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Hookup Spots
  • Sainsbury’s car park behind c and a and plessey
  • My dad used to own F & H jobsons the newsagents oppersite the crossing of Valetine's park. All of my friens and my brothers used to hang out over Valentine's park, we used to spend our time on the boating lake and looking for conkers to bruise each others knuckles in many a good battle ! rossi's ice cream was the best place for a hot Saturday afternoon coke float.
  • Rod Stewart don't live in chigwell,he,s house is in Epping, next to copps hall
  • outside chicken cottage
  • you have the choice of either seven kings, ilford or barking side McDonalds. yum yum, its the only place to be. pengiuns arcade is cool to hang around.
  • Phone box outside Uppercut ringing up BT making out we had lost money in the phone box to get free phone cards !
  • South Park, north side near the swings and roundabouts. We used to play run-puts and wind up the parkies. I crashed chest to chest into a girl called Catherine who at 13 was a year older than me and it was the nearest I had ever come to sex. Fantasised about it for years.
  • The WIMPY BAR in Gantshill - Saturday night - nobody dare mentioned if they were holding a party at their house!!!!
  • the shed south park[harry hill]
  • Seven Kings Park, there used to be that green roundabout next to the swings, sadly they've been removed now because they were too dangerous, or the bandstand in the park, it was always run down.
  • Outside barkingside McDonalds
  • I remember the days when me and all my mates went to the RAT & CARROT (now know as the Green Castle). They should have left it as the RAT & CARROT. Best place to be about 4 years ago!
  • The British Legion Club, Elm Park, Hornchurch, Essex. 1060s, the time to have been in. Sunday afternoon 4.00pm-6.00pm. Ok when you are 12. We had live beands then and paisley shift dresses. Ohhh...such good times.
  • The classic spot from when I was growing up would have to be ouside McDonald's.
  • the bench, newbury park, thats all im sayin! hehe
  • Seven Kings is the park where I spend most of my summers with my mates hanging 'bout on the swings and the band stand. It's along Aldborough Road South.
  • Seven Eleven at Gants hill.... I suppose they still hang out there!!! Sado's
  • The Music power shop in the high road is good for all the latest garage house underground stuff.
  • the red lion on a friday night we used to all meet have a few drinks and mabye go over to the angel rick was the landlord 1977ish we then used to all wander up the high road and the smothies used to end up in room at the top and the rest of us in tiffanies.seems like yesterday can remember walking home and having a burger in the burger bar just past the abc cinema cant remember the name
  • My friends and I used to go to Barkingside Recreation (Wreck!) ground to play football every Friday after school
  • in the 80's was the cafe in Aldborough road whats now an indian restaurant and also a park shelter (sadly now removed) in Seven Kings park rose garden

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