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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Cool '60s Mod/Soul Band THE ACTION are from Kentish Town. I'm surprised no one has mentioned this before!
  • Nush from Big brother got mugged in Kentish Town!!!
  • I heard Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull say that he used to live in Kentish Town many years ago. Check it out but I think its fact.
  • Jon Snow and Bill Nighy
  • The entry saying that John Humphries (he of Channel 4 news and cycling fame) lives in Kentish Town is wrong. John Humphries is of the Today programme on Radio 4. Jon Snow is the Channel 4 news guy who does ride a bike and does live in Torriano Cottages, Kentish Town.
  • The Boo Radleys' 'Giant Steps' was written and rehearsed in a house on Chetwynd Road.
  • Mr. Shakehandsman from "Banzai" can be seen on his bike (usually on the pavement!). Lord Rogers and Lesley Anne Down lived in Patshull Road (not together!)
  • i believe that guy called Egg in 'this life' lives in Kentish Town. and miss Dynamite is a kentish town original, apparently
  • Sara Cox lives in Kentish Town. I've seen her in Somerfeild and Blockbuster Video with her dog. I think its a Basset Hound. I saw Patrick Kielty in Kentish Town once too. But I don't think he lives here as he seemed quite keen to leave.
  • u said Madness(the band from the 1980's) live in kentish town,that is a load of rubbish,most of them live in barnet and other such suburbs,its their mums that still live in kentish.
  • Adam Ant recently pulled a fake gun on people laughing at him in local pub here. Timmy Mallet, Jon Snow, Beryl Bainbridge, Rufus Sewell, plenty of others
  • John Humphries - he of Channel 4 news and bike riding fame...
  • Gary Kemp who used to be in Spandau Ballet and who starred in 'The Krays' with his brother Martin Kemp (Now in Eastenders)lives in Kentish Town!
  • Windsor Davies (Sarnt major in It ain't half hot, mum) lived in the last house on the right in Gaisford Street for many years.
  • George Orwell lived in Lawford Road while he wrote Down and Out in Paris and London.
  • Some of Placebo?... and Charlie and Molly from that gypsy band The Fighting Cocks are often to be found doing the door at the Bull and Gate
  • Andrew Motion, Poet Laureate, gets much of his inspiration from the area (though might actually live in Tufnell Park)
  • Terry Hall gets his curry from the Bengal Lancer quite a lot.
  • The tough Scottish policeman from TV's 'The Vice' drinks in The Pineapple.
  • Acland Burghley School is, mysteriously, almost certainly the most famous secondary comprehensive school in the country. It was used for the outside bit in Chalk, and I swear that about half of all documentary/current affairs-type programs featuring schools have it in. Strange but true. Hugh Laurie lives somewhere in the area.
  • Adam Ant
  • Fay Weldon (novelist, 'She Devil' etc.) A few actors can be spotted on Kentish Town Road eg. Bill Nighy. Gabrielle Glaister (Patricia Farnham in 'Brookside') has been spotted at the dry cleaners on Prince of Wales Road. Channel 4 News's John Snow lives in Kentish Town and is frequently seen on Kentish Town Road on his bike. There is a drama school in the old Methodist Church on Prince of Wales Road, the Drama Centre, past students of which include Pierce Brosnan, Simon Callow, Colin Firth, Frances de la Tour, Geraldine James and many others. Sir Anthony Hopkins and Warren Mitchell are on the board so can occasionally be spotted.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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