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The Worst Things
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  • harehills...dirty/overcrowed/spitting/the nosie/drugs/rude unpleasent people/ Chapeltown... DONT! you WILL be abused/spat on/broken into/
  • Dirty streets, scroungers, drinks, chapletown (disgusting place and if u dare to complain police accuse u of racism) whole city needs flattening
  • Chavs, minging looking people everywhere even in the good areas, provincial mentality, you can go into town and often the only people you see are chavs, everyone with any get up and go leaves for London or moves abroad, the pubs, bars and clubs in town are all either for students or chavs, if you aren't in either category there's nowhere to go out, it's boring, it rains far too much, unless you want to work in finance there are no good jobs.
  • Stuck up people, spoilt posh rich kids! Coppers! There's fightin in the schools but its alright if u know how to handle ursen! Beggers, slags
  • Near Leeds market piss heads and drugys asking for change every ten feet , big issue sellers selling their mags then all standing together in big groups all talking about who has the best crack etc . Worst thing is chavs little 17 year old boys thinking they are hard men looking for trouble ' only in groups ' as they don'teven look up on their own .
  • Be very careful with Leeds. In fact, don't even go there. This sort of information that's about to be said happened to me: in Leeds there are citizens from the eastern countries like Iran living in Leeds who hate us because we're western. There are gangs of eastern prostitues who groom the western girls into trusting them, then they rape them or try and turn them into a prostitute. Some people are really tricky and evil there, beware of Leeds.
  • Many Loiners are short, very pale, look slightly imbred & never smile. This is especially true of the older generations.
  • Lot's of beggars with dogs along Park Row. Most of them aren't even homeless.
  • People don't like to smile in Leeds and are cold.
  • The weather is pretty bad, but then again that's England for you. A very consumerist city, nothing to do but shop, go out to pricey clubs/bars or eat terrible fast-food. Leeds is a very uninspiring city, no historical landmarks worth noting and not pretty at all. The people aren't laid back, you're just a face in the crowd.
  • The Chavs, I hate feeling intimidated when I go out all because I class myself as part of the gothic subculture. Apparently folk in Armley see it as a crime to dress in black and have the silly notion that it is absolutely a good thing to spit,shout abuse,hit,throw stones at anyone who is seen dressing in gothic attire, Even if I am out with my baby in the pram it does not deter these horrible excuses for human beings.
  • Too many horrible poor areas which are loud, crime-ridden and just horrible to live in. Too many immigrants. Too much attitude. Chavvy central apart from the affluent areas.
  • Rude 'tourists' thinking they're better than the rest of us and complaining about the city. I've never heard chavs called 'scallies,' there aren't that many homeless, most people are friendly, there are a ridiculous amount of shops suitable for every taste. It's just the same as anywhere else, it's insulting to say that it's the worst city in the country!
  • The Merrion Market it's out dated, empty, scruffy and cold. I was only visiting the area I couldn't stand some of the rude teens some of the older people did seem friendly.
  • I've known Leeds for over 20 years. I even got married there (well, in Headingley). Sadly, it's become more and more unattractive. I was standing in the city centre yesterday and the thought crossed my mind that about the only people passing by who I seemed to have anything in common with were the Moslems, who at least looked to be respectable. Practically everyone else in sight was a chav, often overweight and generally sporting tattoes that appeared to have done either by a 5 year old or by someone who was smashed out of their brain. The whole city centre now seems to be tailored to the under-25s, with a pathetic range of shops and a constant barrage of noise. Also, the infestation of Big Issue sellers is getting worse again. On the whole, I'ld give the place a miss.
  • If you say hello to the bus drivers they just look at you like your an idiot...
  • the sour faced unfriendly arseholes that work on the ticket barriers at Leeds Central station.I tried to struggle through the barriers with two heavy bags and the scum that were there wouldnt let me through his little gate.
  • Lots of BNP support and interest and such unfriendly hostile people.
  • Chavs. Tramps. Kirkgate. Opal Tower.
  • What can I say. I really, really really haven't seen anywhere that was worse than Leeds. I have traveled, lived, and studied in many places in the world. But this "city" (i don't even want to dignify the place with the name) makes you want to wonder what you did wrong to have to be in that absolute pit. I left, resigning from a pretty okay job that is nowadays very hard to get. But still, I feel better being in an unstable employment situation than getting stuck in that hellhole. It was unreal. No civilisation. No culture, just blank people who have nothing else to do other than drink and spit. The end of everything, a mayhem.
