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Skateboard Shops in Keighley, West Yorkshire*

Where to buy skateboard decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape, curb wax, tees, caps, set ups, bolts, kingpins etc

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Skateboard Shops
  • Skatebirds' Skateboards, The High Street, also on The Low Street. Good place to get skateboards for skateboarding ducks off regional news items.
  • Preebles next to Raja's is probably the best bet at the moment. They don't sell skateboards but I bet they might know somewhere that might do.
  • Elton John recorded the synth solo from Nikita here.
  • Turks Trucks. Used to be Keighley Needle fact....I think it might still be. Not sure where I've seen Turks Trucks then......
  • KD Lang's but more for the banter than the boards. This is because its a card shop.
  • Blenders in the market. Recently had to move after some bother from a loan shark, a debt recovery bear and an independent financial consultant sheep.
  • Shufflepuck Cafe is no longer trading. Please address all inquiries to the deceased's mother Mrs Cafe, 4291.
  • Hedleys.They sell Skimps, Doorknocker, AirFlax, Winkle and BallMilkers.
  • 'Ploppers' sell all sortsa boreds. My mates (Neil Plop) Dad opened it in 1986 (the year my eldest brother was born) and ran it right up 'til 2006 (the year my eldest brother started a 10 stretch for murder.)
  • Nearest is 'Blats' in Bingley. Graham the Greek works there on Saturdays. If he pulls a knife, here's a bit of advice, leave.
  • Ant and Decks recently shut due to a cancer scare. So probably visit their sister shop Seedy UK on Bevens Road.
  • "Drills Thrills" for trucks, "Oooomph" for risers and "Bum Skills" for bums
  • The Crazy Chevron, Gulliver Street
  • Sk8 Gr8pes - former owner of Billy's Bikes in Skipton. Good rides but poorly managed.
  • Ebay?
  • There's the one above Speaks but DON'T try to skate up to it. There are many stairs and you could die (from the shock of their very reasonable prices!! LOLFULL)
  • Board Room (Speaks Keighley) near bus station
  • Only that one above Speaks. Theres a cool clothes shop opened on Cavendish Street called ego. Also couple of shops in Ponty and Featherstone. There's Dannys, Trucks and Trumps and Dando's (say's on their flyers, "Boarding on your doorstep" I DON'T EVEN LIVE THERE!! HA HA HA)
  • go to eeds for decks
  • Ton's of shops in Leeds. Phat's, Boom's, Orm's Wipe Out and Billy Joel's (Not sure what the real name of the shop is but the owner looks like Bruce Sprinsteen!!)
  • The boardroom above speaks- jsut gettin started not bad but not gr8.
  • Bradford
  • Speaks of Keighley sell skater stuff,Upstairs in the Boardroom
  • there are 3 old school asphalt/tarmac skateparks dotted around. generally consist of 3.5ft high and smaller "mounds" without lips, similar to the one in wibsey, bradford if you're familiar with that. Lund Park, Crossroads Park [probably the best], Bracken Bank.
  • Willis Walkers on Cavendish Street or Norman Bairstows Down East Parade (or't pawnbrokers!)

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