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  • dickies or if you just wanna drink coke coz your under 18 wink wink then try the castle
  • Brewery has a nice group of staff, and attracts a good range of people. However there are many pubs throughout town which may better suit your tastes.
  • white hart,dun horse,george and dragon, dickie doodles, bootleggers, last orders, black swan, idols, union tavern, mint bar , sphere, masons,
  • lots and lots!!! smokey smokey drinky drinky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Big up to Northern Star The Fleece Inn and The White Hart! Good old Kendal Pubs! And then of course there's Idols Sports Bar, hip place to be!
  • The Fleese is easly the best pub in Kendal. Infact one of the best pubs Iv ever been to. Just trust me on this one. Burgundys isn't actually a pubs but a wine bar. A nice little venue and the house white is Gorgeous.
  • well me n me mates counted 53 drinking places in kendal so it doesnt really need explainin.
  • Kendal has 56 pubs per square mile which is the largest amount in Britain!!
  • Angel pub on Highgate, Seven Stars on Stricklandgate, Hyena on Fellside...
  • Angel pub on Highgate, Seven Stars on Stricklandgate, Hyena on Fellside...
  • If you're a female minor then you can get in anywhere, 9/10 bouncers are sleazy and let you in with a bit of flirting. Only a handful seem to have a bit of professionalism. The Fleece, Bootleggers, George n Dragon, Dun Horse, and Idols (in that order) are a good place to stop off. Avoid The Globe because it's for the over 50's (it seems) and every other pub I didn't mention. If you go to The Duke or The Feathers etc etc you need help.
  • Bootleggers, middle of town, cheap, good atmosphere whole range of people, busy, the place to go on a night out
  • Try staying at the Kendal Bowman pub if you enjoy getting your bedroom door kicked off its hindges at 0300 hrs by an drunk snaggletoothed vulture of a landlady demanding your money. You are advised to acquire the Kendal police force's telephone number before staying here as you will find yourself ringing it at some stage during the night. RAF - Please feel free to use Kendal to train new recruits in carpet and napalm bombing techniques preferably localising the onslaught to the Kendal Bowman pub with the landlady on the premises.
  • Yes, lots of them, all pretty much the same. Apart from the Brewery Vats Bar, which used to be half-decent, dark and dingy but now is horrible. But we all still go there. Bootleggers is probably the best, as its cheap, but too small. Same thing for the Wine Bar. The rest are full of builders (especially The Rainbow and Oddfellows). The best pints are at places like The Feathers. Tinto's is rubbish and they only serve bottles. However, if you're an outsider visiting then don't expect a friendly reception. Not that you'll get an unfriendly one, just that you'll probably be completely ignored, especially in The Brewery.
  • Bar 99, Bootleggers, Fleece, Idols, Kent, Masons, Globe, george&dragon.
  • bar 99 and bootleggers, occasionally i go to tintos.
  • the shaky was better when lee & amanda had it!
  • Bar 99 - 99p a pint - Winos and alkies galore, used to be a decent pub called the Georgian House, what a pity.
  • Cock & Dolphin, Ye Olde Fleece Inn, Rifleman's, The Wheatsheaf, The bowman, Shakespeare inn, Brewery, The New Inn, Ring o' Bells, Bootleggers, Tinto's, The prince of wales feathers, The castle, The bridge inn and various others...
  • Lots, around 40, if you know where to look. :-)
  • Bootleggers has a great atmosphere and they have wicked toilet seats!
  • round town saturday night is an institution,take your pick of any of the tired old places on highgate, all of them still have bat out of hell on the juke box.
  • Loads of decent pubs. The Vats Bar in the Brewery is a nice place. Sitting in huge barrels is quite a lot of fun. Most of the pubs are worth going to.
  • Kendal has many fine pubs. The Fleece Inn and The Phoenix are my personal favourites. It also has a fancy Bar called TINTO (this has also been given an extra s by the locals). Try slushy cocktails in Bootleggers.
  • Friday night pub crawl starts at Kirkland end of Town , working way up Highgate to Georgian House, The Fleece, into Market Square to the Glove and Bootleggers before a swift head bang in the Kent , last orders at Idols and queue up for Passions at around 11.30
  • Kent Tavern, sells beetle juice the silliest alco pop found for some time
  • Good pubs include Shakespere (Shaky), New Inn and Burgundy's Wine Bar (with a late license at weekends).
  • Kendal has a lot of excellent pubs, all along the main High Street

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