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Pennard rd Huyton by Joyce Quinn (Member 10025127) on 11-Jan-2002
Hello I loved my days hanging about Pennard Ave with my then boyfriend Peter Obrian, oh the days of being young although I was from Knotty Ash . has it changed much   
  • Re: Pennard rd Huyton by lynne (Member 10063136) on 15-May-2002
    hi i lived in number 2 pennard with my mum and sister ,maybe you remember us ,it was around 1974 till 79

  • Re: Pennard rd Huyton by joyce quinn (Member 10075610) on 14-Aug-2002
    Hi Lynn .
    No I was about there in 1983-4 I know the Timmins and the other Obriens also the sissons the Obriens I went to lived at 119 Pennard Ave but it was great then I loved it did you live across the otherside of Wolfall towards the hole in the wall , did you know the Obriens of 119 there were sisters Pauline ,Carol George and Peter mum and dad were George and Betty who died some years ago an... more >>

  • Re: Pennard rd Huyton by meatwork (Member 10087344) on 13-Jan-2003
    hi there

    was your boyfiend called oby?? i think I used to do a paper round with him, I was a lot younger than him and he took over from somebody else I was helping

  • Re: Pennard rd Huyton by joyce (Member 10126297) on 12-Jun-2004
    Hello Yes his name was Obey who are you?
    Hasn't Pennard Avenue changed and the area I drove down that way and could'nt believe it.

  • Re: Pennard rd Huyton by steve crock (Member 10219236) on 8-Jan-2008
    I lived in 131 and me, and managed to escape in 1988. my brother and sister knew obey well, he lived a few doors away, a bit of a rougue if i remember (well thats putting it nicely!) also remember he lived next door to the mathews, we lived next door to the timmins (wonder if that fool david is still alive!) I am younger than obey and remember it being a bit rough at times, though generally a... more >>

Carol Lemaire by sandra sheppard (Member 10055070) on 9-Jan-2002
hi, my mum and nan were from huyton, was just wondering if anybody remembers them, my mum was Carol Lemaire and my nan was Dora, My nan owned a hairdressers on Gentwood parade, it would be nice if I was in contact with any of their friends.

  • Re: Carol Lemaire by Norma (Member 10270796) on 17-Feb-2012
    Hi I remember that hairdresses well, was it up the stairs? cos I lived in 3a over Leeces hardwear shop and every time we left our door open, up marched stangers saying, is this the hairdresses.I was a young teenager then, remember playing with a girl who had somone working there, would you know who that was.? Do you have any old pics.?

i really don't like this place. by sebastian (Member 10052358) on 6-Dec-2001

i live close to the bluebell pub in huyton and the older i get, the more i dislike this place. im still quite young but the narrow minded folk of huyton have restricted my happiness. im not bitter..just frustrated..i suppose..i remember a girl i once knew who had cancer as a little girl and almost died..but thankfully she survived and is now fine..but her illness made her live life to ... more >>
  • Re: i really don't like this place. by Woody (Member 10051738) on 12-Dec-2001
    Its not that bad mate, I live in Longview, lived in Huyton all my life too,the whole country has changed over the years mate not just Huyton.

  • Re: i really don't like this place. by Liza M (Member 10068151) on 13-May-2002
    no mate its a place is what u make it i am not from huyton but decided to stay here and ending up marrying wouldn,t leave theres no where like it...

  • Re: i really don't like this place. by marie wallis (Member 10051496) on 18-Jun-2002
    Hi sebastion, I used to dislike huyton too that was until my husband was in a bad accident i was desperate for help no money husband critical and two kids to see to, complete strangers came to help i opened my door to find two bags of groceries there left on the step with no clue who sent them this restored my faith in huytonites try just smiling at everyone you see in the area for a day and see t... more >>

  • Re: i really don't like this place. by huytongirlremoved (Member 10118134) on 4-Sep-2004
    Yes im originally from Huyton but i've got to say your quite wide of the mark with your comments. I grew up in Huyton and didn't witness any violence or nasty people. I left in 1992 and although i haven't returned my reason for leaving wasn't because of Huyton it was just circumstances. I think Huyton is a lovely place - I live in the South West now and have since come across racist arrogant peo... more >>

  • Re: i really don't like this place. by dim wittit plank (Member 10125992) on 19-Sep-2004
    My psychoscouse name keeps getting banned...Everyone has different views on each place & if you loved living in Huyton then good on ya..What I hated about Huyton is it looks like a shitehole..& you're surrounded by nothing but street after street after street...It's like an estate on a massive scale with not much greenery etc....not much anything really.

