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  • shit
  • Carters Bar!!
  • the best fuckin place u can imagine is CRYTALS COFFEE SHOP bad boy bass lines after party galore with the host with the most mr dave lyness!!!!
  • now we all know that kidderminster isn't the best of places to go out in but hey, lets look at options, we can either go to mirage were yes the bouncers are slezey but they are bouncers there the same every where, inside you have a real great bunch of bar staff ( ha ha ha ha ha ha) who are the moodiest bunch of sods i've ever met in my whole life but then you can always socialse with the pilled up k**bheads who think mirage is a real club an feel the need to take pills. on the other hand you could come to dy10, are bouncers are wonderful an cuddly, you get a big welcome from the fun loving hyper bar staff who will always make you laugh just watching them, and dance to the one an only alex taff who has just come back from a world tour who plays on a friday or the fabulose DJ dickie on a saturday. up to you guys!!!! xxx
  • the one and only mirage, me and my girlies love it. used to be bad and didnt like the bouncers, used to be sleazy. but now they have big name dj's and the best bouncers i know, our favourite being marcus(so fit) he is so nice and doesnt even try it on..... wish he would. seriously get down there cuz dy10 is bad and its not all that in brum.
  • Mirage is now under new management, is undergoing a refurbishment programme, The door staff have changed, new policy of no trainers, hoods, sportwear, basically you need to make an effort now or you wont get in. Mirage is getting to be a nice club again, the music is better, the place looks better, and this weekend we had steve sutherland from galaxy fm, who alongside his Mc Lync put on a show something has never seen before in kiiderminster. Trevor Nelson is coming to the club on July 7th. There are nice people in Kidderminster and mirage is a nice place for them to go, yes we have some chavs in kiddy as well but they are not welcome at mirage anymore, Dy10 is the place for them.
  • Mirage-place to be on friday's and better yet Saturday's. All the above comments made about Mirage are totally out of date and need to be binned. Door and bar staff are friendly....and the music gradually getting there. What other club around has Steve Sutherland and the one and only Trevor Nelson coming? Hey? Much love to Mirage.
  • The swan, and @56 bar are really good , but there's a chance of getting shot at Bar st.Martins , full of JIpos.
  • Market Tavern - Used to have live bands on in the back room Seve Stars - Garden Music Knights - Dance and Tony De Vit (miss him)
  • dy10, mirage, yates's, the swan pub, severn stars
  • Yates's, DY10-(the old Redwoods)and Mirage in the town.
  • Come on..everyone loves going down the 'rage. i mean i for one love being sexually harassed by slim and then hanging out with a load of horny young boys who think that i will want to sleep with them cos they have a car...
  • Clubs in kiddi? HMMM, lets see. Theres mirage where the bouncers have to perv on the girls before they let them in, but not before they have passed a few sick comments - as if they think they've got a chance! Redwoods has been turned in to DY11 - what an inspired name, what a shitehole more like. Oh and by the way, Mirage was shut down this Sunday night when it was open for the bank holiday weekend, don't know what happened there but it ain't good. Just do yourself a favour and go to brum instead if you want a good night out.
  • Yates' is a place to stay away from on the weekend (unless you wanna stand & poke fun at the local trendies queing up outside in the rain). thursdays the beers cheaper tho you have to put up with the local Sharon's swawking thru kareoke night!! The Swan in a nearby alternative but has a DJ whos a complete twat and never plays any Sabbath!!
  • Redwoods
  • Mirage, elements, zanzibar, redwoods, yates, penny black, watermill. new club proposed called DY11, 3 or 4 floors for differnt music 1 floor to be a pole dancin floor.
  • Mirage-shite, Redwoods- shite AND fight, Yates - wank
  • Yates's ent bad well on a friday nights its pukka but the saturday the music is dodgy and the dj. You may find there is a few kids in there but its ok! Mirage is good but needs better music but there ppl who do wanna fight and ent my thing, i you want a good night go elsewhere thats the nest thing. elements which used to be time has gone and the znazibar which was crap anyway has gone we need a big club with different types of room with different music and that are big and have bouncers on the door that dont let underage kids inside.
  • well theres the watermill- full of pikeys, ruffwoods- full of old people, mirage- need i say any more? elements was wicked until they shut it down- biatches, they had some wicked people playin in ther. ann savage, tidy boys and the drum n bass nites wer fantastic! well done kd10 cru, u wer great!
  • Mirage-wank Zanzibar-Closed Elements-Only good when they put a drum and bass night on Yates-OK, If you wanna wait an hour to get a beer
  • redwoods ... best id say .... the rest aint up to much if ya no what i mean .... take a trip elsewhere
  • OK, fair enough, a few years back Kidderminster used to be really bad. I've lived here for 23 years now and the pub/club scene has never been that great (understatement!). However, there seems to be a new spark come into Kidderminster at Elements (which used to be Time aaaaarrrgh!). Its really changed now as they are much, much stricter on the door. Friday nights are the party, r'n'b nights and then Saturday turns into Frisky as Funk which I've been going to since Christmas and it's really good! No underage drinking, really good music, excellent DJs and a really good looking crowd. Gone are the days when it's full of gypos and scallies with there burberry and attitude! No old slappers either which is a god send haha.It attracts crowds from as far away as Leamington! There's lots going on down there. Flyers can usually be found in MV Hair Studios, Wild Heart and Red clothes shops. Music ranges from Funky House through to Techno and drum and base.