  • No-one ever looks where they're going. If you come from more civilised parts, such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Southampton or Nottingham, you'll be used to avoiding people on the street. You become aware of them some distance away and both take avoiding action, don't you. Not in Leeds. Expect collisions galore.
  • Crime in general. Knobheads.
  • The kids are extremely rude and would rather spit or swear at you than say 'Hello'.
  • hangovers and comedowns
  • Traffic congestion. Too many chain pubs in city. Too many students crammed into a small part of Leeds and too many of them feel the need to drive to college! Housing and house prices.
  • Evolution!
  • chavs in a bling bling nova
  • This is where the first uk suicide bombers came from. Most muslims are peace loving. muslims are just Christians, that haven't realised it yet!
  • Sound Control
  • This is one of the worst places I have ever had to suffer! The weather is always horrible, the city is dirty and full of characters out of Shameless and the people are the most miserable, rude, dirty and violent creatures it has ever been my misfortune to meet. Before you tell me never to come back don't worry....................I WONT!
  • leeds is full of fucking rascists
  • chav chav chavs
  • Taxi Cues
  • Leeds people are not stuck up and arrogant, well some are, but we aren't as arrogant and fucking toffee nosed as COCKNEYS! The arrogant people in Leeds are probably that way because of the amount of chavs and immigrants that are in our city, who don't give respect to us. I would say Leeds is the 'london of the north' because manchester for example has a lot higher crime rate especially with gun and serious crime (and with manchester we're getting towards the west mids so I wouldn't really class it as 'north'. What other cities have we got up north? One that would maybe spring to mind is Newcastle, but you can't even understand that those geordies are on about. Anyway... what does it matter if we are the 'london of the north'? Lol.
  • Most of the city centre is pretty expensive.
  • the litter and concrete carpet that suffocates the earth.
  • Who the hell configured that "City Centre Loop"? Even the signs would make picasso envious of such artistic prowess!
  • Now then. Here is the definative guide to the WORST things in Leeds. 1. Big issue sellers, all over the city centre, PISS ME OFF. 2. Scallies. 3. Old women in the city centre that believe because they're old, they have right of way therefore giving them the right to walk out in front of you at a stunning 1 metre an hour pace. We should have 'pedestrian traffic lanes' for these people. 4. Parking in the city centre. I work in the service sector, and if i get a job in leeds city centre I have to pay to do my job. LCC should provide one large or many small bays or areas dotted around the centre for servicing only. If it werent for water, electricity, phone and gas where would we be? 5. The estates. Somehow i think theyve got better recently. Gipton, EEP, Halton Moor (gawd...), Harehills, Chapletown, Beeston, Hunslet, Middleton, Seacroft, Belle Isle, Cross Green, Richmond Hill, Torre's and Whinmoor to name the first lot that came off the top of my head. These areas arent 100% bad of course; the oakwood end of harehills isnt too bad, the roundhay side of seacroft is nice, and theres some nice quiet cul-de-sacs in EEP where you dont get any trouble. Trust me i've lived here for 15 years. Chapletown is really bad. The problems here will not be solved because of our shit police force. BT's policy is that if there's any jobs in Chapletown, they have to be carried out between 8am and 1pm with 2 persons present at all times. I rest my case. 6. Litter around the market area. 7. Eastgate. As popular as it is, its just too bland. 8. The drink problem. I dont know if its just me, but there seems to be a terrible lot of drunken old men / women in town lately, not just on a night either. I witnessed one start moaning at a shop assistant for no reason at all at about 3pm one tuesday. We dont have to put up with this mindless bullshit. 9. The Police 'force'. Some key areas have been targetted with ASBO's and curfews etc, but this does not actually solve much. Saying that a person is not allowed out after 8pm is one thing, enforcing it is another. And the police have handed out so many ASBO's in Leeds (highest rate in the country) its impossible to enforce all of them. And the people who have asbo's against them know it.
  • Scallies. And lots of em!
  • The deregulated bus services...Leeds City Transport had the routes just about worked out when the Tories deregulated the system...for deregulation please read "Gave all the best routes to their mates."
  • Chapletown I wouldnt dare go round tha area for anything the people round there are just mad Wot is goin on in dat place
  • quasi-posh graduates. bloody everywhere. house prices rising like freshly baked bread. and, again, the charvers. how/why so many??
  • The parks, especially outdoor bball facilities. LCC get it sorted!
  • Traffic at almost gridlock most days.