    I can see why you see racism everywhere... more >>

  • Re: i really don't like this place. by ella (Member 10143712) on 21-Jan-2005
    hi there, b4 i start i want to say that i respect ur opinions and u r entitled to ur views on huyton, but im wondering what made u so critical of huyton? If u had a bad experience here i fully symphasise as ive had bad times at my old home, but i think huyton is a lovely place an the people r second to none, and like urself i have lived in several areas but this is the first place i have thought o... more >>

  • Re: i really don't like this place. by john (Member 10145583) on 10-Feb-2005
    I was born and grew up in Huyton but left in 1977. I still return a couple of times a year to visit family. The best thing I ever did was leave Huyton. It was, and remains, a town full of small minded petty people with a vicious subculture. I always felt I was taking my life in my hands wandering the charming estates of St. Johns, Bluebell, Page Moss etc.
    Not a decent ale house either.

  • Re: i really don't like this place. by cb (Member 10211752) on 3-Aug-2007
    I was born in Huyton (Mosscroft) in 1986 and still live in Huyton now (Tarbock Road). I do agree with you that there are some horrible people here but just like the rest of the world there are also some very nice and respectable people and families who live here. I went to St Aloysius and St Thomas Becket schools and its fair to say that they are'nt the best of schools but I have just graduated fr... more >>

  • Re: i really don't like this place. by Carrie Brooks (Member 10319292) on 18-Feb-2018
    Hi John
    Did you know mum my by any chance, her name is Susan tod/Todd or her family, she was born in 1952 and lived in huyton. Hope you can help me. Thank you
    Please get in though

come on ! by kaz (Member 10046318) on 3-Oct-2001
you've got to admit the standley and natterjacks .. is the place to be on afriday !!


  • Re: come on ! by chris boyes (Member 10050848) on 17-Nov-2001
    Is there anybody out there who used to watch the old Huyton rugby league team who played home games at alt park just off endmoor road.They played there from 1968 to 1984.I would be interested to hear from any ex supporters.

  • Re: come on ! by Woody (Member 10051738) on 30-Nov-2001
    I used to watch Geoff Fletcher and the boys, when I was a kid, I never ever seen them win, but I used to love watching the fights.

  • Re: question for woody by chris boyes (Member 10050848) on 9-Dec-2001
    Is the old ground still there if not what is there now.

  • Re: come on ! by Woody (Member 10051738) on 12-Dec-2001
    You wouldnt beleive it mate, ii was a football ground for a while, but now its been knocked down and on the land theres a community building, housing a number of community organisations. Email me should u need any more info mate.

  • Re: come on ! by lynne (Member 10063136) on 11-May-2002
    hi ,i used to live in pennard avenue ,and parbrook road ,about 20 years ago ,lynne is my name ,i went to longview school .i live in amsterdam now but come home every 6 weeks ,would like to hear from anyone that remembers me

  • Re: come on ! by Paul Smart (Member 10068587) on 18-May-2002
    Yes, I watched Huyton RLFC throughout their years at Alt Park. I got the RL bug the year before they moved there when my Dad took me to see Liverpool City at their previous ground and I also saw the first season at Runcorn.
    I looked at this site as I've just been emptying out our garage and I found a pile of newspaper clippings from 1971 to 73. These are mostly reports of the matches and a couple... more >>

  • Re: come on ! by John Mitchell (Member 10082458) on 3-Dec-2002
    Hi Chris
    Look at my response to your RL question on Prescot Knowhere.

