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  • The abbey tavern has recently been refitted and sells food which is overpriced and the service is lousy!! such a shame as the refit has made the pub a great place for a drink in the beergarden. Favourite pubs are the Junction tavern and the gloucester!!!
  • Just noticed the other day, the pub previously known as the Bell Book and Candle, the Vulture's Perch, the something else and then Jorene Celeste, has re-invented itself again (what is it about that place?) and is now going to be a Gastropub called 'The Oxford'.
  • the Bull and Gate, the Fiddler's (Elbow) on corner of Prince of Wales and Malden Rds
  • Definite Pineapple fan. Just Don't tell everyone about it...
  • The Pineapple is simply the best pub in London. Indubitably
  • Its gotta be the Tally, not what it used to be but the DJs on a friday night are definately creating an atmosphere!
  • Best boozers- Bull and Gate, Auntie Annies, O'Reillys, Camden Brewery Co, The Murray Arms, Lord Stanley.
  • The 3 best: The Vulture's Perch The Assembly Rooms The Pineapple (Leverton Street, trendy, food, garden)
  • Junction Tavern now under new ownership & is now a 'gastropub',so no pool table but good food, decent wine(for those of us who don't drink beer,darling)& friendly atmosphere.Go before it gets rammed.
  • the pineapple is set to reopen hooray! canīt tell you the date but sure you can find out
  • The Highgate for trendy wannabe's, O'reilly (fit barmaid) and the Tally Ho for a fight and more trouble...
  • The assembly House has now been refurbished (AGAIN !!!) and is now a far nicer place, but alas the new Governor and his Misses appear to be homophobic and have barred some gays!! When will Greene King get the balance right??
  • The Pineapple has now been sold on to a new owner who is going to open it again as a pub (around the 8th May 2002)hopefully it will again be the gem it once was.
  • The Pineapple is no more - Hatchet faced developers have bought it hoping to rip the heart out of Kentish Town but were foiled at the last minute by Camden Planning Office. Now closed and depressed the hope lives on for a buyer willing to run it as a pub. Alas...
  • Best pub Top 5 in Kentish Town, 1. Jorene Celeste..... Still at number 1 in the Chart. 2. O'Reillys.......... A new entry, Phil & Alan leading the debauchery!(try sunday afternoon for a recovery session) 3. Auntie Annies.......Down from 2, still we know where the footie is. 4. Quins.............. Not to be forgotten if Speciality beers are your thing 5. The Tally Ho ...... A re-entry at number 5 they might just go higher in the chart yet, watch this space.
  • The Vulture's Perch is now known as The Jorene Celeste. With a fine yet reasonably priced Thai menu and a function room catering for all sorts of parties it is no longer the 'scary' place it once was. The manager Mark is a little gem full of charm and enthusiasm making this an attractive spot to eat and drink without the menace of big screen football and karaoke.
  • Once again a Pub not mentioned is Quinns near the Camden end of Kentish Town road Very friendly service an amazing selection of beer from Belgium and Germany and the Check republic (or whatever it's called now). But Mr Quinn for god's sake if not for mine Please get rid of that black tarred carpet and chair coverings they don't owe you anything. Anyway some of the best beers and Bitters etc around in a great Pub.Check it out !!
  • The Vultues Perch was a simply wonderful institution and not a scary place at all. If you want scary suggest drinking in The Whip in Leeds.
  • Aunt Annies Porter House - AAPH wins the battle of the pubs every time. Classic Guinness, footie at the weekends, a Friday night buzz - leading the charge for keeping it real in Kentish Town O'Reillys - The old Dolly Fossets, is better now they choose to dim the lights Vultures Perch - The Nov 99 revamp took us all by surprise turning the previous pits of the town into a strange colonial style outpost. Eerie, and echoey, but progress will be watched with interest
  • The vulture's perch is worth a visit now that it has been done out. It is very large and has a cosy fire in the winter.
  • The Pineapple *is* hard to find, but it's far and away the best pub in a scary place. Turn out of the tube, right at The Assembly Rooms (crap beer) and left onto Leverton Road. Keep walking until you see the light(s)!
  • Also worthy of mention - The Junction Tavern - pretty good Guinness, friendlyish staff, and a half-decent pool table
  • The Pineapple is the best, and to enjoy it, you'll have to find it first!
  • Dolly fossets
  • The best pub is probably the Assembly House. Very busy before gigs at the Forum. Then left to diehard regulars and winos who engage you in bizarre conversations. Unreliable pool tables, ok juke box. Beer used to be crap but getting better.
  • Dolly Fosset's: On the High Street, next to McDonald's. Least scary pub in Kentish Town. Young crowd (a local novelty). Decent cheap tucker. "Comedy" club upstairs at weekends.
  • Assembly House: Turn right out of tube. Good meeting point. Very large. Good Guiness. Big screen sport. Drunk post office workers.
  • Vulture's Perch: Twenty yards left from tube. Cheap. Very scary.

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