  • Gipton, racists, Gipton racists, all council estates, people who all dress alike and hang around in gangs sneering at people who express individuality.Graffiti, glue sniffers in the park, dog shit everywhere, litter. Grim miserable wet cold weather; crap bus service when you wait an hour for one bus and three come along at once. Lazy lazy bus drivers. Bus drivers that wouldn't stop for you if they didn't like the look of you. no wonder there are so many cars on the road. Awful catholic schools with violent bullying games 'teachers', not dissimilar to Brian Glover in 'Kes'. Gangs of thugs roaming the town centre after the pubs/clubs have shut - actually that could apply to any British town centre. It doesn't happen in the USA, believe me.
  • Girls from Gipton aren't all bad, my girlfriend comes from Gipton and is very respectable and generally a great person. Just because people come from poor or deprived areas, it doesn't mean to say they're all scallies! I agree that the following areas should be demolished due to the rates of crime and scruffyness: East End Park, Gipton, Halton Moor, Seacroft, Richmond Hill, Cross Green, Harehills, Chapletown, the Torre estate (between east end park and harehills.. kinda), and Swarcliffe. All these areas are in East Leeds funnily enough. The police do dare come to East End Park, trust me, I live there and have first hand experience of a lot of things that people on this site just assume because the area has a reputation. Call the areas what you want, but please don't slate off the people, yes a lot of them are criminals, and anti-social kids, but a lot of us are decent working people. If i was to tell you i'm a 17 year old lad who was brought up in and still lives in East End Park, you'd assume that I was a scally wouldnt you? No, i'm what some people call a 'mosher', i earn the money what i spend, go to college too, and have applied for University. all that from someone who lives in Easty. City Centre!! The city centre is quite weird, theres some decent shops and the good thing is most of them are in a small area, ie commercial street, albion street, briggate, within easy walking distance. the bad things about the city centre are: Townies, Old women, Big Issue Sellers, tramps in general (i've told a fair few in the past few weeks to Fuck Off in not so many words), pigeons, townies, townies, townies, and.. townies. The Light is a very nice development, though its small (well inside anyway) the cinemas good quality, and theres a couple of nice shops (O'Neill being one.. but WHY put a Rockport shop there??!) So yeah, before u visit leeds, consult me. lol.
  • the security guards that kick us out of spots, skate-stopped spots, ruff areas and scallies,moshers and goths,wankers, money grabbing bastards, some of the tramps.
  • gipton, big lils, casalocos
  • Yucky couples - what the hell does Leeds think it is? Paris? The girls - Leeds women are total slags. No gay and lesbian scene whatsoever. Being single. I am single woman. There is not a single man in the whole city. It looks like its eternal freedom for me then. Beggars - they are really aggressive. I work in social housing and do genuinly sympathise with homeless people, but I resent them getting abusive with me if I say no. In other towns and cities, beggars are content to sit in doorways with a paper cup. In Leeds, they approach you directly on the street, are very persistant and then you get it if you say no. Shopping. What is it with the uncivilised opening hours - they don't open before 10am and close at 5pm sharp? To be honest, I would rather go without than have to shop on Saturday or Sunday afternoons in Leeds. This is a good way of saving money. I have to REALLY want or need something to entice me into the city centre at weekends. And the VERY WORST - Public Transport. Since moving to Leeds my desire for a driving licence has increased to desperate levels. You stand waiting at a bus stop for 40 minutes on a bus thats supposed to arrive every 10 minutes. Then when it comes its packed to the hilt, and you either fight with about 30 other people for a few inches of space to stand in or the bus is so full it goes past you at the bus stop. The buses are full of couples. They probably enjoy it- the very close contact of a crowded bus, and the extra 30 minutes smooching time when a bus misses yet again. They are also full of screaming teenagers. If I don't get my driving licence soon I am going to go mad.
  • Please dont pay 10 pence to go in the toilets in the corn exchange. Your basically paying for a man to wank off over you having a shit or a piss.
  • Please dont pay 10 pence to go in the toilets in the corn exchange. Your basically paying for a man to wank off over you having a shit or a piss.
  • Chapeltown and Herehills. Don't go there at any time of day or night. Don't ask a taxi driver to take you through Chapeltown after dark - they won't. I lived there for four years and my house was burgled six times even though it had an alarm and bars over the windows.
  • CHAPELTOWN! Leeds has the worst "ghetto" in the entire country. Leeds isn't known as a city with a lot of Black people, but they all live in Chapeltown - it is about 95% Black and there is a lot of anti-White and anti-Semitic racism there. There are loads of other bad areas in Leeds - Harehills, Halton Moor, Gipton [had a riot recently], Belle Isle, Seacroft, Hawkshead, etc. I'd hate to live in Leeds, but it's nice to visit.
