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  • EVENT - Information about a forthcoming play at the White Bear 'Pretty Boy' returns to the White Bear After its sold-out world premiere in June of this year, 'Pretty Boy', Sam Hall’s new romantic comedy about face values returns to the White Bear for a three week run. Jake Marmora, Hollywood action hero, wakes up at an exclusive clinic after his ‘accident’. He is captivated by the mysterious ‘Other Patient’, but what dark secret in her background of privilege and excesses has brought her there? In this fantasy world it’s easy to imagine they can be together. But three years later, when the role-playing is over - do they really think they can finish what they started? As is the case with many Hollywood blockbuster movies of the type Jim has starred in, Pretty Boy has two different endings, unusually, the audience gets to see both. ‘A fun play with some really comic moments... a satisfying range of word play and physical humour’ Culture Wars ‘A Notting Hill story with an unusual twist - both characters are Julia Roberts,’ Soho theatre and writer’s centre. Suitable for teenage and up. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Pretty Boy - a new play by Sam Hall The White Bear Theatre, 138 Kennington Road, London, SE11 4RB Tuesdays to Saturdays: 10–14 / 24-28 August 2004 – 7.30pm 17-21 August 2004 – 9pm Sunday matinees: 15 / 29 August 2004 – 4pm 22 August 2004 – 6pm (No shows on Mondays.) Prices for all performances: £10 / £7(concs)
  • Please can I beg a 'charity spot' ? Earlier in my life I had major major depression etc. When I was 19 it was probably at its worst ? I have an ambition, hardly sexy, to get a Branch of the Samaritans in Lambeth. We bloody well need one ! I will risk all - see attached. Cheers, chums. Long Live Young People. And For Fuck's Sake, turn out to vote on June 10th to give Blair, Blunkett and Straw a bloody nose ? Identity cards for all, any minute, believe me. Hanging back, soon ? Join Amnesty, office in Rosebery Avenue Farringdon. Local group ? _______________________________________________________________________________ CAMPAIGN FOR A BRANCH OF THE SAMARITANS - IN LAMBETH Dear Resident I am very sorry to bother you. Almost everyone is by now personally aware of the prevalence of that dreadful threat to human well-being : ‘Depression’. In a front-page article on Tuesday 30th March 2004, The Independent reported that a stunning 1 in 3 appointments with G.P.s, arise from this one cause. Worse still, according to the Sunday Times a while ago, our own area, Lambeth, has the highest rate of suicide, and therefore presumably ‘depression’, in the entire country. Yet despite the presence of many other very supportive organisations, Lambeth does not yet have our own Branch of the most obvious service which could help – the Samaritans. As a Lambeth resident, and former Samaritan volunteer and customer myself, I know that we in Lambeth can easily access the Samaritans’ brand of ‘tender loving care’ on their national phone line (0845 790 9090), as well as by email and web. But it is the possibility of getting right away from one’s stressful situation, and making a personal visit to see a nearby friendly and encouraging face, which really gets the cure under way. Please would you help try to bring this service into Lambeth ? Depression is the single greatest threat to health and happiness across the globe, according to the World Health Organisation. In Britain, no less than 14 people take their own lives every single day; many others suffer almost unbearable despair. My own personal experience in this area is referred to in my recent letter in The Independent, a few days after their headline article. Apart from other factors, my own mother Ann Margaret Cantlay was a tragic victim. Please do not be downhearted. There are real positive aspects. Having myself run two Depression Alliance self-help groups in Lambeth, and as a former Management Committee member of Lambeth MIND, I know that there are a great many local contacts who will help our enterprise. Better still, I very much hope that your goodwill, influence, and expertise will transform this batty idea of mine - within a realistic timescale - into a vibrant and pace-setting new South London support service : the Lambeth Branch of the Samaritans. Please would you very kindly consider helping ? The head office of the Samaritans would be able to offer essential experience and skills later on. But at this early stage, it is entirely up to us to start to gather together a temporary Steering Group, using local goodwill, influence, and possibly a modicum of spare cash to oil the wheels. This should lead to the formation of a Lambeth Samaritans Management Committee. I am personally delivering this letter to the residents of some of the posh Squares I have long admired as a Lambeth resident. This is in the hope that (behind your BMWs and Bentleys !) there lurk pillars of our Community whom we may persuade to spread a little more happiness throughout Lambeth, and its diverse and fascinating population. Please would you carefully consider this request ? Not being entirely a mug, I then hope you will consider giving me a call - suggesting in what way you could help ! All the best to you, and many thanks. Tony Cantlay 07986 476929
  • Learn Tai Chi - Monday and Thursday evenings - at Pedlar's Acre Communit Hall for details and updates.
  • Kennington was pretty cool. I lived opposite Kennington park which was an endless source of amusement! Also I always got a free (and blooming good) view of the Firework Display every Bonfire night! Also the owner of the local off-licence was on Crimewatch after his wife murdered him!
  • Our 'Kennington Estate' (Renfrew Road, Wincott Street, Reedwoth Street) is quite pleasant, but no-one knows each other. We are trying to improve things, with a Kennington Estate Community Group, encouraging people to be a little bit more neighbourly. It is very hard work. Can anyone help ? Please contact Tony Cantlay, tel. 0171-582 2805 ; email Thanks.
  • I live in the Halls of Residence near Kennington and the area is supposed to be 'dodgy' but I haven't had any problems here. The area isn't one of the nicest areas of London but also it isn't one of the worst. The general facilities around the area are alright and it's not too far from Central London and the main sights.
  • Charlie Chaplin's house

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