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  • Sonic boom!
  • hmv wered u escpect to get michael jackson jurrasic 5 & transplants
  • HMV makes the SK8RS of hell(me chandler daryl marley) buy all the punk songs for our new sponor me video (the owner of montaboards wants us to prove to him)and said we could get free gear
  • HMV digs some sick turrain of motorhead beachwalk and better than parents
  • Sonic Boom
  • Sonic Boom on Montagu Street!
  • haha, hmv and that your lot... try Vinyl Solution for some DandB in Northampton, or Spun Out.
  • HMV? that is it surely?
  • HMV is now pretty big. Not brilliant, mind you, but still big enough to find most CDs you want.
  • Kettering best vinyl finds are at the Car boots at Rothwell, Wicky Park, Rushden & Diamonds or Mad Mile nr Welly. The Charity shops have nowt in them of note and the market traders either stock similar or are too expensive for bog standard stuff. HMV struggles to get decent vinyl in and has at best a haphazard buying policy- apparently people in hte midlands like hard house and drum n bass? I recommend Juno on-line for when i can't get to Music & Video Echange in London or Brum.
  • Kettering - as good as useless for musical selection. Hop on the train to Leicester or Birmingham. Both places are a short ride away and whether you are into funky house, hip hop, Jazz or Rock, there's specialist shops to suit!
  • hit the market stool on a sat otherwise dont bother looking!
  • HMV do ace music, listen 2 it b4 u buy it and they like always have saled on!!! i Got 3 top class CDs 4 5 ! Result!!!! HMV is located acroos from Dorothy Perkins in the centre!
  • hmv virgin thats bout it
  • Try and get yourself to Kettering's bitter rival Corby or even Northampton. If all else fails... go to HMV, it might be tiny and smell suspect but it might have what you want. MIGHT.
  • Go to Sainsburys and you can get all the chart albums for a tenner.
  • Nearest place to go for records is Leciester plent of good uns there.
  • HMV, V.STORE, Entertainment base
  • Most of the stuff these days is a rip off,but HMV if I have to choose one.
  • dont go hmv- very expensive if you want cd's go tesco there only 9.89
  • HMV RULES!!! So do the listening stands at!!
  • hmv is just daylight robbary it is soooo expensive, id go wollies
  • Tesco's cos its cheapest wiv my mums staff discount!
  • Not really anything mainstream...HMV's really your lot, best going northampton to Spiral Records, near Gregs bakery...specialist records and rare CDs and Singles. Some signed stuff too...but it'll set you back a bit!
  • v shop cuz their prices r even, so not 3.99 then assistant farts round wiv 1p's in the till!
  • anyone one remember Glenns records, it sold Northern and was where iceland is today, also when heroes was in newland st along with clive chesters, aaahh happy days!!!
  • HMV, V-shop...oh dear! There's a nice guy who sells vinyl down on the market, he's got some good stuff
  • Cash Converters is good for a last resort, you'll be searching for ages though cos the CD's are not in any order.
  • No real decent record shops! No real dednt dj's!
  • v shop hmv ermm sad but thats ur lot
  • go to the market ot saturdays, good record dealer - a nice and knowledgeable bloke or the mind shop for top notch cheap vinyl (mostly good 80's stuff)
  • Mixology - Hard house Vinyl, good selection.
  • HMV V-shop woo hoo all two of them!
  • new v-shop, not much in stock (good stuff) but you can order from a computer in there, just give reciept in at till pay and it is dlievered by the posty in 1-2 days
  • I rememmber glenns record shop top of northall street where the master used to work there
  • Go to Spinadisc in Northampton
  • Boots are the cheapest
  • Try Leicester
  • There's the standard HMV, Our Price with nil vinyl ever.
  • Stay away from the record shop on Rockingham Road near Regents street the owner is vicious.

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