  • Big issue sellers. East Leeds in general is a shit heap.. Harehills, Gipton, East End Park and Halton Moor are all just filthy. 16 yr old scallies driving stolen cars around, getting arrested, getting let off and doing it again the next day. Iceland. Rubbish and litter all over the place, specially next 2 the bus station (next 2 the NCP car park). St Johns and Merrion centre are crap. Leeds shopping 'plaza' is also crap. Generally leeds is scruffy.
  • Street beggars, big issue sellers, Townies asking for cigs!!!
  • Freezing in December!
  • Townie dicks who think they're good with all their fucking shell suits and soverign rings 15 year old single-mum slappers (they EVERYWHERE) The bus system (ON TIME??!?! FIRST WOULDN'T KNOW THE MEANING OF THAT PHRASE IF IT BIT THEM IN THE ARSE) Beggers and Big issue sellers, how many do we need in this goddamn city A fucking useless football team
  • chapeltown, harehills, gipton, seacroft, east end park, brooklands, halton moor, cross green, richmond hill, potternewton, scott hall, cross gates, beeston, bell isle, middleton, hunslet, holbeck, armley, wortley, cottingley. oh no there are no rough areas in leeds!!!!
  • Yorkshire Evening Post, particularly the letters page. Plenty of boring people moaning about anything and everything - inadvertantly racist, sexist, xenophobic etc.
  • Too many pissing Southerners who come and live up here cos they think it's quaint or village-y and ruin it for the rest of us just by existing. Sod off the lot of you...
  • The People. The people of Leeds are amongst the unfriendliest in Britain and generally dismissive of outsiders, 'London of the North' that many Leeds residents have bestowed up their city is certainly true in this respect. Kirkgate Market is full of inbreds who really should not be allowed to breed, the bus station also has a lot of similar types hanging around. There are also drunken freaks hanging around the City Centre 24-7 drinking white cider and genarally in need of a good de-lousing. Also in easy view are a frightening amount of beggars, especially the tit who always starts his act with 'I'm not a vampire' -maybe not a vampire but definitely a sub-human smackhead piece of shit.
  • Leeds is the shittiest place on Earth. The people are ignorant and full of their own (imagined) self importance. The buildings are mundane with every street looking exactly the same as the last one you were in. The traffic system is an absolute nightmare with idiotic and suicidal drivers everywhere. Don't stop at traffic lights or the scum will have your wheels off. They have a football team which shouts of being Champions but haven't won a f**king thing in years. There is nothing wrong with Leeds that a nuclear bomb wouldn't put right!!!!!
  • Too much rain for some poor souls to take.
  • the state of the roads, and that god awful abomination millenium square. what happened to the lovely gardens outside the hospital. if you are feeling low after a hospital visit you feel worse when you come outside and look at all that concrete, and then you remember how much it cost the leeds ratepayers and you feel worse still, especially as you have to travel home over roads that are down to the cobbles
  • there's fuck all to do so we all try n buzz off each other all day.
  • Ridiculous hostility to people with trousers that go out at the bottom AT ALL. Honest, some of my very towniest friends have been threatened with "f***in' moshers". Peace and love, man! Life's too short, etc (particularly if you get beaten up on a regular basis - it may be shorter than you'd expected).
  • That straggly haired smackhead twat who prowls the city centre begging. His opening line 'I'm not a vampire'
  • Homeless people. I've absolutely nothing against them, I just think it's a very sad and depressing thing to see the sheer numbers of beggars in Leeds. And the size of the place - can get quite crowded and stressful.
  • the townies,the fines, and the security guards.
  • Homeless People and drunk townies.
  • OUT SIDE THE CORN EXCHANGE - The familliar 'we think we're so different crowd but actually all look exactly the same' clang that smell the place out on saturdays. MERRION CENTRE - shuddery, smelly full of mingers and pog-eyed people. ST JOHNS CENTRE - Fake marble pillars, badly placed jumbo records. The Victoria Quarter has loads of very nice clothes but nothing is below 70 pounds. BIG ISSUE SELLERS - too many THE CON GUY WHO HUNTS AROUND RIVER ISLAND - Tells me the same story everytime i go in. THE HOMELESS PEOPLE - Every city has them but theyre ina viscous circle which is hard to get out of. Today i saw two people in a subway under blankets (they werent moving) and there water had fallen over and frozen. Its just horrible.
  • People who want to spoil it.
  • slipknot fans
  • chain-smoking young girls pushing prams,looking and sounding dog rough.
  • The prices on beer, and the fact that every 10 metres you walk you get mobbed by Big Issue sellers and beggers. YES the Big Issue is a good cause to help the homeless, but you ain't gonna sell any copies if you try and force them into peoples hands and then tell them to f**k off when they refuse it now are you hmmm?
