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Hookup Spots
  • The burger van o/s of the park. Kebabs are avaialble, so I am told
  • Retribution ; awesome rock/goth venue on the edge of the city centre 80 wharf street south (near lee circle car park). Pretty much all sorts of ages 18 - 40 but probably mostly 20 - 25. We have friends travel over a hundred miles to stay with us so that they can go to retribution. If it's not your sort of thing np don't go but if it is it's truly breathtaking!
  • rally park
  • The Quay is always a good place to meet up. NIce benches, a little two set, some waxed ledges and some sick gap, plus shops. Perfect and especially in the summer. Bede Island for life.
  • The clocktower - specifically the index doorway, good to shelter from the rain whilst waiting to meet someone.
  • Go 2 the doghouse skatepark it is amazin there is a halloween party on 31st oct from 4.30 till 8.30 it will be an amazin nite! it is so much better since the new owner has owned it!
  • Go 2 the doghouse skatepark it is amazin there is a halloween party on 31st oct from 4.30 till 8.30 it will be an amazin nite! it is so much better since the new owner has owned it!
  • Go to The Doghouse Sk8park at unit 36, (2nd floor) Faircharm Trading Estate, Evelyn Drive, off Narborough Road; Leic! (Near KFC) It is amazing just check it out. It is good for both beginners and advanced skateboarders/inliners!
  • go to the doghouse skatepark, its the best, the new owner is safe (unlike the old owner) it has loads of events including ROCKBANDS! try it out it is so good. it has loads of different gaps and stuff and the new chillroom is fat.
  • Go 2 the doghouse it's sick
  • the doghouse skatepark is the best man
  • Go 2 The doghouse Skatepark at unit 36, (2nd Floor) Faircharm Trading Estate, Evelyn Drive: off Narborough Road ,Leic (near KFC) it is such a good skatepark with different height miniramps, a spine, a rollover, Stairs with a hand rail, drop, driveway with a g-gap and ledges, flatbank with a challenging wallride thing on, Quarters, Extention(good for gettig speed and doing tricks on), a fat chillroom and loads of gaps and good for lines.
  • doghouse skatepark is the d best. is is gud for both beginners and advanced skaters. open every weekend from 11 till 5 and open in the week, but days vary. on 22nd of october it is 11 till 8pm for a fiver all day!
  • the doghouse skatepark has got a halloween party on monday 31st of october from 4.30 till 8.30pm (events- skateboard best trick comp and fancy dress, winner of each wins a prize. it will be a fun night!
  • abbey park
  • go 2 doghouse it rules
  • Has to be Clock Tower or Town Hall Square. Unless you're looking for a shag in which case it's Abbey Park.
  • yes i have to say in my sadness i meet all my mates at clocktower aka clocky or cock tower to me and my best mate,or cathedral that are other place
  • Well, im gona do this from a girls point of view.So, DONT go to the cathedral or clocktower cos thats all just goths "get happy".Its kinda Lame.If u wana see fit skaters, i know everyones sayin it but DO go to Casino (super fit dudes workin in there-aargh!!), Rs, or hover round downstairs in Wardrobe.
  • Phoenix arts - sick for skatin a well good 5 there
  • normally down edge sk8park
  • i normally meet up @ clock tower an go 2 the quay thru the uni but i sumtimes meet ppl in the street that i no
  • usually my house. it smells and its cold, but its a friendly place to be! :-D
  • around Rhys's birds Emma's house
  • the clock tower is always a good place to go, and casino if you're looking to go out skating. Most skaters know where casino is and there isnt much of a crowd in silver arcade normally.
  • The Car park opposite the Shed, 4th floor, always friendly pissed teenagers there drinking cheap cider and beer we taxed from our parents house's. The quay was good at winter, but the bastards at Jacksons have started ID'ing now cuz too many of us end up in hospital.
  • alkatraz or as its called now oxygen near the bus station, thats kool
  • The Shed is always rockin'
  • We all like to hook up outside pizza hut because its close to the clocktower but people dont get confused and wait on the wrong/other side of it and you cant find them for ages when they are only a few meters away from you!!!
  • edge skatepark leicester
  • you sould really go to western park for some good fun
  • especially not that new place on london road... I suppose near the clock tower. make sure you synchronise watches.
  • In the summer you will always find hoards of people around the baketball court and sk8 park at the top of vicky park!
  • south wigston park with a bottle of cider!
  • Town hall square, next to the fountain - and maccy dee's!
  • Outside pizza hut, dunno why i hate pizza hut, but everyone meets up outside there!
  • c&a corner(as was)
  • Andy:A good place to skate is at the back of the living well health centre, part of the car park is sheltered so it's good for the wet.It has a smooth ramp which is quite big so it makes good jumps.Further round next to the clock theres some steps which make a massive jump but looks real good if u pull it off(though u will have to use the road for a landing)!!! Shout out to my boarding buddies Will N John
  • everyone should now go to the skatepark at victoria park (at the top of london road). every week loadsa ppl go there, especially fri and sat nites and in the daytime, if ur lucky, u mite just catch a glimpse of the incredible andy simpson or one of his team mates doing the thing they do best. check it out
  • LOUGBOROUGH........The place is now wicked, it has "The Rush", a wicked skate shop,loadsa waxed curbs everwhere, drop-offs and a few stair sets. BUT most importantly, their will be TWO SK8 PARKS by the time u r readin' this (probably). The first and smallest is in Southfields park behind the council building (that is a bad thing). It is very small ut has a steep bank, funbox with low rail and a seperate kinked low rail. THE SECOND AND MOST WICKEDEST is the one by the train station, it is a 1/4 million pound project. Now I right, it has not been built, but it should have mini-verts, low rails, quater pipes and a spine! COOL EH?
  • the river in abbey park! (yes, actually in it)
  • Casino Skates - 64 Silver Arcade - The only real skate shop in Leicester - skater-owned - skater-ran.
  • You say the key is a good place to hang out, and you are right, especially in the summer. However it is actuaaly spelt "Quay"! But aprt from that, everything seems correct ;)
  • Casino skate shop (Silver Arcade)
  • The Park on Upperton Road
  • Victoria Park on a summer's day.
  • Rollersnakes or sometimes the Telecom building in Leicester. The schools in Kibworth. Definitely the Clock Tower! (Not that you'd catch me meeting someone there as there are always 1200 people already there, desperately looking for 'someone'.)
  • The Town Hall Square

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