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Buskers, Street Entertainers
  • Mad Mary who was fictionalized in Zadie Smith's White Teeth! what happened to her? She spat at me once.
  • bald drunk crazy man who sits outside scottish bank in the summer he is aggressive but he will say hello. full of nutters..the most famous being Mad Mary if you don't know her by name just look for the woman with a bin bag on her head picking up rubbish, spitting, speaking jibberish and smearing red stuff and pooh on her face with a scary stick which she is also not afraid of using on passers by..oh mary mary mary
  • There's the local drunk singing outside Halifax at 8am ! Few more drunks shouting at each other by the nearby bus stop. nice. Also LOADS of 'headless chickens" [people who wander all over the pavement slowly, blocking any route past without getting run over by buses, without a care in the world, doing exciting things such as buying new carrots].
  • There's this man at Kilburn tube who wears full-on white denim, backwards cap and has a million coloured scarf things tied round his waist. He is usually shouting,swearing drunk, begging etc. However I recently saw him in two Neil Young Concerts and a Bob Dylan one (forty odd quid a ticket) where rather than abusively shouting he was happily yelling along to every song always one line ahead of Neil/Bob. This rather endeared me to him!
  • Mad Mary, a crazy black woman who dresses in what I suppose is her take on a traditional African style, with tribal-style designs lipsticked onto her face. Often seen with shopping bags on her head. Hobbies; spitting at children and chasing them with her stick. Typical utterance; 'Why you standing on my grandfather's grave?' while in a shop. Immortalised by Zadie Smith in White Teeth.
  • Just to add the inside gossip on "mad Barry", he was actually a very intelligent man, with a degree in psychology, and philosophy. Was from rich famly and snorted his inheritance. He's pissed off now as his bum has been arrested (by the mental health team) - unfortunately he had to leave Kilburn due to local narrow minded yobbo's kicking the sh#t out of him, (although he returns incognito) - while you saw him acting out his mind was circum-navigating the universe!
  • Theres a man who lives on walm lane who shouts "love me" and offers ppl money.
  • Portobello road on a saturday.
  • There is a local bearded mad tramp who wanders the streets shouting and gesticulating. What's unusual about that, you say? Well he was immortalised in fiction as 'Mental Barry' in the novel 'Time for Bed' by none other than tv funnyman David Baddiel, who used to live in the area with Frank Skinner.
  • Unless you count old drunk geezers having fights with themselves or taking a piss in the many shop doorways, there's not much in the way of "Street Entertainers".

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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