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The Worst Things
  • My (thankfully) ex-girlfriend and her appalling sister. Despite them living in a council high rise, a right pair of stuck up nobodies who looked down their noses at everybody else, (me included) as though they were a bad smell. I doubt after nearly twenty years, nothing's changed.
  • mad people, druggies, dirty, cheap
  • Headless chickens on the pavement, arrogant drivers who park where they like (including outside Nanco's - blocks ALL buses - muppets!).
  • Shops immedietly around Queens are a bit scummy. Phone boxes around QP station have been broken for ages. definately not a safe area at night - one of my friends arrived home drunkenly late at night, and was helped by 2 men in through the door who tried to take advantage of her. fortunately, she managed to get away. not the place to be coming home to drunk.
  • there arent any!
  • DEFFINATELY the pickeys, kevs woteva you call em these days at westbourne. Watch out i no loadsa ppl includin me who have been mugged by them. BE WARNED. They come on bikes and recently have threatened people eith knives!
  • we left to move to australia DONT EVER DO IT BELEVE ME
  • You could easily break your ankle on the shitty pavements & there's always quite a few drunks floating around at any given time of the day. Also, I can't remember the last time I seen a tree or grass...
  • The wimmin, you can't trust any of them
  • The Red Lion Pub, on a Friday night, without a doubt!
  • Lack of local pride in the area - but thats the same in most of London.

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Last updated: 2017-02-27

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