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  • maqgestiuccc v   
  • Majestic   
  • Majestic cinema in town centre has good choice of films locally, good prices and another refurbished area of an improving town centre.   
  • the majestic cinema has good films, but only has well known and well publicised ones   
  • Majestic shows three of the main releases at any time. Arts Centre in the St George Guildhall shows foreign and second-run films twice a week some weeks. Bigger cinema near the rail station in Cambridge (45mins away) and multiplexes in Peterborough and Norwich.   
  • The Majestic state of the art cinema (in 1922).   
  • the majestic cinema centre, recently refitted, 3 screens, expensive and not so great   
  • go to hollywoods in fakenham, about 2 weeks after the film is shown in lynn   
  • majestic is the best!!! why travel to peterborough to sit knee deep in kids sweet wrappers and take in the commercial surroundings when you can stay here in the newly renovated cinema, wonderful building, good choice of films. the staff are great   
  • Lynn Majestic, very old building, recently under new manaement, they are trying to make it better, but I liked the feeling of the old skool cinema. You're better off going to Peterborough   
  • Majestic - not the best cinema in the world but it serfices. uncomfortable seats   
  • Cinema which play all the latest films bit expensive at 5.50 a film but top films.   
  • old cinema stinks of dust and take 20 each- its not cheap u kno   
  • the old majestic isnt the grandest theater, the cheapest, the comfortableist, the classiest the biggest, er what was my point again?   
  • the majestic is pretty ancient, but good for kids on a sat afternoon! Would prob go to Peterborough to see a film.   
  • The King's Lynn Cinema hasn't changed much since the days of Pathe News. But still good fun.   
  • The Majestic is brill, though still overpriced !!!!   
  • the Bowling is in Gaywood Road, nice place   
  • Majestic is old, dusty and too expensive. Plus the old man is grumpy.   
  • The Majestic is the best cinema by a very long way. It has piles of atmosphere and the owners are geat. I've heard they've made some improvements to seating etc. The 'Hollywood' cinema is a great re-furbished 2 screen in Fakenham.Try it out too.   
  • good small cinema The Majestic a bit old fashioned but ok. Also, the Arts Centre shows more unusual and classy films, sometimes.   
  • If u want 2 go and c a film... one piece of advice... dont come to kings lynn!! not unless u want 2 sit in our lovely flea bitten seats and watch a non exsistant screen!   
  • Decrepid. Old, dirty, sound and screem quality is very poor. Dont waste your 5, hire a video.   
  • The Majestic is quite an uncomfortable place to go to watch a film. Imagine climbing into an empty matchbox and watching a video, with someone throwing bits of half chewed popcorn in your hair. This is how to simulate the majestic cinema.   
  • majestic cinima in the one wev got in town its old it smells but it plays some good stuff   
  • appaling cinema. expensie, uncomfortable seats and dingy.   
  • the majestic - over priced flea pit   
  • one cinema, a bowling alley - the lanes slant at lane 1, 2, 3 and over at 13, 14, so make sure you get the ball in the middle of the lane groove for good and honest accuracy.   
  • I'd trade the multiplexes here in America for the majestic anyday. It has charm and atmosphere. I miss it!   
  • Let me see is it even worth typeing about. A waste of time money and effort but there is still not much else to do in Kings Lynn.   
  • Here is a tip go to petobrough   
  • old , nice building, miserable owner, ten pin bowling is good.   
  • The majestic a very friendly cinem very spacouse with good showings   
  • Majestic quite compact but a resonable cinema   
  • Don't come to King's Lynn to see a film, go to Peterborough. They've got a large multi-screen complex.   
  • We need a bigger one on the outskirts of the town.   
  • Planet Zoom for the kids (gaywood road)   
  • Uncomfortable and over priced   
  • The Majestic - the seats are tiny and uncomfatabe, but at least you don't have to go to Peterborough   
  • Majestic cinema top atmosphere uncomfortable seats but what seat is after 2 hours Multiplexs absolutely no soul   
  • The Majestic (really) has to be one of the worst fleapits left in existence. It smells and has no character at all, in fact a trip to Peterborough is needed to watch a film in comfort.   
  • Cinema - old, expensive, dirty, limited choice - I think that just about sums it up!   
  • The Majestic, It's very nice! Good choices! Also there is bowling behind a petrol station somewhere not sure of the street name but it's there! It's called Strikes, look it up!   

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