people are NOT friendly by any stretch of the imagination. The city is full of Kappa Slappas indeed perhaps 50% of Hulls population are now kappa slappas. If you are not familar with this inferior species, let me elaborate. Kappa Slappas are found in both male and female varieties but both share the same appalling fashion sense. Garish shellsuits and tracksuits are the order of the day, usually combined with white leggings for females and brown hiking boots for males. Both Males and Females wear enough cheap gold jewelry to bring down an elephant and seldom have more than half a dozen brain cells. All varieties are extremely violent, and spend much of their time stealing cars, breeding in sewers/gutters, injecting smack, abusing civilised people or hanging around outside supermarkets drinking woodpecker being oh so very hard. Kappa Slappas should be spit on whenever the oportunity arises.
  • the acent, fav=five. The men, mostly townies and are obviously gods gift.
  • Slappers. They might say they're not, but they are. They all love it, will do anything to live that lifestyle and will corrupt you entirely! Down with the slappers who come from Hull! (You know who you are, you came down south and went you went back, you returned to form!)
  • Near Halloween Until After New Year Don't Tell Kids Off That Have Got Hold Of Fireworks Because You Would Only Just Get Them Fired At You
  • Its always about 15 degrees colder in Hull than the rest of the country, coz of the bloody river
  • the bag snatchers in town.....the drug problem.......dogs fouling the streets......the fountain outside McDonalds...a breeding ground for litter, dead heads and pigeons..........
  • The smells - you could tell the wind direction without looking out the door - cocoa? fish? croda paint works? linseed? only when the wind was in the north and the smell of freshly ground coffee wafts down from Cottingham could we put on a hat and look out of the window.
  • Most the negitive comment's are from stuck up students that don't come from Hull. Only just out of their nappies and they talk like high court judges! Hull is Great!
  • The kids the hang around the TSB bank at the top of Sutton house Road.
  • Hull is one of the worst cities in the country for dangerous,inconsiderate and ignorant driving. Drive in Hull at your own risk.
  • Hull has little employment,loads of slappers,heaps of loosers,and in general is just a downer,no future,have a nice life.
  • Small mindedness. Lots of people in Hull have never been anywhere else and are far too insular as a result. The secondary school GCSE results are the best adveritsement for private education.
  • Sydney Scarborough's is closing down quite soon, not sure of the exact date. AAAAARGGGH
  • hull smells
  • Smackheads in the bus station.....not where you wanna be at night
  • Hymers School. Damn poshos invading our city.
  • The place is a joke, been there once. Never again. It's cold, it's ugly, and it smells disgusting. Why live there?
  • It reputation - yeah some parts are rundown but theres plenty to see and do, friendly people and its very cheap. The fashions are 10 years behind. Train service slow. All the traffic lights on Bev Road. Having to leave to find a job.
  • We have the highest level of drug related crime in the country (oops), saying that however, I've never been subject to it so it can't be all that bad! Erm, there are a lot of townies but it is getting more alternative etc. Unfortunately, that appears to be the new towny thing, to wear Korn etc so that may not be such a good thing!!!
  • lots of scallys/townies
  • The idea that Hull consists soley of Hessle Road and the estates - what about the suburbs, holderness road, the avenues, sutton? we don't all live in council house or work on the docks! The idea that people in Hull actually like Joe Longthorne and John Prescott!
  • The route from the Ferry port to the town - one big line of miserable post-holocaust type buildings. you have to come from Hull to know it's going to get better. maybe it's just a ploy to ward the Dutch ferry tourists away??
  • Too many of the students don't leave the student areas and pubs etc. If they did they would get so much more out of their time in Hull and would have a much better impression of it.
  • The weather. The isolation-being miles away from civilization. Locals who often ask students for money for their "bus fare". The slappers' brigade- out in force every night of the week. The bullshit propaganda you hear about Hull being a friendly place.
  • Oh yes, all you wimps complianing about the smell of linseed factories, drains etc. You should have been there in the seveties in the general vicinity (ie within 7 miles) of the fish docks at Hessle Road. Now that WAS a smell.
  • Theiving smackhead scum. If you dont believe me try working in a shop in the town centre. The traffic in a morning. For gods sake, if you live in Hull get the bus or bloody well walk if you can.
  • St Johns Pub if you ever go there you will know why
  • The smell of the drains ayt the top of Whitefriargate
  • The surrounding villages are full of arseholes. The southern media's impression that Hull is like Grimsby. It isn't! The Hull Daily Mail's obsession with Joe Longthorne.
  • The Hull Daily Mail's obsession with Joe Longthorne! The surrounding villages. Generally the people who live there are arseholes.
  • The Hull accent - aaagh! (it's even worse when someone trys to disguise it with 'posh' vowels)
  • Its grim up North is what somebody once said, but what you say depends alot on what you've read. What I say to them is 'Hull sense' and to me crystal clear, come and have a look yourself and don't believe all the crap you hear!
  • Tips for Car Drivers: Do drive in the right hand lane of a dual carriageway. Even when you want to turn left in half a mile. Don't drive in the bus lane, even if it's not in use for 22 hours. Do use your front fog lights, even when you can see 10 miles. It's considered macho and lets everybody know you're cool. Don't indicate at roundabouts or junctions
  • The city hall (again) = the worst acoustics in the country (possibly!)
  • The Shopping Centre at Bransholme contains more theives that live at the gipysville caravan site at the other end of Hull. The que for the post office at Bransholme can stretch half way round the shopping centre on a tuesday and wednesday, (social day)
  • Erm... not much I can think of... Not many trees, so the air quality's a little poor.
  • Difficult to get to, always cold.
  • The worst thing about Hull is the stench that sometimes floats over the city from the cocoa mills. It is a most disgusting smell and I have had to miss many lectures this year because of being unable to step outside the front door of my house without retching.
  • Always cold and grey.
  • People who live in the suburban areas who constantly slag the city and it's estates off. Contrary to popular belief you do not get shot if you walk on Bransholme, Greatfield Bilton Grange or Orchard Park. People who say this have never even been on either of the estates, don't know anyone who has and just invent horror stories to make themselves sound interesting. I live on one of the estates, my best friends live on estates, we all have good jobs, do not sell drugs or have iron doors on our houses.
  • The cities link with fish. Hull doesn't smell of fish and never has in the 21 years I've lived here.
  • Unemployment. The city suffers high unemployment.
  • Far too much traffic.
  • There is only one road in and one road out.
  • The lack of funding for Hull's football/rugby teams. Hull City have and can be far better than they are. So come on stop calling our city teams and start supporting them.
  • The cities poor reputation. Again from people who have never been here. Please visit here before commenting on it.
  • The smell- linseed factory smell mixed with a burnt chocolate smell- not good when ya gotz a hangover

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