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Television Documentary requiring to make contact with people who knew John Duffy and David Mulcahy a by Marc Barrett (Member 10291855) on 5-Mar-2014
A reputable and popular crime television documentary series is currently looking to make contact with people who knew or were friends with John Duffy and/or David Mulcahy and their families when the pair were attending Haverstock Secondary School from 1971 onwards.
Those with information and stories to share please contact Marc Barrett, Researcher on 01752 727673 or email:
Thank you.
Save Money or Make Money with the Utility Warehouse by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 4-May-2013
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Authorised D... more >>
Make A Little Extra Money Online - Free Sites - See My Blog by jerome sky (Member 10282652) on 5-Feb-2013

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Win pet prizes for Christmas in our FREE small forum competition! by petsadvice (Member 10257026) on 15-Nov-2011
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Boxing Classes For Women by Marianne Marston (Member 10246406) on 3-Apr-2010

New Location - The Boxing Clinic, 29 St Albans Place, Islington, London N1 0NX

New Times - Tuesday & Thursday Evenings a... more >>
IAN HEIRS WHERE ARE YOU?? by Betty Howard(nee Kelly) (Member 10069427) on 22-Feb-2010
Looking for my brother Ian from Scotland...Last heard of in Kentish Town...Sister Betty Howard is looking for you...Just need to know you are okay,its been years...At least let us know that much please....Betty   
looking by Derek (Member 10237693) on 29-Jun-2009
am still looking for old school friends who went to Belmont School.
and Fred & Marie Watts who used to live Kentish Town,CHURCHILL ROAD
What Difference Would Extra Income Make to Your Life ? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 30-Dec-2008

I am looking for people who have experience in the Financial Services, Utilities or Sales Industries. I can offer a good opportunity for those who are prepared to put in effort on a part time basis with a Footsie 250 Plc company to earn a regular residual income for life.

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Karaoke in Kentish Town by teichin (Member 10234073) on 21-Dec-2008
FoneStar the place where you can show off your singing talent, or lack of talent to thousands of people across the UK! To get started simply record a song over the phone or have a listen to the current Charts to see who your up against!

To become a FoneStar simply call 0844 801 0808
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Trying to find old Band Mates "Shine" Colin, Grant and Alan by Steve Oldham (Member 10231834) on 15-Sep-2008
Trying to find old band mates, we played around London in the late 80's, New Merlins Cave, around North London, the band was called SHINE.

The lead singer was Grant, the guitar player Alan from Watford, and the keyboard player was Colin from Borehamwood.

Any one who knows where thay are would be great to fi... more >>
Start Testing for Scoliosis in Schools Petition by Ab Fab (Member 10048437) on 2-Jun-2008
10 year old Emma has had surgery for Scoliosis and is now campaigning to raise awareness of the condition and for all children in the UK to have the very simple 'bend forward' test to get an early diagnosis of Scoliosis. She has an online petition at

Emma is aiming for 1000 signatures and currently has just short of 300...... more >>
facebook by ilikeeatingthings (Member 10161876) on 30-May-2008   
DUTTY CLOTHING by Stephen Luke (Member 10194772) on 28-May-2008
Check out for new Americana-style t-shirt designs. South Wales based.   
searching by Derek (Member 10131999) on 16-Nov-2007
anyone still around that went to BELMONT SCHOOL Tottenham when WW2 broke out,and was evacuated to Bengeo,Hertford Derek   
12th May 1956 Adopted Brian James Bain by Patty Cosby (Member 10093938) on 28-Sep-2007
Searching for my brother whose name before adoption was Brian James Bain dob 12th May 1956 born Doncaster Street Maryhill Glasgow. Mother Mary Mcleod Barclay (maiden name)Bain dob 18th August 1931 any information would be grateful.   
My Berry Tree by LeCoach (Member 10169670) on 11-Sep-2007
The Berry Tree Overview:
You can make $1336 per month without sponsoring anyone or having to sell anything.

You can earn on everyone in the company. Even on people that joined before you!

This patent pending plan is totally unique, no one has anything ... more >>
LOOKING FOR PETER WILKINSON by Rinaldo Cecchin (Member 10208801) on 31-May-2007
I'am trying to find info on Peter Wilkinson who lived at Leighton Road Kentish Town, London,with his family. Peter was leavin there, as far as I know, until 1980 ore even a couple of yeares more. (last kontact with him). His age should be around 60 today.I would be happy to get any info about his stay.
New boy in town by Big Bosher (Member 10200842) on 24-May-2007
Hi my name is Mark.
Ive just moved down from up north for work.
I'm looking for friends to socialise with & maybe someone special for a relationship.
email me or add me to your msn & we can chat
propper lifestyle by ULVERSTONRANT.COM (Member 10203868) on 12-Mar-2007
see how propper people live,   
Looking for by amelia frewin (Member 10202542) on 12-Feb-2007
We are trying to find info on an Astrid Merethe Norregaard who lived at no 64 Anson Road, Tufnell in the North London area, she had a child called Peter Norregaard who was born on 11th May 1945 and was adopted in September 1945.
We understand her family was from Denmark. We think she may have been a war refugee and have moved from the London area, possibly married and perhaps even had other child... more >>
  • Re: Looking for by amelia frewin (Member 10202542) on 12-Mar-2007
    person found please remove this message

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