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  • Wayfarers - go there to fall in love
  • The lion has good terrain i mean checkit out
  • The Royal Hotel, the Victorian tilework that still survives is wonderful. Queen Victoria stopped here for a pee, hence the 'Royal'. The poet Byron stopped overnight as a stiff on his way to burial at Newstead Abbey. Dickens stayed here, see what he said about Kettering under favourite buildings.
  • THE BEES WING does 'the best' Sunday roast around!
  • The Melton Arms pub in Melton Street, Kettering is a fantastic place to meet new people and make good friends. It has skittles, pool and darts, a duke box and holds events such as poker nights (every Tuesday and Sunday), Jam nights, theme nights, race nights etc. All newcomers are made to feel welcome and can join in with all the fun and frollicks. This is not just a pub for the oldies, many 'youngies' enjoy it too and say that you cant beat the atmosphere and sense of comunity spirit you get there. So what are you waiting for. Get your bums down to the Melton Arms!
  • Trading Post Kettering, gud old tpk, attracts both families and groups of friends wanting a decent meal. the food is gud, the service is friendly and the waitresses are the best looking in kettering. FACT!!!
  • Prince
  • THE PRINCE. OLD MARKET INN. xtras alright i guess.
  • The Melton is a warm friendly little pub.The loos are clean.The beer is good.Pool skittles and darts.A good laugh or debate most days.Well worth a visit esp on sun trouble.
  • O'malleys/attica is the place to go, two floors playing differant music and alot of good looking people!! the earl of dalkeith has the cheapest drinks. Xtra has the best looking lads!!!!
  • The Sun's ok, too hot needs air con but smoe okay guys go in there. Stear well clear of the Sports if you aren't too keen on the more freshly faced youths, tears and tantrums. O'Malleys is okay, could do with sorting out the pants music they play downstairs and the overly zealous youths that drink upstairs! No atmosphere in Wetherspoons - make your own! Henrys was a great night in its time, not sure where we will stand now the flats are there - its not te same drinking warm beer inside!
  • watercress in its day but needs demolishing now - bottle and shot is suprisingly good
  • earl or death
  • If you're up for a good night out......... don't go to Kettering!
  • In the town centre cram them all into 1 night: Xtra, Bar Sun, Henry's, "Sportz", O'Malley's, Blue Moon, Bar Qbana, Watercress, Peacock, Earl of Dalkieth (wetherspoon's). If you're feeling daring, spend 5 mins in the Shire Horse. Try your local, then the big 10 (above), finishing with Level 3, XS or Central... how many can you cram in?
  • the sports!!! full of underage "wannabe 18's" avoid if 18 or over.attica rock on!
  • Blue Moon - Market Street, this is the only place in Kettering making an effort. Somehow ignored by many locals but lets not complain, saves it for the rest of us. Xtra - just been tarted up & has lost some of its 'younger' crowd. Its big & open so ok in the evening but maybe not for a quiet drink on a sunday afternoon. Sun - rammed doesn't begin to describe it, if you can find your way to upstairs you have a little more room. The Earl of Dalketh - JD Whetherspoon, usual stuff Cheap & a popular starting point. HENRY'S - be careful
  • beeswing getting new manager may become decent there
  • did you know that you can get a great discount in local pubs if you get a kettering vip card? checkout I have saved a fortune on clothes, eating out and much more with my kettering vip gold card!
  • The Old Market Inn is the "alternative" place to go, with a top rock metal punk jukebox. And a rock dj Friday nights Drum & Bass some Sats. And the Prince of wales for the live rock bands on Sundays. And loud rock Friday nights.
  • Sports is gettin a joke, theres little kids there i remember being A LOT younger than me at school and im only just legal TUT, but its a laf with the pole ;), also O'Malleys is a top place to get wasted id say a LEGEND
  • The Market Inn, although slowly dieing out is still the lick. The Prince is smart, finish the night off with some good music and sum pooer tunes aswell.
  • without a doubt the duks arms in woodford is the best pub outside of town- great atmosphere! in town the best pub is omallys
  • The Three Cocks - makes a change form the three Stooges!! Bar Cabana The Cherry Tree - sadly there are neither trees nor cherries...
  • bar sun and xtra prob best.
  • The Peacock has to be the best.O'Malleys shite-so's Sports
  • OMALLYS is the place to be it is fab!!!
