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Demolish It Now Building in Kettering, Northamptonshire*

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Demolish It Now Building
  • The "new" Kettering Buccleuch Academy Building
  • The council offices... what an eyesore
  • The Keen's house on Havelock Street with them still inside!
  • The Keen's house
  • The Council Offices with the Councillors still inside please
  • Whole of Ise Estate...eyesore !!
  • The skhool sucks with its features there's only some rails and steps ittttt sssssuuuuukkkkkkssss
  • the damn co-op we once went SK8ING and this Jokin' bucko pushed marley off 'is damn board and i say this to the whole gang no one and i mean no one messes with the SK8RS of hell
  • I'm loath to suggest demolishing anything, the buggers have done enough damage over the years already what with Beech House, the old Post Office Buildings and removing the tiles and not replacing the brilliant cut and etched windows on the Royal. I've managed to rescue some bits like Alf Bailey's music shop signs.
  • Newlands Centre Post Office building to the rear of The Peacock
  • Lidl, and THE worst Comet in the world...
  • YMCA becuase all people do is hang out side it smoking and henry and gotch cuz thats always been a shithole.
  • charlie chalks
  • The awful clock in the town centre, for which a mature tree was uprooted. Makes the centre of town look like some 1970s town planner's idea of chav hell.
  • the football stadium!!
  • The whole of Weekly Glebe Road
  • Newland Centre - wake up and smell the coffee! No one wants any more discount bargain basement crap shops in kettering! Lets start afresh!
  • The Avenue is no longer a crap pub but it and its outbuildings have been converted into high class flats and town houses. The "Works" in Wellington Street is also being converted into flats - wonder how many blank eyed people will wander in and sit down in one of the ground floor flats wondering where the beer and sticky carpets have gone.
  • My mate's house.
  • Any council flat or anywhere where a chav lives
  • new post office building (60's) and most of the town centre
  • hat down
  • Kettering Boys School - bad memories from when it was the Grammar School.
  • The Old Market in (with all the regulars still inside!) That too harsh?
  • Connect FM. Blow it sky high, thats the only way the ratings would go up. Make sure the Woodford Reject is in it at the time. Night night boring FM
  • There is only one choice and that is Connect FM "shed" on the Telford Way. What a load of rubbish spouts out of it everyday. It is run by a group of greasy gimps whose sole intention is to patronise. Bring back KCBC with its hiss and REAL DJ`s , and flatten Connect NOW..
  • The disgrace of a building that houses Crud FM (Connect FM). Run by an ex con, a dweeb from Argos,an ex shoe worker, a woman from Groby!, a half wit from Woodford (hell who would admit to living there?, sorry only car theives)and an ex postman!!! Need i go on? I thought not. Turn on - tune in - switch OFF
  • The building that should be demolished is All Sports.
  • The tin shed that calls itself Connect FM. "The best music and more of it " has long since departed. If you are a shoe worker, a postie, a dweeb who works in Argos, have a lisp, come from dodgy backgrounds or live in Woodford (hell who would ?) then this is your kinda dive. For everyone else theres a proper radio !!
  • fleckies, corrugated piece of iron poo
  • just demolish corby....and the grange estate
  • Club XS - the tin shed
  • The Newlands Centre / The hospital, its a blot/ Post office Building, also a blot / Speights, top of bowling green road on the corner, way over the top & always ignored. KLV, an embarasment, pull it down now & lets forget how apalling Ketterings support is for anything.
  • The Library... disgusting.
  • Theres a collection of buildings about 8 miles north of Kettering, called Corby i think, you can get rid of that.
  • Henry's Pub on a weekend!! he he
  • The shops in Kettering are a joke and thats if you can be bothered to negotiate the one way system to get to them.
  • All the bloody schools n Kettering.....full of middle aged farts telling us how to live our lives. Not even aloud 2 wear make-up 2 school.School is full of shit rules and shit teachers!
  • 77 Naseby rd. the people that live there are scum. druggy, drinking, noisy, disruptive, ugly shites.
  • Grange Shops
  • Rockinghorse Road, get rid of the scumiest place in Kettrin`
  • The Whole of kettering
  • Kettering Town football ground........
  • The Whole of kettering
  • Central Rock Cafe. Club XS
  • RCI near the cinema its just foul!
  • RCI near the cinema its just foul!
  • kbc highfield road and the warren
  • tj fucking hughes! i work there n its shite!
  • Cotton CLub, its just dam plain building
  • every building here is crap
  • Bye bye Swan, even though it has just been done up!
  • henry gotch school full of past loving low lives 13 year olds who carry blades underage pregnacies SCUM OF THE EARTH
  • The whole of the Grange Estate!
  • the old ohio cinema(fleapit) and club excuse along with all of those who give it its poor reputation.
  • flatten half of kettering it sux theres no point in it. cud just destory half the schools i can name a few that are falling apart already!!!!
  • the old working mens club on wellington street. 20-30yrs ago it was the place in kettering, now its a shithole!
  • Newland center
  • Bishop Stopford School and it's shitty sports hall
  • Why o Why did they do it to the Cattle Market
  • I would like to see the Avenue knocked down as soon as pos
  • THE AVENUE shit hole
  • Newborough Centre
  • Scott Davidsons House Parts of the ise lodge that have got a bit shabby the whole of the highfield road estate.
  • Henry Gotch School. It is nearly falling apart......
  • The shity shopping centre - they should never have flattened the post office arcade
  • Borough Council Offices - during working hours.

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