John Roper by Debbie (Member 10041363) on 20-Sep-2001
Anyone know this man? he is 41 and lived on Cypress Road, Huyton Roby. He's got a brother called Alan.   
looking for Michael by richkid (Member 10043586) on 14-Sep-2001
I'm trying 2 find Michael McKeown, last known2 b living with his sister. He suports Everton, worked for NORWEB and is about 5ft 6with dark hair   
  • Re: looking for Michael by Kathryn (Member 10066954) on 30-Apr-2002
    saw your post regarding Michael McKeown. Sorry, I don't know where he is, but I have a cousin with the same name that I have been trying to locate. Please contact me so I can see if we're looking for the same Michael McKeown.

  • Re: looking for Michael by richkid (Member 10043586) on 15-May-2002
    Kathryn. The 1 I know is approx. 5'6, black hair, worked 4 NORWEB. He supports Everton, likes the Clash. He's about late 30s. Hope this helps. Oh he's divorced with 1 kid

  • Re: looking for Michael by Stewart57x (Member 10122309) on 13-Apr-2004
    I am also tryng to find Michael McKeown as we used to live in the same road and grew up together.

    He will be 39 now, grew up in Wallasey but moved with his Mum to Liverpool. Had a brother Shaun, and several sisters (Margaret, Pat, Elizabeth and Trish?). Was this the guy you found?

  • Re: looking for Michael by Vikki mckeown (Member 10301564) on 15-Sep-2015
    Yes he is my dad. He's back living in Hutton and he's doing ok. Sorry for late reply. Vikki

  • Re: looking for Michael by Vikki mckeown (Member 10301564) on 15-Sep-2015
    He didn't grow up in whallesy he grew up in Huyton yes he use to work at norweb.

Archive Photography by Carol (Member 10040863) on 13-Aug-2001
100's of original Merseyside photos, taken mainly between 1945 and 1965. Something for everyone: street scenes, factories, shops, shipping on the Mersey, and much more.
Take a look at and let me know if there are any areas you'd like to see.
Can Someone Help Me Out Please ?I am doing an Intermediate Telematics Course at St.Helens College. I by Peter Murray (Member 10036324) on 30-Jun-2001
I am doing an Intermediate Telematics Course at St.Helens College. I have to provide printouts of message postings and, and replies to same, as part of evidence for my Course Portfolio Binder. Can someone out there please reply to this message. Please feel free to talk about almost any subject of your choice.

Regards Peter Murray (
BLUEBELL ESTATE by TONY BILSBOROUGH (Member 10036180) on 24-Jun-2001
HIYA I LIVED ON NORMANDY ROAD ON THE BLUEBELL I HAD SOME GREAT TIMES THEIR AS A KID.WE PLAYED SOME BRILL GAMES YOU NEVER SEE KIDS PLAY ANYMORE.Now living in Sheffield but visit Huyton whenever i can.Shouldn'forget your roots.Are the Huyton bads stillgoin?   
  • Re: BLUEBELL ESTATE by john stanley (Member 10037532) on 13-Jul-2001
    bluebell estate during the 2nd world war was a u.s. army transit camp. u.s. troops arriving at the port of liverpool went to this camp awaiting transfer to new units. after the war the new estate was built and all the roads were named after places american troops had been engaged in battle. woolforth heath estate was a german p.o.w camp and i used to go and watch them play football.

  • Re: BLUEBELL ESTATE by glynn jones (Member 10078660) on 27-Sep-2002
    I remember as a kid going down to the field and watching the German pow`s play soccer on a Sunday.Bert Truatman used to play in goal and the center forward was nicknamed bullet, because of the shape of his head. There was some good games played there. There used to be also on the field by the camp a cinder track where the bycycle speedway used to be run on a friday night. I can remember Harry and ... more >>

  • Re: BLUEBELL ESTATE by michael the jockey (Member 10260884) on 28-Apr-2011
    Hi I lived on the BlueBell my mate was Alan Lea he lived on salerno the back of Tobruk he had three brothers Kenny, Bobby and Lenard, I would love to track him down I expect to be in Liverpool this yearso any info would be helpful.


