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Hookup Spots
  • kes by the smoker trees they have gang bangs daily must be atleast 1.5inches when hard to pleasure our little russian girl who prefers if u are 12 or under
  • kes by the smoker trees they have gang bangs daily must be atleast 1.5inches when hard to pleasure our little russian girl who prefers if u are 12 or under
  • james house
  • charity shop
  • eat your mum
  • the dark alley
  • anywhere with a bench so you can eye up all the local talent who have big tits ;)
  • In Reffley woods, although you cant be in the wrong place at the wrong time otherwise you WILL get caught by the police for setting fires even if you have not done anything.
  • 2 St Nicholas Close, King's Lynn, Norfolk, Opposite the car wash
  • Outside HMV on those benches
  • After School spelling club!!!
  • the benches outside westgates near argos and near new look, everyone goes by, plenty of oppurtunity 2 eye some guys up
  • the hardwich roundabout, where all the chavs meet up in ther saxo's and corsa's with big exhausts and small engines
  • they r all crap luv sexy
  • Waterstones for Ukranian prostitutes. It goes like this Balding 45 year old checking out the 'Art' books when beautiful 25 year old Ukrainian chats him up.
  • The bandstand in the park, every alternative teenager in lynn spends part of their youth there, drinking cider and snakebite waiting for gigs
  • Band stand when chav as pikie free good for a booze up esspecially while the b and g is shut you get a good crowd. provy as long as u dont mind a few slightly strange people lol spend
  • Still the bandstand in the walks
  • apparently sainsburys car park
  • Outside Hillington square off-licence, and Lynnsport is a good place too!
  • the boys always seem to enjoy going to rainbow. some of us work there but surely we dont have to always meet there? ok so it has a carpark but does it matter?
  • this is the perfect hook-up point for any people coming from outside of the UK.
  • re.:john savage:71/72 norfolk st. this is now EAST COAST MUSIC run by glenn & jane you can buy anything from guitar string to baby grand. I have always had brilliant service. they also run a supurb guitar show in hunstanton every year; keep your eyes open for this
  • Generally around the town centre. not really any specific place. the college is another good place to meet.
  • don't even attempt to pull someone from Norfolk. Most of the girls are gobby and ugly and the boys are just minging. Infact if u want a boyf or girlf just get out of Norfolk. GO TO THE TRAIN STATION. TAKE A RIGHT AND WHEN FACED WITH THE TICKET OFFICE ASK FOR A TICKET OUT OF HERE. WHEN TRAIN ARRIVES, JUMP ON IT AS QUICK AS U CAN. kings lynn in a drug den and a place for violence and gobby girls.the lads all think their dead hard aswell.
  • springwood is a main hook up spot, for year 11 at kes. from sitting on kerbs, going to the hossie shop to kicking down fences, its just fun fun fun!!!
  • Benches outide Diva
  • The benches outside of Holland & Barrett fondly known to me and my friend as "The Barrett Benches" in memory of Syd Barrett from Pink Floyd.
  • The walks public park
  • the band stand in the walks is where every one hangs out.
  • A good place to sit with your mates and waych passers by is outside Argos ob the benches opposite the post office. You have the cinema, fish and chip shop, phones and cafes every where around you! the perfect spot
  • The bus station...
  • ok hook up spots well theres a few i know is this weired and yet wonderfull town fairstead feild the old metal hut with black paint all up the side of it is a place where people go to hookup and even light up :) hhhmmm where else good old bawsey and the sandpits. but there its more of a case hook up then frash the guts out of an old escort. :) hhhhmmm the gaywood clock benches are allways a good place to meet some people at night and have a beer thats a bout it
  • outside the cinema and mcdonalds! 2 spots worshiped by the under 18's!
  • benches outside sainsburys
  • Outside dillons shop it attracts a great young crowd
  • In reffley outside lynn it has to be the good old dillons shop
  • rock cafe, norfolk street on thurdays nights
  • definately the bench outside Dixons
  • The tuesday market place but it's just a car park folks! also there is a park quite near the bus station you pass it on the way in on the bus from the direction of Dersingham and all them places! It has lovely flower displays!

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