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Cheap Food
  • bakers feast. Peel Precinct. very cheap and delicious sandwiches especially xxx large chicken kebab *drool*. I have eaten the best french bread ever there!!! be careful it is addictive...
  • cheap takeaways open late. Millenium chicken is a haven if you are worse for the wear after going out and it's open at a ridiculously late time..i think i've got food from there at 4 in the morning
  • Some good Pizza places, and Speedy Noodle is good for quantity of food. Tastes good too.
  • The Black Lion have great food but they stack it ridiculously high in an OTT posho way. The North London Tavern is inferior to the Black Lion but has a good lunch for a fiver menu that's well worth checking out. The sort of place where you can read the paper by yourself and feel at home. Casareccia do the best authentic pizza and lovely place BUT avoid Sat day at all costs as the childrens films at the Tricycle empty out and the trendy North London parents take their little anklebiters there afterwards. I counted 20 screaming children on one such occasion.
  • Plenty of Curry Houses on Willsden Lane, Geeta is the best.
  • Penks in Queens Park - modertate portions with high prices. Food is good though. The Panshi in Westbourne Park - 50% off food from 5.30 to 7.30. Great Indian food. Thr manager has even been known to drive customers home, if they've been drinking.
  • the best of the lot include - the Sudanese on the grove whose name escapes me, Uli on All Saints Road, Toms on Westbourne Grove does a great brekfast and Dakota on Ledbury Road does great brekfast and dinner
  • the vale on shirland road - forget it. i was really looking forward to dining there, but shoddy service ruined any chance of a good write up - yes, the food was good, but the rudeness and lack of attention by staff, was criminal. bread being thrown at you, noncholent service, and the temerity of adding a tip for bad service. save it and go somewhere else, instead of this dodo of a greenhouse. in the event, that you are going for the free glass of champagne offered by a certain property magazine, leave it - the champers is no good here.
  • 'Small & Beautiful' on the Kilburn High Road was voted best budget restaurant on Dinner Dates 2000. The general emphasis is on Southern Italian food (I would strongly recommend the Red Peppers & Soft Cheese in Vinagrette), the staff are extremely friendly, there's separate rooms for smokers & non-smokers, and they have imported beer & wine from Italy. Huge portions at brilliant prices (2 course meal for 5 excl. drinks). The menu hardly ever changes, but if it aint broke...
  • Mohammed's take away curry house opposite LOOT has the tastiest tandoori chicken ever.
  • We love The Vale on Shirland Road,The Organic Cafe and The Salusbury in Queens Park and Meson Bilbao spanish in Malvern Road.
  • Geeta = killer south Indian in Kilburn. Much expanded, but still good value. In Willesdane Lane?
  • Westbourne Grove full of very famous Indian restaurants, like Khan's, but a great new addition (and quiet so no problem about waiting for a table) is Saaqui Halal Restaurant at 115 Westbourne Grove (the "other" end, towards Notting Hill Gate). Some unusual items on the menu, and they're all brilliantly cooked.
  • New Garden is another new restaurant that's earning a good reputation in the area.
  • Little Bay restaurant - a cheapie and really good stuff

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Last updated: 2012-12-23

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