Alison Breslin/Johnson by Steven Turner (Member 10032700) on 11-May-2001
Does anyone know a girl called Alison Breslin or Johnson i met her in 77 she must be about 38 now. Would like to hear how she's doing.   
  • Re: Alison Breslin/Johnson by Geoff Lovett (Member 10016495) on 27-May-2001
    steve was she from Huyton?or Huyton Quarry.

  • Re: Alison Breslin/Johnson by Steven Turner (Member 10032700) on 4-Jun-2001
    I think she lived in Wallace Ave or Road. Don't know if thats Huyton or Huyton Quarry.

moving with the times. by bob mccrimmon (Member 10026636) on 28-Apr-2001
hi andy, angie, just thought that we were getting too far down the board, so here we are at the top again. t.t.f.n. bob.   
  • Re: moving with the times. by bob mccrimmon (Member 10026636) on 29-Apr-2001
    hi andy, yer! me click finger was gettin' a callous from runnin' down all the boards. or maybe it's laziness, ah well. we broke away. t.t.f.n. btw. what's a liphook? bob.

  • Re: moving with the times. by bob mccrimmon (Member 10026636) on 29-Apr-2001
    liphook? well i never. night m8. bob.

  • Re: moving with the times. by Angie (Member 10011401) on 6-May-2001
    Hi Andy guess who popped in to visit us? :) Hiya Bob ... well that was a wee surprise eh?? :)

st. helens board. by bob mccrimmon (Member 10026636) on 21-Apr-2001
hi andy, do you ever check out the st. helens board. it's one of the most lively, they've got a great diss. going on right now about paki's, good intellectual stuff.   
Huyton by Geoff Roberts (Member 10030784) on 18-Apr-2001
Come on guys if you were born and grew up in Huyton be proud of it, think of your childhood playing on the plantations on sunny evenigs, knock & run, conkers, shit wrapped up in newspaper, set on fire onthe doorstep of a prick of a neibour Knock & run and when they opened the door their first reaction was to stamp out the fire!! then you knew were the saying o Shit came from. Those days were not that bad!
  • Re: Huyton and more. by bob mccrimmon (Member 10026636) on 18-Apr-2001
    my god. it amazes me, you guys in huyton did pretty well the same things as us kids in clubmoor did. sure is a small world. we ain't that different after all, maybe. bob.

  • Re: Huyton by huytongirlremoved (Member 10118134) on 4-Sep-2004
    Yes i remember playing knock and run (didnt do the shit thing though eeeew) only thing is by the time the neighbour opened the door i'd be a thousand miles away as i run like a whippet hahaha

  • Re: Huyton by Carrie Brooks (Member 10319292) on 18-Feb-2018
    Hi I didn't lived in huyton but my mum did with her family. I'm not sure what street she lived on or what school she went to. She was born 1952 in broardgreen hosptial. My mum's name was Susan Tod,her parents were Donald and barbara Tod. I would be very greatfull if anyone who knew them between 1952-1970 or there about.please get in contact with me at thank you, carrie

Find Huyton by Geoff Roberts (Member 10030784) on 17-Apr-2001
My God after twent years of being homesick for Huyton (I live in oz) I cant beleive I have found this Site,. I was born in Liverpool Road between the eagle & Child and the Oak Tree. I went to Park View ,Then Huyton Modern 1966+ I remember Brian Knutty Cotsford Road, Steven Skinner, Mike Latham, Steve Walsh, Brian Roberts, Teachers:= Head Mr Major, Mr Stanley, Sports Teacher Mr Gunston, Anyone reme... more >>   
  • Re: Find Huyton by marion (Member 10031061) on 27-Apr-2001
    Hi just thought I would say that my nan and grandad lived in cooper crescent, there local was the oak tree. bye

  • Re: Find Huyton by Woody (Member 10051738) on 12-Dec-2001
    Hi mate,

    Re, the eagle has been demolished and is now a Macdonalds, video shop and supermarket, the Blubell and Farmers Arms both lie derelict.