  • Love omalleys great choons, friendly faces, sportz is like kindergarten but shots are cheap..try cherry popper!!, prince is dead, bar sun's a bit camp, peacock out of the way but has a funny dj, xtra heaves with the naughty crowd, henrys is like a trip to the gangster ghetto in new york and the bouncers scare me!, the earl is cheap, foods good too!Bar quabano...WHERE?!!the three cocks is full of *ahem* cocks
  • Love omalleys great choons, friendly faces, sportz is like kindergarten but shots are cheap..try cherry popper!!, prince is dead, bar sun's a bit camp, peacock out of the way but has a funny dj, xtra heaves with the naughty crowd, henrys is like a trip to the gangster ghetto in new york and the bouncers scare me!, the earl is cheap, foods good too!Bar quabano...WHERE?!!the three cocks is full of *ahem* cocks
  • Sportz for the very young crowd Henrys is pretty good O' Malleys fairly strict on drinking laws, especially after 10pm, and will not usually yet young people in either Central is crap Extras quite good Dalkeith is a very good place to start your night off as it has really cheap drinks and meals are pretty cheap in there too 5.25 for two selected meals
  • the piper
  • Market Inn, still a good place, Prince is pretty sweet too, oh and don't forget the Bottle and Shot Bar, best place to start off your evening
  • market inn is great i love the vid machine
  • Sportz, since being refurbished (and becoming a little stricter ;o) ) is a very classy and fun little club type pub, the bouncers are friendly (a little TOO friendly ive encountered;o) ) O-malleys has some wicked music goin on if u like a bit of cheese(i do!) gets absolutly packed in there as its not massive so if u dont like bein cramped dont go ther! dance floors a little er...little but good. Bar sun, not a bad place, upstairs is nice and they do some nice drinks in these wicked long glasses! i cant not mention The Briars, brilliant pub in brambleside! tho i would say that!
  • Well if you want a fight hit the Warren, always a big crowd, lovely food, plenty of seating outside to gorp at everyone! If it's a quiet one you want The Melton offers free boredam!
  • the peacock was, and always will be for the geezers of kettering an absolute dive, and perfect if you're attitude stinks, and the only reason you're out is for a fight!....the best has gotta be the old market, attitude free and sound tunes!
  • Booze at the Old Market Inn is the nutz, and no fights.... well rarely.
  • kettering is heavin on a friday and saturday night period theres bar sun which attracts a more one sex atmosphere( in other words its a gay bar) the earl for the oldies and cheap drinks xtra has an atmosphere but fills up with the wrong sort the sports now this was once an underage haven but after being done up is said to be more respectable ha YEAH RITE omalleys my favourite drinks are resonably priced the staff are great (gengiz i love u ) dance floor and people of all ages henerys used to be the place to go but has now aquired quite a reputation for fighting also watch out for the bouncers rough is not the word peacock bit out the way but steadily poipular watercress harries mmmm nice cocktails quite homely with the log fire n all cherry tree/ old market in if your a greb go ahead if not 1 word AVOID
  • Bar Sun, Henry's, O'Malleys and don't forget to meet your Mum & Dad in the Earl for a cheap pint.
  • theres about 10 pubs in kettering or maybe more
  • Xtra has to be the place to be at the moment. They recently had a DJ competition where former UK Battle champion DJ Skully took the honours. Its perfect for pre-clubbing with all the latest funky, US house music being played on a Saturday night THE place to be seen in, in Kettering.
  • Shoulder of Mutton
  • Arrrrr! Rumour has it that the Old Market Inn serves up a fine mug of grog, thus attracting a gang of marauding pirates!
  • fav pub would be the peacock
  • Oh yeah mill rd with the same ole faces Jack Booker
  • The Cherry Tree is good pub for quiet pint with a friendly staff. Excellent value on good lunches.
  • Well, you cant walk into a pub without having no I.D.........
  • price of wales is a no go area it is a youth club, then again if you enjoy the freah faced areas of kettering maybe this suites you.. cellar bar under o'malleys is worth a look in as is the undisputed best pub the peacock.. one pub to check out is watercress harrys, the cocktails are the thing to go for if you are aiming to fall out of the door and 2 for the price of 1 will ensure that.
  • A new Irish Pub called O'Malley's is fantastic for live bands at the weekend. Also a new super pub has opened up called XTRA bar and is crammed full at the weekend with lads and lasses all tarted up for pre-club drinking. The old Watercress Harry's hasbeen renovated and is probably the only place in town to acquire a cocktail.
  • The Old Market Inn wins outright, unless you like kids (Henry's, Extra) or fights (The Peacock, O'mallys, The Rising Sun). Its also the place all the goths, skaters, generally cool people hang out (not actually saying that Goths are cool, there). Mention also the incredibly friendly staff, woohoo, the total lack of violence anywhere near it, and me being there, heyhay!
  • Only 'The Swan' bears mention here... need I say more!
  • The best pub in Kettering is the Old Market Inn.
  • I must disargree with the comments on pubs as Kettering has a good number of good pubs. For example, a new Wetherspoons pub has just opened, The Earl of Dalkeith, which deserves mention and also pubs like The Sportsman's Arms, a loud pub with a good atmosphere, Henry's, which is like the former, and The Old Market Inn, a good pub with a friendly atmosphere, are worthy of a few words.

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