  • mirage is a really bad place and i agree when u say that the bouncers own the place. from experience kiddie SUCKS
  • Mirage- Shite Zanzibar-Shite Bar diva- Bar MINGA Go to slammin vinyl or flashback up brum instead
  • Contrary to other comments the staff and security at Mirage are remarkably friendly, as long as you are friendly to them, be polite and you never know you might get service with a smile. Also the doorman don't own the place, they just do a try to do a good job of looking after people and keeping the local dickheads out
  • Time- for very young people
  • well.......zanzibar is for those matur women who think its ok to wear spangly new look vests and glitter. no. mirage is a paddling pool of a place flled with possees of kevin clubbers. redwoods...well, at least u dont have to pay. and bar diva..classy establishment, altho it rivals th sahars in terms of somewhere that really needs air con.
  • well you certainly cant call them clubs... after school hang outs perhaps. Zanzibar is for the more older clientelle Mirage still has the same people from when it opened going its incrediably small and full of pathetic schoool aged children! and if there is any one who isnt of that age they certainly should be back in school! 'Club Redwoods' pppplease get a life! its a dump. there are better times and safer ones to be had else where for christ sake get a life picking a fight isn't the be all and end all
  • bar diva what a shithole
  • mirage-it stings your eyes when you go inside by the main top bar,dunno why,but it does.........
  • There is no place in Kidderminster worth going to club wise
  • better places mirage and zanzibar are starting to get r boring now!!
  • Mirage, Bouncers think they own the world and think their doing you a favour by letting you in, the Manager thinks he owns you along with the shitty club!
  • not enough clubs but what is there should be appreciated atleast we've got the wonderful ruffwoods and mirage to catch up on the latest gossip and watch the entertainment of the fights from ruffwoods at 2.ooam.
  • Time. DKVine (even though it's MODs are all American, most kids I know go on there).
  • THEY'RE ALL CRAP!!!! I know you wouldnt class yates' or Jacksons as a club but they're better than mirage and zanzibar.
  • All clubs are shit, especially the ones in Kidderminster. Watch out for the locals who likes to suggest you have been 'cutting them dirty looks'
  • zanzibar is the absolute dogs bollocks! mirage is crap and time has closed down....ha ha!
  • na most are pretty shit go the canal club or gatecrasher!
  • Steer clear of Mirage - totally shite and bouncers who think they own the place along with everyone in it.Zanzibar is crap,but do have cheap drink promotions on fridays.Go to Redwoods(next to mirage),cost nowt to get in and has a better atmosphere and music than Mirage and Zanzibar,drinks are cheaper too.
  • time brings in a freshed faced unfriendly crowd with even unfriendlier music.good place to go if you want to fight morons.
  • i know 3 clubs in Kiddi that have all been closed due to unlicenced lewd acts. and of course Yankee's where the D.J. was told not to play 'come on Eileen' anymore because it sent us all wild
  • All the usual stuff is available plus a very good amateur radio club which meets every 1st tuesday of the month at 8'pm at the sutton arms, sutton road kidderminster.
  • Red woods: meatmarket! Yates's: The best! go there! Time:only good if you look REMARKEBLY YOUNG!!! Mirage:boooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiinnnnnggg ZANZIBAR: good,great,cool.......expensive....go there anyway!!!
  • Time - Good, Cheap, not very nice clientelle Mirage - very very good, great staff, friendly customers,spacious. all round fantasticlly brilliant!! he he he Knights - thank god it's closed, seriously dodgy customers and evn weirder staff, some god dj's though and there were quite well known one's who have played in there, they all came for a tribute to a local dj er.... tony something. oh well it was a good night! Drews was nice but it went funny then closed
  • Time is shite, Mirage is shite, Zanzibar is shite 2, need I go on??
  • time is where the gypos hang out
  • Yates's and Mirage are two of the most unfriendly places in Kiddy. The bouncer's are pure evil and apart from that ... well, they're crap!
  • Time-crap, Mirage-crap, Knights-gone
  • Time is the busiest and best niteclub in the Wyre Forest. Mirage has got no atmosphere as the bar is away from the dancefloor. Knights is to reopen under the new title of Zanzabar. Whatever that is?
  • Knights is now closed as of Dec. '99. Due to reopen after a proposed £million refit in the next few months. Currently doing nothing.
  • If you wan't dossers and cheap sluts time niteclub is the place. Littered with underage kids from King Charles it is the place to be on a Friday nite.
  • Time has no atmosphere & to many old women Knights is like a ghost town most of the time these days. Used to be good...
  • Blackwells is no longer open, infact it has not been for sometime. It is now Time NIghtclub, which has a very trendy interior but the clientele aren't too sociable. Knights nightclub has some good DJ's playing there and sometimes it even has some very well known ones playing, it has been host to Boy George, PHats and small just to mention a few. Mirage is possibly the best nightclub in Kiddy the people are amazingly friendly, (both staff and customers) and the owners a right little sweetheart.
  • stone manor ,blackwells

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