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Cafes and Coffee Shops in Kirkintilloch, East Dunbartonshire*

High tea and a sticky bun

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Cafes and Coffee Shops
  • The Cafe of Kirky
  • eh coffee mate
  • hunners
  • D'nisi and Coffee Bliss
  • Gilonies is deffiantly the best place to be :D
  • best for old grannies.sundays are fur burds coz guys are still in pub mode footy is on
  • Seamus (God) Harkins Place
  • That wee place across from ghiloni's is lovely, damn busy at times though
  • Mmmmm Ghiloni's ice-cream........
  • Who needs coffee when yeh hav Buckie?
  • Too many, that is why the town is full of fat bastards.
  • D'alicias the best little place in Kirki the food is great, the prices are reasonable and the staff are friendly. try their home made soup. IT'S GREAT !!!
  • Hoi its B.O. again. Cafes? Whits that, theres a Caff up the road, it sells greasy fry ups wae haggis slices. Coafy shoaps? Whit dae ye hink we ur? Fuckin french paris boys? Thats the unly place dey huv theam.
  • Ghilonis cafe fab food+award winning ice cream
  • try the cafe at the town head near shamrock st there the best and been in kirky since i was a wee boy,huge menu.
  • That place outside Tesco's is interesting...
  • the one next to the church
  • Ghlonies good food, but the docherty sisters who work in there have a enjoyment for spreading the gossip
  • The world famous Ghilonis. Nice ice cream. The burger van near Babylon. Tastes great at the time.
  • The Baptist book shop has a really great cafe where the food is excellent and the staff very friendly. Though it is a bit small and can be too busy at lunch time. Better just to do afternoon coffee.
  • Morgans is excellent!!! so is Floras!! as is DiNardos!!! but that overpriced excuse for a cafe outside tesco is abomnible and a rip off avoid at ALL costs Also avoid Dalzeils as the cakes taste 2 months old and I'm convinced some of the staff are on cocaine/amphetamines
  • Old smoky Dalziel's. You can get food and cancer at the same time.

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