  • Re: Find Huyton by colin (Member 10067925) on 10-May-2002
    Hi Geoff
    Are you the same one with a sister shirley
    if so we are related you would know my mum joyce and her sister Freda, if so let me know

  • Re: Find Huyton by glynn jones (Member 10078660) on 8-Oct-2002
    Hi Geoff,

  • Re: Find Huyton by glynn jones (Member 10078660) on 8-Oct-2002
    HI Geoff,
    Do you rememember the Legertons that lived on Liverpool Rd, They had a taxi service,and Nobby Hurstfield, I went to school with Nobby and Tony Legerton.My brother in law is George Campbell he lived not too far from you, he has brothers Eddie and Malcolm and a sister May.He now lives in Eddmonton Canada.All the memories of the chippie and Edmonsons and that area are still great, like ... more >>

  • Re: Find Huyton by chris nolan (Member 10266794) on 26-Oct-2011
    Hi my name is chris Nolan brian nuttie was a gud mate of mine we were in class 4ac.Iv be tryin to get in contact with others .linda dawes,ian black.who were in my class.Iremember eddie halewood,mr major. mr gunson all terchers from 1963 1967. CHRIS

  • Re: Find Huyton by geoff roberts (Member 10289575) on 2-Nov-2013
    Hi to Chris Nolan, I was in your class , Geoff Roberts

A New Site by mesreyviews (Member 10029111) on 24-Mar-2001
To see Merseyside and Huyton both past and present, chat room and message board , then why not visit a new and constantly improved and expanded site. For all you want to know about merseyside just ask in our guestbook, we try our best to reply to all. As this is a new site we welcome any comments or tips (good or bad) to help us improve .

the stanley arms by jim smyth (Member 10025403) on 7-Mar-2001
did any one drink in the stanley from 1979 to b19 86 or the bowring park / gardeners arms/ leisure center i am leaving to go back to canada at the end of the month. i wish to contact any freinds etc.   
  • Re: the stanley arms by pam sampson (Member 10057082) on 27-Jan-2002
    hi jim I grew up in huyton in that time frame. I also know live in canada. I just discovered how to contact old friends. go to website

  • Re: the stanley arms by lynne (Member 10063136) on 11-May-2002
    i drank in the bowering park around 1975 till 79 .with my boyfriend graham brannan ,would be nice to know what happened to him ,i live in amsterdam now ,but visit very regular ,eeerr not the bowering park ,liverpool

long ago. too long ago! by bob mccrimmon (Member 10026636) on 2-Mar-2001
i'm originally from the tuebrook-clubmoor area. but had pals in the huyton area in the late '50's early '60's, so i'm looking for some general info. does anyone remember franky doyle? he used to ride a gold star, then got one of the first bonnevilles in mersyside. the noons who lived somewhere off princes drive? lifted my elboe many times in the eagle and child, is it still there? has the area cha... more >>   
  • Re: long ago. too long ago! by bob mccrimmon (Member 10026636) on 16-Apr-2001
    hi kissmya. i guess no one looks anywhere anymore. it's a shame!! why is the 'pool site so dead? btw. thanks for answering me, i was beginning to give up all hope. btw2 pete noon's brother used to ride m/c's with us. i've forgotten his name for the moment, but he used to be in the 'merch' on the new york route i think. is anyone out there old enough to remember him? t.t.f.n. bob.