  • No medium size/large gig venues The completely ear bleedingly bad sound system @ the cockpit (my ears rang 4 a week!!)
  • Inadequate public transport - after being talked about for at least ten years, the Leeds tram still hasn't been introduced. Roads into town at clogged at rush hour with near-stationary cars. Very high property crime, especially in the student areas of Hyde Park, Headingley and Woodhouse. Ridiculous property prices in much of north Leeds. The appalling nature of Holt Park, a boring arse anonymous estate where I lived for two and a half years whilst my partner attempted to sell her house.
  • Cross Green residential area (and the surrounding areas of East End Park and Richmond Hill).If anybody can ever solve crime problems in this area then perhaps we, the many intimidated and abused decent residents, may not worry as much. No policeman would dare enter these areas because their so bad! The Industrial Estate is alright though.
  • Weekend nights are full of rough people, especially the closer you get to Majestyks, avoid that area if possible or if you are a proper Leeds person and can cope.
  • High housing costs, poor parking facilities, still too much poverty, state of footpaths and roads, people who moan about music fastivals in parks but dont complain about the amount of money brought into the city i.e. millions, crap museums and art galleries,
  • The money spent on millennium Square The DHSS Building
  • Break-in capital of the western hemisphere (houses, cars, whatever)
  • Arsy, arogant and too obviously available students.
  • Dodgy clubs. Too many cars. A city is for people, not for cars. Yorkshire folk- eber so friendly if you're Yorkshire (and white)(sorry to those that aren't like this), bright coloured shirts in town, fights outside Yates's, The Observatory
  • Townies, people with attitudes against skaters.
  • Everything closes and finishes too early. I came back from Paris and couldn't believe how on a Sunday at 8:50pm I couldn't find a theatre show or a film in the city centre cinemas. I also hate how there are too many mainstream clubs in Leeds.
  • sub-londonites full of mobile fones and designer clothes, bar/club/cafe combos featuring the worst bits of all the above, meathead police, the wind/dust combination = death to all eyes
  • Unfortunately, i found the main city centre to be full of down and outs, beggars, big issue sellers, smack heads and dodgy looking gangs of young lads. Leeds ranks as one of the most intimidating city centres i've ever had the misfortune to have to stay in.
  • Pubs in South Leeds are full of boring old working class bums who have nothing better to do with their time than sit and grunt at each other until their wifies have cooked their teas.
  • Leeds is one big set of roadworks. No signs for directions and one wat streets everywhere. If you haven't lived there all your life you are stuffed. If at all possible, get a cab, its cheaper than the petrol you'll waste and the hospital bills you'll get when you have your coronary.
  • The piles of crap you find on every street corner.
  • Leeds United fans. The town centre being dead on weekday evenings. Awful second rate concerts in the town hall. Obscure unintelligible buses Hollywood Boulevard - pretensions to being one of the best purveyors of all things filmic in the country, but actually stocks a load of junk and staffed by arrogant idiots.
  • I like what some people call "pretentious" pubs and clubs, but I can't find any. I've been in Leeds for four months now, and all of the clubs are either chart music or jazz of hip-hop. Where is the house music and the clubs with a dress code. I don't want to see people in jeans or trainers.
  • Leeds is a dump. Bond Street is full of people who wish they were at Meadowhall in Sheffield. The markets are full of rodents.
  • Worst thing? The buses... you can near kill yourself running to catch that bus but they wait for no man! What's more, when you're bogged down with thousands of Morrisons carrier bags the buses are always full and zoom straight past!
  • Harvey Nichols, girls from Gipton, shop assistants with £600 suits and only enough money to buy a bag of chips and a coke, thinking they're God.
  • People in Leeds are full of shit (I can assure you lots more than other towns).
  • Too many bloody students.
  • The football team, it's not Stoke-on-Trent and too many students, (and I'm one of em)!
  • Far too many narrow minded people, who follow the latest tabloid trend and don't have enough imagination or get-up-and-go to support or do anything innovative, different or interesting.
  • Grim council estates full of the dimmest and vilest thugs you could imagine. The crime rate. City centre on a Friday or Saturday night - terrifying! Rough thugs in packs looking to hurt people. Just about anywhere south of the river. South Leeds - bad. Harehills and Chapeltown have character and life at least. Violent high school gym teachers. Peter Fusco? Surely not!
  • Too many prostitutes hanging around outside the corn exchange....too much crap house music in all the bars - time for something more abstract....?
  • Beggars and Big issue sellers.....they are like locusts.

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