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  • Murder wood was an old haunt of mine. Although hanging out there you ran the risk of getting a beating off the local estate kids.
  • who so ever wrote the other instalment to this site.what a nesbit its people like them that give good old ming ming a bad name.theres plenty of places to meet in ming .depending from which social group you hail from ie,the haves or the have nots.the fact that there is so little to do in our town make it a great place for socialising with ypour mates,fond memorys of smoking fat ones in the cem down mill lane or as you have probably already read hanging on the civic .every generation has there time hanging on the civic and some people never really progress to hanging about anywhere else but hey everywhere is as far away from heaven so they say.
  • i agree outside jacksons i hear streetcrime uk were filming only the other night
  • well there is church park (had many drunken nyts there). the civic but no one goes there any more coz its shit ermmmm most people jus stay in there m8s house
  • The Estate is a good stomping ground or maybe its bcos all ma buddies are the real deal estate rats , u can always bet theres sumfin happening on the estate , even if your involved or not.
  • In immingham Ming Ming there is one place where you feel at home , everyone knows of it , but even when your 18 and can go to the pub , theres a place thats in the blood The Estate. Once you step foot on the estate , and become an estate rat you can never get away from that estate rat effect , join the estate rats now and love life ,rampage85
  • the info bout the skate park is now rong as all tht is left of it is a measley little quarter pipe which is dodgey as coz the sheets keep poppin out so if ur doin sum mad trick in the air an cum 2 land expect 2 slice ur leg lol there woz a table top thingy wiv little ramps linkin on 2 it but sum people burnt out a car on top of it and my guess is tht they were from the estate coz apperentley once u ave lived on it for more thn 5 years u are an official estate rat.
  • well roval drive is i suppose one of the popular hang outs where u would expect to find 14yr olds or younger smokin the reefar or drinkin good old white lightning or just shelterin under the pavillion from this good old english weather or the wall outside the christian center many-a-days have i seen the youth meet up in wot ever the weather
  • the garden of eden! anyone remember this?
  • The civic, as it used to be, not now. Great teenage memories from there. We weren't all bad, just needed somewhere to go and something to do. Contrary to belief, it wasn't full of drunken, glued up and drugged youths. I, and most of my frinds, still worked reasonably hard at school, got a good job and brought up two well adjusted kids that have some morals.
  • The civic but no one goes there ne more. Church park is ok but theres usually druggies on it waitin for their goods.
  • the civic or the park next to the church
  • I just used to meet my mates at my house cos I was always to scared to go out. When I did go out it was a) dark, b)on a Sunday because all the lousy meat heads were still in bed with the 14 year old they had scored with on Saturday and c)because I was off my nut on booze and skunk. I imagine it would have been different if I had'nt lived on the estate, maybe somewhere heavenly like up on Bluestone Lane. All the best kids up that way used to meet up on Roval Drive like the other guy said. There was some OUSTANDING fights up there, nothing like we used to have on the estate, we never used to say please or thankyou.
  • All the young swampies roll around the hills near the bluie drinking cider, or thier mams perfume and smoking the rastafarian old holborn, and if thier not thier its gotta be jacksons "will you get us some cider please mate" piss off!
  • The civic is still the place to be seen, sat on a bench with lil gurlies freezin their asses off in lil skirts an skimpy tops and lil boys smoking their CIGARS hmmmm. Get to the age of 17 and wehey we get scooters to bezz around on, skiddin in the grass near the bus stop and beepin honkers uncontrollably
  • THE Sk8te park is a good place to sk8te! But you might get a couple of folks who tell ya 2 go away!! Some grebos hang out there 2!
  • Outside offlicences waiting for someone to buy alcohol.Roval drive,trinity church,bluestone bench.
  • Civic, Jacksons, oh and then theres the Civic oh and Jacksons , oh but don't let me forget the Civic.......
  • You cant hang out in Immingham, especially not on the estate cos the local nutters (you know who you are u div's) usually go around intimidating everyone else. I used to go and have a smoke up at Roxton Woods now and again tho. An ideal spot for some late night teen fighting of quite excellent quality is The Roval. The cider is particularly foul, White Lightning being a particular favourite of the local conniseur.
  • everyone sits round stoopid jacksons waiting for an older kid that looks 18 to get them their alcopop or cider
  • The Spar shop at top end thats where they try to get people to buy their drink (cider) for them.
  • The civic centre is THE place to see and be seen! A tradition on a Friday and Saturday night is to see how much cider can be consumed by 14 yr olds or younger! That or for excercise go to Roval Park, again on a Friday and Saturday night, again drinking cider but this time being chased by police horses!! Ahhh fond teenage memories!

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