  • Re: long ago. too long ago! antiquity by bob mccrimmon (Member 10026636) on 16-Apr-2001
    hi andy, thanks for the reply, i've heard about the re-formatting probleb from other sites. i guess us scousers can't be bothered messing about with formalized protocol, if we can't get it right away, the heck with it? yes i've used merseyworld board, and i went on the chat board for the first time yesterday. met a guy from townsend ave who lives in nova scotia now. i'm in b.c. myself. 8,ooo long ... more >>

  • Re: long ago. too long ago! still by bob mccrimmon (Member 10026636) on 17-Apr-2001
    hi andy, funny thing, when i got kicked out, or decided to leave home i too had a flat in newsham park. just down from the judges residence. i have to admit newsham park is, or was, a nice place. that was about 59-62. 19 that is. where are you now? still in the 'pool or further afield? the merseyworld chat room seems to be pretty good, there seems to be some sort of control levied, i don't care to... more >>

  • Re: long ago. too long ago! by Angie (Member 10011401) on 19-Apr-2001
    Hi Andy formally known as psychoscouse :) How come you never told me about the other scouse board??? lol ... How ye doin? seen your name and couldn't pass without saying hello.

  • Re: the performer formerly known as psychoscouse by bob mccrimmon (Member 10026636) on 19-Apr-2001
    hi andy, which board do you mean, i think i must have my 'monica' on them all. and there's new ones popping up every week it seems. i'll try to think of them all later on. t.t.f.n. bob.

  • Re: long ago. too long ago!newsham park. by bob mccrimmon (Member 10026636) on 22-Apr-2001
    hi andy, of course i was 'struttin' my stuff' around newsham park a long time before you. haha. we used to go to the fairs there all the time, sometimes they came twice a year. and then there was the orange lodge day, when all the goggers and prods (no disrespect intended) used to fight it out on the big field. don't know if that still happens. we all used to hang out at a coffee bar on the corner... more >>

  • Re: long ago. too long ago! by Angie (Member 10011401) on 25-Apr-2001
    Ok Formerly ... NOt formally ... my mistake :)

  • Re: long ago. too long ago!it gets longer. by bob mccrimmon (Member 10026636) on 27-Apr-2001
    hi andy, i;ll give that site a try, the 'mod rocker' scene was a lot of fun really. t.t.f.n. bob.

  • Re: long ago. too long ago! by Woody (Member 10051738) on 15-Dec-2001
    To Andy,

    I know the Corness twins Peter & Paul, and brothers Ste and Michael, also knew Paddy Campbell.

Jim Flanders by heather flanders nee black (Member 10023686) on 16-Jan-2001

My name is Jim Flanders I used to live in Page Moss, in the 70's I used to go to St Allys School, I am now living in Australia and would like to here from anyone who remembers me of any who went to St Allys, me and my twin brother (gerrys) nickname was Kida, from page moss, we used to hang around The Eagle & Child and The Oak Tree.
  • Re: Woolfall Heath Sec Mod School 1965 -70 by Phillips (Member 10024655) on 27-Jan-2001

    Anybody out there who attended this School between these dates - looking especially for old School friend - June Allen - lost touch in 1970.

  • Re: Jim Flanders by Terry (Member 10073369) on 17-Jul-2002
    Hi I remember the kidda twins...little shits they were lol.I lived in woolfall crescent and i went to the Alles to

  • Re: Jim Flanders by rory mcardle (Member 10033743) on 22-Oct-2005
    hiya jim how our you all give my best to danny and gerry..gis a shout if any of you come home rory...

Is this you?? by Lynn Connolly (Member 10019613) on 3-Nov-2000

I'm posting this message because recently, we received orders and enquiries from people in the North West, but because of a small flood, we've lost the data!

The orders were made through last week, so if that was you, (specifically the order for the UFO Mouse) please contact us. No money was taken from your card by ... more >>
barkbeth road by glenysaspros (Member 10019135) on 26-Oct-2000
hi my name is glenys [mellows] when we lived in barkbeth road. we left in 1967 use to go woolfall heath sec mod school. remember mr blackshaw the english teacher who threw the blackboard duster at you if u looked up during his lesson. also the pe teacher whose name i dont remember but he was very tall and would belt u with a massive sized running shoe or pump i think it was called. remember a boy ... more >>   
  • Re: barkbeth road by dburns (Member 10230149) on 7-Aug-2008
    Do you recall a james burns. He lived at 21 Barkbeth road Hutton Liverpool
    Danny Burns

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